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ii [1] is a FIFO-based IRC client which store the conversation as plain text
files, and reads commands to send from FIFOs created along the way, and noting

All the user interface go through the filesystem.  While it is a bit raw to be
used as is, it is a very good personnal IRC logging tool that use no memory
(the buffers are not held back in memory), and building block to build a
full-fleged client ontop of it.

*eel* is a C program that formats the logs coming out from ii.  sed and awk can
not disable buffering unless they read from a terminal or if you use setvbuf
[2] or the like.

│   *** example log to come soon ***

1: Irc it 

2: stdbuf: Run a command with modified I/O stream buffering (thank you é*BSD).