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*iomenu* is an interactive menu inspired from dmenu [2]: it reads lines from
stdin display them to the screen [1], and filter them as the user type.  When
`Enter` is pressed, the selected line is printed to stdout.

This permits to build interactive menu with shell pipes.  As an example, a poor
man's music player could be done this way:

│   $ find ~/music -name '*.flac' | iomenu | xargs mplayer

It will print all the FLAC files in `~/music` to iomenu which shows a fulscreen
menu, and the selected file will be printed to xargs mplayer.

iomenu does not use ncurses but ansi escape sequences [3] instead so it does
not have dependencies beyond a C compiler.

1: Screenshot of iomenu 

2: dmenu | tools 

3: ANSI escape code - Wikipedia