Text To Text Markup Language (tttml)

git clone: git:/bitreich.org/tttml/ 

*tttml* is a simpler alternative to the markdown format.  It is focused on
maintaining well-formatted plain text documents that look good enough to be
published without conversion.

This is an awk implementation and converts documents in two steps:

- the formatter fix the input if needed

- the converters read this well-formatted input


This is the formatter part.  It takes a less rigid format (like markdown "lazy"
forms) as input that may contain errors and fix them up as much as it is
possible.  It only print well formated output.


This is a converter.  It takes a well-formatted document and convert it to the
target format, in this case a gophermap: It converts the links and replace some
ASCII by equivalent prettier UTF-8 symbols.

It is easy to convert a gophermap into an HTML document.  gophermap-html [1]
does this.

1: gophermap