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commit b7aa12a1377c09d92b780f71b24c8a0aef06fdda
parent 96def98333872ac168d4e990e13fe781b94e19b9
Author: Josuah Demangeon <>
Date:   Sat, 13 Jan 2018 01:46:58 +0100

f as a quick alias for io-find

Abin/f | 2++
Mbin/io-find | 2+-
Mbin/monit | 5++---
Mbin/plot | 1+
Mdot/ssh/config | 14+++++++-------
Mlib/uri | 2+-
Dman/agenda.1 | 110-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dman/agenda.5 | 86-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Apack/dash/build | 7+++++++
Apack/dash/tar | 1+
10 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 208 deletions(-)

diff --git a/bin/f b/bin/f @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +io-find+ \ No newline at end of file diff --git a/bin/io-find b/bin/io-find @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@ #!/bin/sh -find "$@" -name .git -prune -o -print | iomenu -p find +find "${@:-.}" -name .git -prune -o -print | iomenu -p find diff --git a/bin/monit b/bin/monit @@ -66,7 +66,6 @@ END { start += data[2"]["1] - data[2"]["1] % STEP for (i = 3; i <= nfields; i++) { offset = start -# printf "%s", fields[i] for (j = 1; j <= NR; j++) { while (data[2"]["j] > offset) { printf " ?" @@ -87,12 +86,12 @@ case "$(uname)" in esac case $1 in -(step) +(record) [ $# -ne 2 ] && exec "$0" vmstat "$2" | awk -v mem="$mem" -v bi="$bi" -v bo="$bo" "$awk_record" >> "$DATA" ;; -(record) +(step) [ $# -ne 2 ] && exec "$0" vmstat "$2" 2 | awk -v mem="$mem" -v bi="$bi" -v bo="$bo" "$awk_record" >> "$DATA" diff --git a/bin/plot b/bin/plot @@ -38,5 +38,6 @@ BEGIN { for (x = 1; x <= x_max; x++) printf("%s", skip[x] ? "x" : "-"); print("+ " x_max); + print("\n"); } ' "$@" diff --git a/dot/ssh/config b/dot/ssh/config @@ -15,19 +15,19 @@ host AddKeysToAgent yes host - IdentityFile /mnt/key/ + IdentityFile /mnt/key/ AddKeysToAgent yes -host - IdentityFile /mnt/key/ +host + IdentityFile /mnt/key/ AddKeysToAgent yes -host - IdentityFile /mnt/key/ +host + IdentityFile /mnt/key/ AddKeysToAgent yes -host - IdentityFile /mnt/key/ +host + IdentityFile /mnt/key/ AddKeysToAgent yes host diff --git a/lib/uri b/lib/uri @@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ ssh:// ssh:// ssh:// ssh:// -ssh://root@ +ssh://root@ ssh:// telnet:// telnet:// diff --git a/man/agenda.1 b/man/agenda.1 @@ -1,110 +0,0 @@ -.Dd $Mdocdate: December 23 2017$ -.Dt AGENDA 1 -.Os -.Sh NAME -.Nm agenda -.Nd plain text agenda with ical support -.Sh SYNOPSIS -.Nm Ic add Ar name Ar begin Ar end -.Nm Ic edit Ar name -.Nm Ic show Ar name Op Ar sort -.Nm Ic import Ar ics_file Ar name Op +- Ns Ar HH -.Sh DESCRIPTION -.Nm -displays -.Xr agenda 5 -files created by -.Nm , -by hand, or imported from an -.Pa ics -file. -.Ss Nm Ic add Ar name Ar begin Ar end -Create a new -.Xr agenda 5 -entry in the -.Ar name -agenda in the -and open this file with an editor. -.Ar begin -and -.Ar end -are dates formatted as -.Ql YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM . -.Ss Nm Ic edit Ar name -Open the -.Ar name -agenda with an editor. -.Ss Nm Ic show Ar name Op Ar sort -Render the -.Ar name -agenda to standard output with events sorted according to the -.Ar sort -characters, among: -.Bl -tag -compact -width 6n -.It Ql B -for begin date, -.It Ql E -for end date, -.It Ql S -for summary, -.It Ql C -for category, -.It Ql L -for location. -.El -By default, -.Ar sort -is -.Ql BECLS -.Ss Nm Ic import Ar ics_file Ar name Op +- Ns Ar HH -Convert -.Ar ics_file -to the -.Xr agenda 5 -format and store it in the -.Ar name -agenda, replacing its content. -.Ar HH -is the timezone offset of the agenda imported, optionnaly preceded by a -.Ql - -or -.Ql + . -.Sh ENVIRONMENT -.Bl -tag -width 6n -.It Ev AGENDA -Path th the agenda dir, defaults to -.Pa ~/.config/agenda . -.It Ev EDITOR -Started to edit the agenda file with the -.Ic add -and -.Ic edit -commands. -.It Ev TZ -Timezone to use for printing the dates. -.El -.Sh EXAMPLES -Import an ical agenda from a gopher uri: -.Dl % curl gopher://url | agenda import - fosdem +01 -.Pp -Print the time offset corresponding to the Europe/Brussels timezone: -.Dl % TZ=Europe/Brussels date +%z | cut -c -3 -.Pp -Print the travel agenda with times expressed in the Japan timezone: -.Dl % TZ=Japan agenda show travel -.Pp -Print the fosdem agenda sorted by -.Dq location , then by -.Dq begin date : -.Dl % agenda show fosdem LB -.Sh SEE ALSO -.Xr calendar 1 , -.Xr date 1 , -.Xr agenda 5 -.Sh STANDARDS -Only a subset of ical format is supported. -.Sh AUTHORS -.An Josuah Demangeon Aq Mt -.Sh CAVEATS -Events spanning across multiple month will be displayed poorly. -Other multiple-day events are displayed properly. diff --git a/man/agenda.5 b/man/agenda.5 @@ -1,86 +0,0 @@ -.Dd $Mdocdate: December 24 2017$ -.Dt AGENDA 5 -.Os -.Sh NAME -.Nm agenda -.Nd simple format for storing -.Xr agenda 1 -.Sh DESCRIPTION -The -.Nm -format is made to be edited easily with a text editor. -It is composed by a leading key character, a column -.Pq Ql \&: , -and a value. -If a key is used multiple times, the values are joined with spaces: -.Bd -literal -offset 6n -K:value1 -K:value2 -.Ed -.Pp -is equivalent to -.Bd -literal -offset 6n -K:value1 value2 -.Ed -.Pp -The key character is one of: -.Bl -tag -width 6n -.It Ql B -Beginning of the event as an UNIX timestamp, seconds since Jan 1, 1970 in UTC -timezone. -.It Ql E -End of the event with the same format as -.Ql B , -.It Ql S -Summary, a single line description, a title. -.It Ql C -Category, one or multiple keywords to group related events. -.It Ql L -Location at which the event takes place, such as an address. -.It Ql D -Description, a longer text with all the details if needed. -.El -.Pp -An event is composed of at least a -.Ql B -(first), -.Ql E -and -.Ql S -fields, with the others optionals. -Events are terminated by -.Ql \&: -alone on a line. -.Sh EXAMPLES -Complete formatted event: -.Bd -literal -offset 6n -B:1514465100 -E:1514466900 -S:Why Do We Anthropomorphize Computers?... - Marloes de Valk -C:Art & Culture -L:Saal Borg - Exhibiton Grounds Messeeallee 04356 Leipzig, Germany -D:Waiting for the technological rapture in the church of big data. -D:The paralysing effect of hiding the human hand in software -D:through anthropomorphising computers and dehumanising ourselves. -: -.Ed -.Pp -Multiple minimal events: -.Bd -literal -offset 6n -B:1514009000 -E:1514010000 -S:Breakfast -: -B:1514025700 -E:1514029300 -S:Lunch -: -B:1514053300 -E:1514057700 -S:Dinner -: -.Ed -.Sh STANDARDS -There is no standard for this format besides this man page. -.Sh AUTHORS -.An Josuah Demangeon Aq Mt diff --git a/pack/dash/build b/pack/dash/build @@ -0,0 +1,7 @@ +#!/bin/sh -e + +./configure --prefix="$OPT" + +case $(uname) in (*BSD) make=gmake ;; (*) make=make ;; esac + +$make install diff --git a/pack/dash/tar b/pack/dash/tar @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +