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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,23 +1,19 @@ -EEL(1) General Commands Manual EEL(1) +# eel -NAME - eel – formatter for the ii irc client log format +ii [1] is a FIFO-based IRC client which store the conversation as plain text +files, and reads commands to send from FIFOs created along the way, and noting +more. -SYNOPSIS - % tail -f | eel +All the user interface go through the filesystem. While it is a bit raw to be +used as is, it is a very good personnal IRC logging tool that use no memory +(the buffers are not held back in memory), and building block to build a +full-fleged client ontop of it. -DESCRIPTION - The eel utility process ii(1)-style logs from stdin and print a prettier - format to stdout, grouping messages by sender. +*eel* is a C program that formats the logs coming out from ii. sed and awk can +not disable buffering unless they read from a terminal or if you use setvbuf +[2] or the like. -SEE ALSO - ii(1) ii | tools: - + *** example log to come soon *** -AUTHORS - Josuah Demangeon <> - -BUGS - Not production-ready yet! - -Void Linux March 15, 2018 Void Linux +[1]: +[2]: diff --git a/eel.c b/eel.c @@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ tail: void print_msg(time_t time, char *nick, int same, char *msg) { - char time_str[TIME_COL + 1]; + char time_str[TIME_COL + 1]; if (same) nick = "";