formatter for ii(1) logs
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      1 # eel
      3 ii [1] is a FIFO-based IRC client which store the conversation as plain text
      4 files, and reads commands to send from FIFOs created along the way, and noting
      5 more.
      7 All the user interface go through the filesystem.  While it is a bit raw to be
      8 used as is, it is a very good personnal IRC logging tool that use no memory
      9 (the buffers are not held back in memory), and building block to build a
     10 full-fleged client ontop of it.
     12 *eel* is a C program that formats the logs coming out from ii.  sed and awk can
     13 not disable buffering unless they read from a terminal or if you use setvbuf
     14 [2] or the like.
     16 	*** example log to come soon ***
     18 [1]:
     19 [2]: