display a farbfeld(5)-formatted image as braille or ascii text
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2018-10-07 20:41remove useless title on such a small pageJosuah Demangeon1+1-3
2018-06-12 21:02add a real README (not from the man pages)Josuah Demangeon1+37-33
2018-05-05 19:57let the return breathJosuah Demangeon1+1-0
2018-03-02 23:54adding a READMEJosuah Demangeon1+33-0
2018-02-23 19:21also install ff2colJosuah Demangeon1+1-1
2018-02-14 23:19[del] merge the two man pagesJosuah Demangeon3+64-63
2018-01-29 11:40fix endianess, ignore alpha, add ff2colJosuah Demangeon7+58-116
2018-01-29 07:35ff2colJosuah Demangeon1+2-2
2018-01-29 07:26all common routines to a same util.cJosuah Demangeon9+330-60
2018-01-22 05:08fix overflow on non % 4 heightJosuah Demangeon1+4-4
2018-01-22 04:50install ruleJosuah Demangeon1+6-0
2018-01-22 04:41Added ff2brailleJosuah Demangeon3+122-0