aditionnal tools for the s6 service manager
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README (1173B)

      1 j5 - s6 extensions
      2 ==================
      4 j5 is set of tools to provide tiny parts that I needed and s6 does not provide.
      7 j5-envdir
      8 ---------
     10 [s6-envdir][1] exports environment variables according to the content of an
     11 envdir: every file name becomes a variable name, whose value gets the content
     12 of the file.
     14 This conveniently stores state of variables on the filesystem and permit to
     15 programatically write environment variables before a daemon start.
     17 [execline][2] comes with multisubstitute and importas which permit to substitute
     18 command line argument with environment variable content like in a shell scipt.
     19 This however require to add an importas statement for each variable to
     20 substitute.  Substituting *all* arguments is not desireable neither, as environment
     21 variables comes from various sources.
     23 Therefore, j5-envdir is the program that handles variables sent to a daemon before it
     24 starts: it subsitute them directly on the command line and on a configuration file
     25 as they get found from the envdir directly instead of doing it by hand with importas.
     27 [1]: https://skarnet.org/software/s6/s6-envdir.html
     28 [2]: https://skarnet.org/software/execline/importas.html