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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -61,9 +61,9 @@ Saturday, 2016-09-24 most sensible XML libraries and to the discussion of possible alternative parsing approaches as well as their implementation. -(11:20-11:50) Stali Pie B+, Manu Raster +(11:20-11:50) Stali Pi B+, Manu Raster - Report on readying Stali for the Raspberry Pie B+ (32 bit). It is + Report on readying Stali for the Raspberry Pi B+ (32 bit). It is also a story about monsters and maiden when we take into comparison other piles of code (kernels, distros etc.) and their build systems. Portability conceptions encountered en route are @@ -81,18 +81,51 @@ Saturday, 2016-09-24 (as advocated by the "boring crypto" movement) and allow bootstrapping new systems more easily. -(14:00-14:25) ii-like chatting improvements, Jan Klemkow +(14:00-15:00) The Myrddin Programming Language, Ori Bernstein + + Myrddin is a programming language that was written for a saner, easier to + use programming environment that I find more pleasant than C. The language + lives somewhere between C and ML in design, with parametric polymorphism, + type inference, closures, and pattern matching. In some ways, it can be + thought of as a suckless rust. + + It also comes with a complete replacement for many standard libraries on a + number of popular (and less popular) platforms. + +(15:05-15:25) ii-like chatting improvements, Jan Klemkow Since slcon2 I have made several improvements in my ii-like chat infrastructure. In this talk I will give an overview of my various activities in this area. I will present new features in my UCSPI tool chain, a new modular front end 'lchat' and the idea of runit integration. -(14:30-15:15) text engine, Francesc Hervada-Sala - - Francesc will introduce his text engine experiment. - -(15:20-15:55) Suckless Image Processing, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis +(15:30-16:10) text engine, Francesc Hervada-Sala + + The right approach to software systems was introduced by the Unix programming + environment over forty years ago with a file system that opened access to data + across all applications and with a universal interface model based on strings. + This approach must be deepened. Let us define "text" as the semantic data + structure that results from parsing strings. Imagine that a software system has + a "text engine" at its kernel. When you edit a run control file and save it, + the text engine parses it and stores its parse tree into the central + repository. When you execute an instruction at the shell, the text engine + parses the command line and sets all parameters in the repository before + executing the command. An application retrieves a configuration parameter by + querying the text engine. In such a system parsers for particular formats or + languages would not be embedded into particular applications or commands, + they would be stand-alone software units with the sole purpose of converting + a string into a semantic representation in the text engine's repository. + Applications would not have to deal with and not be tied to particular file + formats and languages, and the user would be able to choose the format or + language to use for any configuration statement. The user would change the + name of a file and would not need to adjust all references to it inside + scripts and other files, because the reference in the repository (say as + inode) would remain unchanged. To experiment with this new + approach I am beginning to develop a text engine + +(16:10-16:20) Coffee break + +(16:20-16:55) Suckless Image Processing, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis An image is an array of numbers. Since arrays of numbers are natively represented in C, this language is well-suited for image @@ -113,9 +146,7 @@ Saturday, 2016-09-24 general, because of the need to represent negative and floating-point pixel values. -(15:55-16:10) Coffee break - -(16:10-16:30) shared farbfeld, Jan Klemkow +(17:00-17:20) shared farbfeld, Jan Klemkow Farbfeld is a good base for general purpose image processing. The tools that have been made so far demonstrate that sophisticated image @@ -125,15 +156,15 @@ Saturday, 2016-09-24 suckless-style Photoshop-like graphical image editor, and present a PoC implementation together with some benchmarks. -(16:35-17:15) Lightning talk session (please announce until Sep 23 for easier planning). +(17:20-17:45) Lightning talk session (please announce until Sep 23 for easier planning). -(17:15-17:30) stali learnings, Anselm R Garbe +(17:50-18:05) stali learnings, Anselm R Garbe Anselm will present his learnings with stali since last slcon2. In particular he will discuss his new goals with stali and reasoning behind why making stali self-bootstrappable is a bad idea. -(17:30-17:55) stapi - stali for Pi as beehive observation platform, Anselm R Garbe +(18:05-18:25) stapi - stali for Pi as beehive observation platform, Anselm R Garbe Anselm will demonstrate his stali porting efforts for the Raspberry Pi in order to have a nice platform for observing his beehives. He will @@ -142,7 +173,7 @@ Saturday, 2016-09-24 Official slcon3 talk session end. -(18:00-19:00) e.V. Mitgliederversammlung (yearly e.V. member meeting) +(18:30-19:15) e.V. Mitgliederversammlung (yearly e.V. member meeting) - Report of the chairs, Anselm R Garbe, Laslo Hunhold - Report of the treasurer, Jan Klemkow