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commit 1cb5e6249d0e1a397627f56259f6e715f77f927e
parent cd52f9cfc928539c57fed159adaba79ae9045c18
Author: Philippe Gras <>
Date:   Sun, 13 Mar 2016 21:26:01 +0100

Added winview patch for dwm 6.1.  Rephrased the patch description.

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diff --git a/ b/ diff --git a/ b/ diff --git a/ b/ @@ -4,19 +4,20 @@ Winview Description ----------- -Adds a command to select the view of a window. The list of tags to be displayed -is matched to the window tag list. This command is typically used from the -all-window view. +Dwm tags are a powerfull feature that allows organizing windows in +workspaces. Sometime it can be difficult to remember the tag to activate to +unhide a window. With the winview patch the window to unhide can be selected +from the all-window view. The user switches to the all-window view (`Mod1-0`), +selects the window (`Mod1-j`/`k` or using the mouse) and press `Mod1-o`. The key +`Mod1-o` switches the view to the selected window tag. -Usage ------ +Recommend patches +----------------- -The winview command is assigned by default to the key `Mod1-o`. To select the -view of a window which is not currently displayed, move to the all-window view -with `Mod1-0` key, give focus to this window (using the mouse or `Mod1-j`/`k` -keys) and switch to the window view with `Mod1-o`. We recommend [grid](grid) -layout for the all-window view, this layout is well adapted to display many -windows in a limited space. +The [grid](gridmode) layout is well adapted to display many windows in a limited +space. Using both [grid](gridmode) and [pertag](pertag) patches you will be able to +select this layout for the all-window view while keeping your preferred +layout for the other views. Configuration and Installation ------------------------------ @@ -44,7 +45,8 @@ template, config.def.h. Download -------- - * [dwm-6.0-winview.diff](dwm-6.0-winview.diff) + * [dwm-6.1-winview.diff](dwm-6.1-winview.diff) + * [dwm-6.0-winview.diff](historical/dwm-6.0-winview.diff) Author ------