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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -54,16 +54,14 @@ Packages If there are no packages for your Linux distribution/OS yet, ask the appropriate maintainers to create one or compile wmii from source. -Debian ------- +### Debian Official debian packages are available in the unstable and testing repository on Backports for stable are available on []( Prospective packages and/or snapshots can be downloaded from the [maintainers website]( -Source Mage ------------ +### Source Mage A Source Mage spell for the 20070516 wmii snapshot is available. As usual, just type @@ -71,24 +69,19 @@ type in a term to install it. -FreeBSD -------- +### FreeBSD Port is available at x11-wm/wmii. -NetBSD ------- +### NetBSD A pkgsrc package for wmii is available in [wm/wmii]( and [wip/wmii-devel]( -OpenBSD -------- +### OpenBSD wmii is included in the OpenBSD ports tree ([x11/wmii](, and binary packages are available from most [OpenBSD mirrors]( -Arch Linux ----------- +### Arch Linux * [wmii-3.6]( is available in the Arch \[extra\] repository. * [wmii-hg]( is available in AUR \[unsupported\]. Building with `makepkg` pulls the latest hg revision. -Gentoo ------- +### Gentoo Ebuild is available at [x11-wm/wmii](