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Author: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date:   Tue,  1 Aug 2017 23:36:24 +0200

Clean up the project ideas page

sltar(1) has long been "deprecated" and the real implementation with all
bells and whistles can be found in sbase.

The cable-project-idea was a joke many people misunderstood. Let's stop
with the confusion.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -105,15 +105,6 @@ structure: ***Requirements:*** Good C/Shell/HTML knowledge would be desirable. -### Improve sltar - -[sltar]( is a simplified tar -implementation which lacks gzip and bzip2 integration. The task requires -extending sltar with support for these compression applications and writing a -test suite for it. - -***Requirements:*** Good C knowledge would be desirable. - ### Write cookie handler for surf The biggest disadvantage of [surf]( is sloppy @@ -158,15 +149,3 @@ developers. You will need them. ***Requirements:*** Very good C knowledge, a very good knowledge in web standards and how to strip them down to the suckless level. - -### A VGA/DVI/Displayport-to-TTY cable - -The emerging graphical revolution has removed the smallest denominator which -combines efficiency in byte transfer and possibilities: vt100. - -The goal of this project is to have some combination of hardware and software -which allows old vt100/etc. devices to use modern display ports. - -***Requirements:*** Hardware, software and converter knowledge. This will -require much hardware work. -