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Adding some instructions for wiki moderators.

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -34,8 +34,21 @@ Rules * The extension of newly created Markdown files has to be `.md`. * Please do not add HTML files or inline JavaScript. -Bugs ----- -Mercurial aborts with the message "unknown bundle compression type" if you want -to push with version 0.9.1. (Maybe this affects every version before 1.0.) -If you use Debian Etch, there is a backport. +Moderators +---------- + +If you are a moderator, you will likely need the following procedure to pull +the changes into the main repository: + + cd /var/www/sites + sudo -u www-data git checkout . + sudo -u www-data git pull + +These commands can be found at /usr/local/bin/updatewiki for your convenience. + +The checkout is needed to prevent local atime changes to stop the pull. Please +keep on using www-data, so the webserver can access everything. + +For managing the patches (reject/modify etc.) of course the other git commands +apply too. +