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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,19 +1,6 @@ drkhsh ====== -**i am a minimalist, paranoid hacker.** +I am the maintainer of [slstatus]( -clean foss software, which does one job only is one of my main principles. - -my desktop environment consists of [dwm](//, [st](//, [dmenu](//, [slock](// and [slstatus]( as well as a lot of other command line applications. - -i am a huge fan of - -- [openbsd]( -- [void linux]( -- [alpine linux]( -- [coreboot]( - -additionally i am the author of [slstatus]( - -you may find more information about me on my [personal website]( +You can find more information about me, as well as other projects on my [personal website](