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Date:   Sat, 10 Feb 2018 01:54:21 +0100

add a note for using ii for tls channels

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -56,3 +56,30 @@ hysteria lchat ----- [lchat]( is a line oriented terminal font-end. + +TLS/SSL +------- +To connect to a TLS/SSL encrypted channel, it is possible to use the [SSL patch](/patches/ssl) or a proxy: + +[stunnel]( is a proxy for an unencrypted TCP connection to TLS: + +In `/etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf`: + + [] + accept =<your-port> + connect = + +[inetd]( listens on multiple TCP ports and can connect a program standard input and output to a TCP socket. +This enables it to act as a simple proxy using any command line TLS client, such as [openssl s_client](, [brssl client](;a=blob;f=tools/brssl.c;h=91372b09f42149a503f9d13db0b78cf0a123611e;hb=HEAD#l43), nc -ssl, socat... or any other: + +In `/etc/services`: + + irc-oftc <your port>/tcp + +In `/etc/inetd.conf`: + + irc-oftc stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/bin/openssl openssl s_client -quiet -connect + +Then a proxy should be available at localhost:<your port> for ii to connect to: + + ii -s -p <your port>