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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -54,15 +54,15 @@ Typical end-user system Note, end-user systems have no /lib, /include etc, they just have what's really necessary and nothing else. -First stage1 rootfs can now be downloaded ------------------------------------------ +Current state of the build environment can be clone'ed +------------------------------------------------------ -* [stage1]( (20091024) 29M + git clone git:// (1.2 GB) Please see the README file in that archive for further info. Some related links ------------------ -* [$6M libc]( -* [ldd arbitrary code execution]( -* [static linking]( +* [$6M libc]( bionic is a nice library, though only usable for sane stuff +* [ldd arbitrary code execution]( nic exploit +* [static linking]( my old blog entry