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Date:   Mon,  5 Feb 2018 15:30:32 +0100

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -30,13 +30,14 @@ Following people have donated to the project certain amounts of money, which have been used for the dedicated server rent in the past: -* Ville Johan Witt <b>512 DKK</b> -* Anonymous <b>10 EUR</b> -* Lars Petter Mathiassen <b>1,000.00 EUR</b> +* Jeff Carr donated <b>500 EUR</b> +* Silvan Jegen donated <b>175 EUR</b> +* Ville Johan Witt donated <b>512 DKK</b> +* Anonymous donated <b>10 EUR</b> +* Lars Petter Mathiassen donated <b>1,000.00 EUR</b> * Mattias Andrée donated <b>50 EUR</b> * John Jago donated <b>18.08 EUR</b> * Anton Suneson donated <b>10 EUR</b> -* Silvan Jegen donated <b>125 EUR</b> * Paul Bains donated <b>46,06 EUR</b> * Antipenko Iven donated <b>305.95 RUB</b> * Travis Witt donated <b>15.00 USD</b>