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Author: Moritz Wilhelmy <>
Date:   Fri,  4 Mar 2011 23:52:30 +0100

Add aterm to broken_programs since people reported problems
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ programs to fix them. Here are some of the main causes of this brokenness: * The program assumes a specific window management model, i.e. assumes you are using a WIMP-window manager like those - found in KDE or Gnome. This assumption breaks the [ICCCM - conventions]( + found in KDE or Gnome. This assumption breaks the + [ICCCM conventions][icccm]. * The application uses a fixed size - this limitation does not fit into the world of tiling window managers very well, and can also be seen as breaking the ICCCM conventions, because a fixed sized window @@ -30,17 +30,24 @@ floating mode. The following programs are broken (see [cool programs](/common/cool_programs.html) for saner alternatives): -* XMMS (assumes fixed size, doesn't set transient_for hint properly) +* XMMS (assumes fixed size, doesn't set transient\_for hint properly) * Xchat -* [Firefox]( (doesn't set the TRANSIENT_FOR hint correctly on its download dialog) +* [Firefox]( (doesn't set the TRANSIENT\_FOR hint correctly on its download dialog) * [GIMP]( (GIMP expects a float environment to be useable) * beep-media-player * gqview * gthumb * mplayer with GUI (assumes special window management model. It works without the GUI) * xine (same as xmms) +* aterm (doesn't like being resized by the WM), See [aterm-ml-post] + Alternatives: (u)xterm, urxvt, [st][st], [uuterm][uuterm] SEE ALSO -------- The [list of harmful software]( at []( + +[aterm-ml-post]: +[st]: +[uuterm]: +[icccm]: