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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,6 +3,10 @@ software with a focus on simplicity, clarity, and frugality. Read more about our [philosophy](/common/) and join us on the [mailing list](common/community). +2010-03-07 +---------- +We are going to apply as a mentoring organisation to GSoC 2010. See our [project ideas for GSoC 2010](/project_ideas) page for further details. + 2010-02-13 ---------- Some of us will visit [CLT2010]( Anselm will give a [talk]( about [stali]( on the second day of CLT2010 at 5pm. diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ -PROJECT IDEAS FOR FUTURE GSOCs -============================== -We applied as a mentoring organization for [Google Summer of Code 2009](, but were rejected this time. Perhaps we will apply in 2010 again. +PROJECT IDEAS FOR GSOC 2010 +=========================== +We are applying as a mentoring organization for [Google Summer of Code 2010]( Please read our [philosophy](/manifest) for background information. @@ -15,18 +15,16 @@ student's progress, as well as of the mentor's. General ideas ------------- -Our project ideas in general intended to focus on: +Our project ideas in general intend to focus on our innovative development +environment, including graphical user interfaces and development tools. -* Graphical user interfaces for expert users (such as more advanced +* Graphical user interfaces for developers (such as more advanced concepts for mail clients, messaging clients, music players, text editors) -* Web applications for expert users following our GUI concepts -* Mobile applications for expert users following our GUI concepts +* Web applications for developers following our GUI concepts (issue and bug tracking) +* Mobile applications for developers that integrate well into our general development environment * General userland enhancements to Unix-like operating systems, in particular GNU/Linux -* Audio applications -* Image/Streaming/Gallery desktop and web applications * Foundations of a new windowing system for Unix-like operating systems - (based on xorg drivers, but no X11- or XServer-dependency) * Improvements of our existing software projects Concrete ideas