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Author: nsz <>
Date:   Fri, 17 Jul 2009 23:06:45 +0200

fix man2html errors
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ Focus next screen, if any. <DD> Send focused window to previous screen, if any. -<DT><B>Mod1-Shift-,</B> +<DT><B>Mod1-Shift-.</B> <DD> Send focused window to next screen, if any. @@ -155,10 +155,7 @@ Toggles to the previously selected tags. <DT><B>Mod1-Shift-[1..n]</B> <DD> -Apply -nth - -tag to focused window. +Apply nth tag to focused window. <DT><B>Mod1-Shift-0</B> <DD> @@ -166,17 +163,11 @@ Apply all tags to focused window. <DT><B>Mod1-Control-Shift-[1..n]</B> <DD> -Add/remove -<B>nth</B> - -tag to/from focused window. +Add/remove nth tag to/from focused window. <DT><B>Mod1-[1..n]</B> <DD> -View all windows with -<B>nth</B> - -tag. +View all windows with nth tag. <DT><B>Mod1-0</B> <DD> @@ -184,10 +175,7 @@ View all windows with any tag. <DT><B>Mod1-Control-[1..n]</B> <DD> -Add/remove all windows with -<B>nth</B> - -tag to/from the view. +Add/remove all windows with nth tag to/from the view. <DT><B>Mod1-Shift-q</B> <DD>