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adding new project idea: surf cookie handling
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -181,3 +181,15 @@ browser for VCS repositories including support for ***Requirements:*** Good knowledge of the [rc]( shell and the [Plan 9 userland for Unix]( is essential. Good C knowledge for the helper tools would be desirable. + +### Write cookie handler for surf + +surf biggest disadvantage is the sloppy cookie handling. The problem about this is +that libwebkit and libsoup (which is used for HTTP) were never designed to run +in multiple processes simultaniously. + +Your task is to write a new cookie handler in surf which creates a nice human +readable cookiefile and is able to run in multiple concurrent processes. + +***Requirements:*** Good knowledge of C. Good knowledge of posix file locking. +Basic knowledge of GTK and its other evil friends.