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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,57 @@ +.TH SIC 1 sic-VERSION +.SH NAME +sic \- simple irc client +.SH SYNOPSIS +.B sic +.RB [ \-h +.IR host ] +.RB [ \-p +.IR port ] +.RB [ \-n +.IR nick ] +.RB [ \-k +.IR pass ] +.RB [ \-v ] +.SH DESCRIPTION +.B sic +is an extremely fast, small and simple irc client. It reads commands from +standard input and prints all server output to standard output. It also +multiplexes all channel traffic into one output. That way you don't have to +switch different channel buffers. So that's actually a feature. +.SH OPTIONS +.TP +.BI \-h " host" +Overrides the default host ( +.TP +.BI \-p " port" +Overrides the default port (6667) +.TP +.BI \-n " nick" +Override the default nick ($USER) +.TP +.BI \-k " pass" +Specifies the PASS connection password +.TP +.B \-v +Prints version information to stderr, then exits +.SH COMMANDS +.TP +.BI :h " commands" +Will hide any specified commands (JOIN/PART/etc.) +.TP +.BI :j " #channel" +Join a channel +.TP +.BI :l " #channel" +Leave a channel +.TP +.BI :m " #channel/user message" +Send a message to channel or user +.TP +.BI :s " #channel/user" +Set default channel or user +.TP +.BI : command +Any line beginning with +.B : +is sent as a command