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Date:   Fri, 27 Nov 2009 19:01:13 +0000

new wmi-11 release
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Note, this is pretty much contrary to what Ulrich Drepper reckons about static l Due to the side-benefit that statically linked binaries start faster, the distribution also targets performance gains. -It is expected that the first usable version will be available during Nov 2009. +The first usable version will be released on ***Dec 1 2009***. Watch out! ;) General system design --------------------- diff --git a/ b/ @@ -10,51 +10,47 @@ front of the BCC at Alexanderplatz (the building where the 26C3 is located) at 8pm and then head out for some nice bars in Berlin in order to discuss the next suckless software projects. -2009/10/30 +2009-11-27 +---------- +[wmi-11]( released: [download]( + +2009-10-30 ---------- [tabbed 0.2]( released: [download]( [surf 0.3]( released: [download]( -2009/10/22 +2009-10-22 --------- [wmii 3.9b1]( released: [download]( -2009/10/17 +2009-10-17 ---------- [surf 0.2]( released: [download]( -2009/09/27 +2009-09-27 ---------- -New [dwm]( release: [dwm-5.7.2]( - -New [9base]( release: [9base-4]( +[dwm 5.7.2]( released: [download]( -2009/04/18 ----------- -New [dmenu]( release: [dmenu-4.0]( +[9base-4]( released: [download]( -2009/03/09 +2009-04-18 ---------- -We applied as a mentoring organization for [GSoC2009]( +[dmenu 4.0]( released: [download]( -2008/08/09 +2008-08-09 ---------- -New [ii]( release: [ii-1.4]( +[ii 1.4]( released: [download]( -2008/08/02 +2008-08-02 ---------- -New [wmname]( release: [wmname-0.1]( +[wmname 0.1]( released: [download]( -2008/07/29 +2008-07-29 ---------- -New [sic]( release: [sic-1.0]( - -New [slock]( release: [slock-0.9]( +[sic 1.0]( released: [download]( -New [sselp]( release: [sselp-0.2]( +[slock 0.9]( released: [download]( -2007/11/16 ----------- -New [wmii]( release: [wmii-3.6]( +[sselp 0.2]( released: [download]( diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,31 +3,22 @@ successor of wmi. The last release of wmi happened back in 2004. There are still some occasional users of wmi. If you would like to experience the good old days, please check it out; though, its code sucks more unfortunately than our recent projects. -*UPDATE* There will be a wmi-11 release in Oct 2009 very soon! - ->[![Screenshot](screenshots/wmi-20080718s.png)](screenshots/wmi-20080718.png)<- Download -------- -You can download an historic copy of -[wmi-10]( You can also [browse]( its source code repository or get a copy using [Mercurial]( with the following command: +* [wmi-11]( 2009-11-27 (120kb) - hg clone +Development +----------- +You can also [browse]( its source code repository or +get a copy using [Mercurial]( with the +following command: -(The repository contains the source code of the upcoming wmi-11 release!!!) + hg clone Build ----- -In order to build wmi-10 on more recent systems than they were back 4 -years ago, you will need to apply [this -patch](wmi-10_compile_fixes.diff) by Sergey Dolgov. - -The upcoming wmi-11 version from the source repository just builds fine with current systems. - -Issues ------- -If you want to contact the author of wmi, use his proper email address -[]( -- the email address presented in -the wmi-10 source isn't valid anymore. Though that's fixed in the upcoming wmi-11 release. +Read the INSTALL file from the source tarball. Have fun!