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published preliminary slcon3 schedule

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,9 +3,159 @@ suckless conference 2016, Frankfurt/Main, Taunus, Germany slcon3 will be held near Frankfurt/Main on 2016-09-(23-25). -At the same occasion the Mitgliederversammlung (annual member meeting) of e.V. will be held. +The CfP is closed now. See the schedule below for details. -The CfP is open for proposals from 2016-06-03 to 2016-08-20. +Registration +------------ + +Speakers are already registered. All other participants need to register until +**Sep 1 2016** to enable us to negotiate the best conditions in terms of the +conference room registration. + +Please register by direct mail to [Anselm]( + +Please note that we will collect a conference fee for the conference room and +lunch/drink package. If the preliminary schedule sticks to Saturday being the +only day when we book the conference room, we need to expect around *45 EUR* +conference fee per person. + +Preliminary schedule +-------------------- + +Friday, 2016-09-23 +================== + +Arrival day. + +(20:00) *Welcome* in the bar, Anselm R Garbe + +> We will gather together and check + +Saturday, 2016-09-24 +==================== + +(10:00-10:05) *Welcome*, Anselm R Garbe + +> Anselm will open slcon3 talk session + +(10:10-10:40) libzahl -- simple bignum arithmetic, Mattias Andrée + + Software dependent on algorithms inherently perform + better the more complex algorithms. Can we despite + this compete with GNU MP and still have a simple + solution? This is a discussion about libzahl's design + and future. + +(10:45-11:15) XML damage control, Silvan Jegen + + XML is a horrendously abused file format that suffers severely from + over-engineering. There arguably is one legitimate use case for (a subset + of) XML however: text markup. In this presentation I will show why that + is and how to best deal with XML when encountered in such circumstances. + + To ease the pain for people like me who have to work with XML every day, + I will first give an overview of different parsing strategies employed in + XML libraries and introduce the most bearable APIs of the ones available. + + The second part of the presentation is dedicated to the benchmarking of the + most sensible XML libraries and to the discussion of possible alternative + parsing approaches as well as their implementation. + +(11:20-11:50) Stali Pie B+, Manu Raster + + Report on readying Stali for the Raspberry Pie B+ (32 bit). It is + also a story about monsters and maiden when we take into comparison + other piles of code (kernels, distros etc.) and their build + systems. Portability conceptions encountered en route are + reviewed and ranked from 1 to 3 (depraved, naive and not too bad). + +(12:00-13:00) Lunch break + +(13:00-13:50) SCC and QBE for practical compilation, Roberto E. Vargas Caballero + + For now decades, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the complexity + of compilers. Mainstream compilers have become huge C++ programs that try + to incorporate all the state-of-the-art research. SCC and QBE propose a + new approach to compilation where simplicity and predictability prime over + reckless efficiency. These new design constraints have security benefits + (as advocated by the "boring crypto" movement) and allow bootstrapping + new systems more easily. + +(14:00-14:25) ii-like chatting improvements, Jan Klemkow + + Since slcon2 I have made several improvements in my ii-like + chatting infrastructure. In this talk I will show the hole + picture of my different activities in this area. I will show + new features in my UCSPI tool chain, a new modular front end + 'lchat' and me idea of an runit integration. + +(14:30-15:15) text engine, Francesc Hervada-Sala + + Francesc will introduce his text engine experiment. + +(15:20-15:55) Suckless Image Processing, Enric Meinhardt-Llopis + + An image is an array of numbers. Since arrays of numbers are + natively represented in C, this language is well-suited for image + processing algorithms. Moreover, many complex image processing + algorithms are pipelines of simple, independent steps. Thus, + the UNIX programming environment is an ideal platform for image + processing, where several simple programs written in C share + information through UNIX pipes. In this talk, we will see many + examples of simple image processing utilities (blur, local maxima + detection, interpolation, warping, pointwise algebraic expressions, + morphological filters, block matching, optical flow, image fusion) + and how they are naturally combined to perform advanced imaging + techniques; in the selected example, we show a reflection removal + method based on the combination of several images. An important + issue, with far-reaching philosophical consequences, is the data + format written through the pipes. We explain why the farbfeld image + format---proposed by the suckless community---is inappropriate in + general, because of the need to represent negative and floating-point + pixel values. + +(15:55-16:10) Coffee break + +(16:10-16:30) shared farbfeld, Jan Klemkow + + Farbfeld is a very good base for general purpose image + processing. The Tools which were made so far demonstrate how + easy image processing could be divided into cooperative + programs. This talk will show an interface to speedup + the usage of different farbfeld tools with shared memory. + I will show and discuss an idea for an simple architecture of a + suckless like photoshop based on my interface, is first + implementation and some benchmarks i made. + +(16:35-17:15) Lightning talk session (please announce until Sep 23 for easier planning). + +(17:15-17:30) stali learnings Anselm R Garbe + + Anselm will present his learnings with stali since last slcon2. In + particular he will discuss his new goals with stali and reasoning + behind why making stali self-bootstrappable is a bad idea. + +(17:30-17:55) stapi - stali for Pi as bee hive observation platform, Anselm R Garbe + + Anselm will demonstrate his stali porting efforts for the Raspberr Pi + in order to have a nice platform for observing his beehives. He will + discuss temperature and moisture sensor equipment and his IR camera + usage. + +Official slcon3 talk session end. + +(18:00-19:00) e.V. Mitgliederversammlung (yearly e.V. member meeting) + + - Report of the chairs, Anselm R Garbe, Laslo Hunhold + - Report of the treasurer, Jan Klemkow + - Other topics (members can raise topics until the begin of the Mitgliederversammlung) + +(19:30-*) social event + +Sunday, 2016-09-25 +================== + +No talk session plans, hack sessions and departure day. Venue ----- @@ -20,33 +170,6 @@ You can arrange your booking at the [venue]( if y When booking a room, use the booking code: slcon or refer to the e.V. event. -Proposals ---------- -We expect talk proposals between 30-60 minutes each covering either -technical or philosophical topics (rants are welcome as well). - -Each proposal should contain - -* the name of the author -* an abstract written in English -* presumably a couple of reference links to related ideas or topics - -Please note, do only submit a proposal if you are pretty certain that -you can attend the conference on the given date. - -Please submit your proposal to: con(at) - -We don't expect a paper or slide set prior to the conference! Your -proposal should enable us to accept/deny your talk and to schedule an -adequate slot for it. - -If you cannot attend on a certain day, please add a note to your -proposal. We then are able to fine-tune the schedule. - -Acceptance and final schedule presentation ------------------------------------------- -We expect to publish the accepted talks and schedule around late August 2016. - Previous conferences -------------------- * [slcon 2015]( diff --git a/ b/ @@ -5,9 +5,9 @@ Read more about our [philosophy](/philosophy) and join us on the [mailing list]( News ==== -2016-07-20 +2016-09-24 ---------- -[slcon3]( Call for papers opened. Submission deadline: 2016-08-20 +[slcon3]( Preliminary schedule now published. If you want to attend please register until: **2016-09-01**. 2016-04-02 ---------- @@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ News 2016-02-29 ---------- server renewal will happen this spring: server renewal will happen this year: Heads up for the developers: