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Author: Teodoro Santoni <>
Date:   Sat,  6 Aug 2016 20:53:51 +0000

New chapter for systemd v232

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -37,6 +37,38 @@ The Never Ending Part --------------------- * Your link here. +Part 3 +------ +[NEWS revision 76153ad45f09b6ae45464f2e03d3afefbb4b2afe]( + +* [systemd does {,U}EFI bootload]( + * Should systemd's PID be changed from 1 to a negative, or imaginary, + number? It now exists before the kernel itself, during a bootup. + See also [systemd-boot]( +* [systemd replaces sudo and su]( + * Please note the command name, machinectl and + its [features at the manpage]( + In exchange for a program which contains sudo, su and kill + (and does some functions which historically ssh/telnet did), bare metal + users have a tons of bloat and a lot of things to disable, if even + possible, useful only to people which deal with virtual machines. +* [systemd-journald can do log-rotate]( + * Being journal files binaries written with easily corruptable + transactions, does this feature make the log unreadable at times? +* [Transient units]( + * Temporary services, because we love to reinvent procps, forking, + nohup and lsof. +* [systemd does socat/netcat]( +* [systemd-logind does sighup and nohup]( + * Logout is equivalent to shutting off the machine, so you will NOT + have any running program after logout, unless you inform your init system. +* [systemd-nspawn can patch at will any kind of file in a container]( + * Paired with transient units and user escalation performable remotely, + this can mean that if you house VPS instances somewhere, your + hosting provider has means and tools to spy, modify, delete any + kind of content you store there. Encrypt everything, read your TOS. +* [systemd does UNIX nice]( +* Part 2 ------ * [systemd locks down /etc and makes it read-only](