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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,23 @@ +COOL LIBRARIES +============== + +This category is for small, usable development libraries, which can be used for writing +software that sucks less. +These should be under the MIT/X consortium or BSD licenses or public domain, because it makes +them legally compatible with other suckless projects. + +libc implementations +-------------------- +* [uClibc]( - strives to be a minimalist C library suitable for embedded computing +* [musl]( - standard C library that attempts to be even smaller than uClibc +* See also: [embedded libc comparison]( + +configuration file parsers +-------------------------- +* [iniparser]( - small implementation for parsing ini files (MIT licensed) + +compression +----------- +* [liblzf]( - very fast, legally unencumbered compression library (dual licensed: 2-clause BSD or GPL License) +* [xz embedded]( - lightweight decompressor for the xz LZMA compressor (public domain) +* [zlib]( - the "standard" compression/decompression library used in many applications ([zlib license](