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Date:   Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:11:13 -0400

Update wmii package info.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -8,26 +8,12 @@ codebase. Links ----- -* Latest release: [wmii-3.6]( (Note that it requires [dmenu]( and [libixp-0.4](/libs/libixp.html), [p9p]( recommended) -* Latest beta: [wmii 3.9b1]( +* Latest beta: [wmii 3.9b1]( (recommended) +* Latest release: [wmii-3.6]( (Note that it requires [dmenu]( and [libixp-0.4](/libs/libixp.html), [p9p]( recommended) (deprecated) * Latest devel tip: <code>hg clone [](</code> * Bugs: [Google Code issue tracker]( * Mailing List: `` ([Archives]( ([Old Archives]( (see [community]( for details) -* IRC channel: `#suckless at` [(irc log)]( - -Notes ------ -If [plan9port]( is found at runtime, wmii will use an -alternate controlling script, written in -[rc]( `rc.wmii` supports a -`rc.wmii.local` convention which allows you to keep local customisations -separate from the main script so you don't have to merge them every time -`rc.wmii` changes. - -It is optional, the default `wmiirc` depends on only standard unix tools, -however - `rc.wmii` is better supported. All the code snippets/color schemes -on the site are written in rc and need some syntax adjustment to work in the -standard `wmiirc`. +* IRC channel: [`#suckless`](irc:// at `` ([irc log]( Development ----------- @@ -59,6 +45,20 @@ on Backports for stable are available on snapshots can be downloaded from the [maintainers website]( +wmii also comes with debian packaging materials. To build a deb, type: + + make deb-dep # Installs any missing build dependencies. + make deb # Builds a deb + +See also Ubuntu, below. + +### Ubuntu +Official ubuntu packages are available in the universe repository. Up-to-date +snapshots are also available in the +[wmii Launchpad PPA]( These +packages may also work on debian systems. To build your own deb, see Debian +above. + ### Source Mage A Source Mage spell for the 20070516 wmii snapshot is available. As usual, just type