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2019-01-04 15:25build-page improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+30-19
2019-01-03 12:42build-page: treat read error as fatal, simplify chdir error handlingHiltjo Posthuma1+5-4
2019-01-03 12:33build-page improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+47-44
2019-01-01 18:45surf/stylesheets: move black_css from files to stylesheetsefe1+0-0
2019-01-01 18:41surf/files/black_css: fix path to default cssefe1+2-1
2018-12-31 00:33dwm/patches: Add 'titlecolor' patchLeon Plickat2+57-0
2018-12-30 02:00dmenu/scripts: sort alphabetically & add dmenu_pass scriptefe1+23-16
2018-12-27 22:43st/hidecursor: mention xbanish as alternativeMartin Tournoij1+2-0
2018-12-27 02:43dwm/status_monitor page improvementsefe1+17-35
2018-12-26 10:57rocks: add hii IRC clientKarl Friedrich1+1-0
2018-12-24 15:24[st][scrollback] Update for latest gitJochen Sprickerhof3+336-351
2018-12-23 11:21rename old build-page shellscript to, fixup permissions for .cHiltjo Posthuma2+0-0
2018-11-11 14:28new generator in C along with its makefileJosuah Demangeon3+338-0
2018-12-18 23:07some fixesHiltjo Posthuma1+6-17
2018-12-18 23:04Makefile: fix CFLAGS typo and add clean targetHiltjo Posthuma1+4-1
2018-11-11 14:28new generator in C along with its makefileJosuah Demangeon3+338-0
2018-12-17 00:35store the titles in .title instead of _werc/configJosuah Demangeon17+8-29
2018-12-21 11:47Copied from /libs and added it to the /tools site to prevent listing of directory contents.Chris Noxz1+2-0
2018-12-13 14:44dmenu/scripts: remove my script since I now host it on my websiteefe2+1-72
2018-12-12 12:30Fix fancybar screenshotsMartin Tournoij3+1-5
2018-12-12 12:20Fix typo in link to dwm-attachbottom patchMartin Tournoij1+1-1
2018-12-12 07:44Remove links to "dwm-clean-patches"Martin Tournoij10+0-31
2018-12-12 07:41dwm: add cleanly applying version of savefloats patchMartin Tournoij5+47-6
2018-12-05 16:20fix link to dwmstatus as a link to status_monitorCraig Comstock1+1-1
2018-12-05 15:26st/patches/externalpipe: add usefull shell scriptsefe3+19-0
2018-12-02 20:19dwm/status_bar edit and add helper shell functionsefe1+22-14
2018-12-02 13:17sucks: make listHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2018-12-02 13:13rocks page improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+50-49
2018-12-02 12:37rocks page: remove newsboat (C++), remove lel (not work in progress)Hiltjo Posthuma1+0-2
2018-12-02 12:36rocks page: punctuation and typo fixes. add a few more descriptionsHiltjo Posthuma1+81-74
2018-11-30 03:06add descriptions for some programs in /rocksefe2+48-80
2018-11-08 19:15[dmenu][scripts] add my own dmenu scriptefe2+105-0
2018-11-08 18:31Fixed broken linksefe69+0-0
2018-11-03 20:03right_click_to_plumb: add a version fully implemented in CJohn Soros2+148-0
2018-11-03 16:55[st][patch] boxdraw: add parenthesis suppress warningAvi Halachmi (:avih)1+3-3
2018-11-01 20:14[st][patch] boxdraw: custom-draw blocks/lines codepointsAvi Halachmi (:avih)2+566-0
2018-10-24 15:42tools/sic: fix broken patch linksMark-Weston4+0-0
2018-10-18 00:10[st][patch] Update xresources patch for latest st revisionRaphael Scholer2+171-0
2018-10-17 17:03rocks: reword some thingsHiltjo Posthuma1+4-4
2018-10-17 17:00libs: change wording + line wrapHiltjo Posthuma1+2-1
2018-10-17 16:47test2Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-10-17 16:47testHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-10-17 16:27another testHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-10-17 16:22build: small fix to test post-receive hookHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2018-10-17 16:20build-page: small fix to test git post-receive hookHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2018-10-17 16:11[sites][st] minor typo and git push testAvi Halachmi (:avih)1+1-1
2018-10-17 16:08add the sacc gopher clientHiltjo Posthuma1+4-0
2018-10-16 20:27[st][patch] add another visual-bell implementationAvi Halachmi (:avih)3+567-0
2018-10-16 18:36I don't want my name up there, despite the fact it's in the git history. :-PParker Ellertson1+0-1
2018-10-16 18:35Added another externalpipe patch for st.Parker Ellertson2+91-0
2018-10-09 04:41Add statuscolors authorsDanny O'Brien1+8-0
2018-10-09 03:29Fixed naming of new statuscolors patch.Danny O'Brien3+95-95
2018-10-09 03:08New version of statuscolor patchDanny O'Brien2+97-0
2018-10-01 11:04[dwm][patch] nrowgrid (grid layout with option to determine row count)z0noxz2+107-0
2018-09-30 22:05bring _werc/config back to fix the titles until static version comesJosuah Demangeon8+28-0
2018-09-29 16:44[sent] adds inverted colors patchsirjofri2+99-0
2018-09-25 03:59Add new screenshot as an experiment.Anselm R Garbe3+2-0
2018-09-24 17:26update donationsJan Klemkow1+2-0
2018-09-24 06:13Update my identityAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin6+6-6
2018-09-15 08:48Added the best motherfucking website.Parker Ellertson1+1-0
2018-09-12 16:35[ii] Adding a solarisbuild page and patch to enable building on Solarisdrowl2+69-0
2018-09-12 16:03Compiling ii.c on Solaris generated an error as per "ii.c:341:21: error: expected identifier or ‘(’ before numeric constant" This seems to be as "sun" is used else where, a simple fix was to rename it to "sunn" Also On Solaris systems we still need to include some extra librarys namely "sockets" so i added this to config.mkdrowl1+74-0
2018-09-11 17:10[st] iso14755: rename patch to reflect the master commitQuentin Rameau2+1-1
2018-09-11 17:04[st] iso14755: add some forgotten hunks to the patchQuentin Rameau1+45-2
2018-09-11 11:39[st] Add ISO 14755 patchQuentin Rameau2+64-0
2018-09-09 21:22Added dwm patch for centering the selected window's name.Sacules3+48-0
2018-09-08 18:01hand-made changes for improving smu(1) compatibilityJosuah Demangeon107+1436-1464
2018-09-08 17:19smu: read from stdinHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-09-08 17:19fix quote link in menuHiltjo Posthuma1+3-3
2018-09-08 16:43improve compatibility with smu(1)Josuah Demangeon108+571-571
2018-09-06 19:24use heredocs instead of files scattered aroundJosuah Demangeon7+139-120
2018-09-05 22:53always use as a file nameJosuah Demangeon81+0-0
2018-09-05 22:45./make: add missing directory listingJosuah Demangeon1+26-8
2018-09-05 22:02Static website generationJosuah Demangeon23+113-28
2018-09-04 11:55[dwm] xrdb patch (load colors from .Xresources)Petr Schmied2+184-0
2018-09-03 18:35tabbed alpha patch: fix trailing space on pageHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2018-09-03 18:33ii bots page: remove trailing spaceHiltjo Posthuma1+6-6
2018-09-01 11:00[st] This patch allows you to work with 16 color palettes and change them on the fly.Tonton Couillon3+388-0
2018-08-26 10:39Ported usernames to ii 1.8hicsfield2+206-0
2018-08-23 17:09dmenu patch «print input text»efe2+116-0
2018-08-22 22:16Revert "A simple dmenu patch. I wrote it because dmenu was causing unwanted"Laslo Hunhold904+0-106
2018-08-22 22:04A simple dmenu patch. I wrote it because dmenu was causing unwanted behaviour as surf's url bar. I think people might find it useful. I'm pretty new with all these stuff (git, diff, etc.) and I don't know C language (I wrote this patch by trial and error). So, apologies in advance for any mistakes. Thanks.efe904+106-0
2018-08-18 10:27fix link to svcHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2018-08-18 02:32Add anysize patch to stAugusto Born de Oliveira2+171-0
2018-08-17 00:12Added attachbottom patchMarshall Mason2+79-0
2018-07-26 13:16ii: update line countDavid Phillips1+1-1
2018-07-17 17:40Add gopher as a counter proposal to the web.Christoph Lohmann1+8-0
2018-07-17 17:37Add back the Führer to systemd.Christoph Lohmann1+7-0
2018-07-17 17:31Restructure the status monitor page to be more logic for newcomers.Christoph Lohmann1+56-38
2018-07-17 01:58Fix tabbed-autohide tag version thought I adjusted the patch for the most recent version, but apparently it was for the 0.6 release versionFilip Ivetić2+2-2
2018-07-16 18:04tabbed autohide patch updateFilip Ivetić2+52-0
2018-07-16 09:31Fix centering of second imageLaslo Hunhold1+2-1
2018-07-16 09:14Add slcon 2018 photos and update pageLaslo Hunhold7+12-32
2018-07-07 22:53fix dead link. thx to Giovanni Salmeri for noticing!Jan Klemkow1+1-1
2018-06-26 19:37Slock patch - Leave a message on lock screen.Blair Drummond2+209-0
2018-06-24 20:04[sic] typo in nodefaultchan patchAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin1+1-1
2018-06-19 12:56This patch allows you to select and copy text to primary buffer with keyboard shortcuts like the perl extension keyboard-select for urxvt.Tonton Couillon3+703-0
2018-06-16 17:27Fixed st/alpha patch for colors other than pure black.Àlex Ramírez2+202-0
2018-06-16 17:22Revert "sucks: re-add GNU make"Quentin Rameau1+1-2
2018-06-16 16:22sucks: re-add GNU makerofl0r1+2-1
2018-06-16 16:19sucks: expand on CMakerofl0r1+3-0
2018-06-16 15:57sucks: glib doesn't support static linkingrofl0r1+3-1
2018-06-13 18:01Ported dwm-alpha to the latest git revision.Thomas Oltmann2+291-1
2018-06-09 17:14Update my OpenPGP keyMattias Andrée1+1-2
2018-06-08 17:10[st] externalpipe: Add 0.8.1 patchKlemens Nanni2+77-0
2018-06-08 17:01[st] hidecursor: Mention new versionKlemens Nanni1+1-0
2018-06-08 16:57[st] hidecursor: Add 0.8.1 patchKlemens Nanni1+88-0
2018-06-07 05:08[dmenu][scroll] updatenzl3+246-267
2018-06-06 08:02[dwm] Update pledge diffKlemens Nanni3+1-15
2018-06-06 03:39Update fix_keyboard_input patch & wiki page for stQuinn Strahl2+765-4
2018-06-01 15:44Fix a typoAaron Marcher1+1-1
2018-06-01 14:58maintainance completeHiltjo Posthuma1+6-0
2018-05-27 11:37Fix a typo and use consistent date formattingLaslo Hunhold1+4-2
2018-05-27 11:21scheduled maintainanceHiltjo Posthuma1+5-0
2018-05-26 21:21[sic][PATCH] Do not set default chan when joinning.Alexis Ben Miloud--Josselin2+40-0
2018-05-26 17:18added (a link to) my status shell script on GitHubroadkillcat1+1-0
2018-05-25 05:16[dwm][PATCH] Configurable spacing in statusbar.Christopher Drelich2+88-0
2018-05-25 01:29[dwm] moveplace patch for moving floating windows in cardinal directions.Christopher Drelich2+148-0
2018-05-25 00:49[st custom patch] Add ability to open clipboard with configured browserMichael Buch2+108-0
2018-05-25 00:44[dwm] Patch to move the layout symbol to the left hand side.Christopher Drelich2+82-0
2018-05-25 00:31[dwm] Clickable left-hand side statusbutton.Christopher Drelich2+111-0
2018-05-24 05:08[dwm] Cycle backwards or forwards through layouts with one function.Christopher Drelich2+116-0
2018-05-24 03:04Added the 'restartsig' patch for dwm in dwm.suckless.orgChristopher Drelich2+155-0
2018-05-22 22:38Fix coding style statement about single statementsQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2018-05-22 20:13[dwm] clean up fifo patchMichael Hendricks2+50-51
2018-05-20 12:58[dwm] Add pledge patchKlemens Nanni3+43-0
2018-05-22 08:14ii: fix SSL patch linkQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2018-05-21 01:53dwm/patches/attachaside: fix-up latest patchThomas Gardner1+0-9
2018-05-20 20:48Add dwmstatusAaron Marcher1+9-0
2018-05-20 15:58[st][copyurl] update wiki with addition of patchMichael Buch1+1-1
2018-05-20 15:39[copuryl patch] Cleanup URL determination logicMichael Buch3+186-180
2018-05-20 00:43Handle multiple URLs on single line scenarioMichael Buch2+180-0
2018-05-18 09:54Forgot to rename the page itselfAaron Marcher1+2-2
2018-05-18 09:50Rename email_notifier_script to email_notificationsAaron Marcher1+0-0
2018-05-18 09:40Move scripts into top level pageAaron Marcher4+33-57
2018-05-18 09:14Rename status to status monitorAaron Marcher20+61-61
2018-05-18 09:09Move scripts to status sectionAaron Marcher3+0-0
2018-05-18 09:08Sort and simplify helper functionsAaron Marcher1+13-14
2018-05-18 09:00dwmstatus: Various changesAaron Marcher19+62-79
2018-05-18 08:50Replace deprecated dwmstatus with slstatusAaron Marcher1+7-15
2018-05-18 00:39Fix typos in markdown for keymodes patchMichael Hendricks1+2-2
2018-05-16 18:20Moved slcon videos back to suckless.orgAnselm R Garbe3+100-100
2018-05-15 07:410.8.1's clipboard patchKai Hendry2+14-0
2018-05-14 22:33[st][patch][copyurl] Prevent url highlighting from occasional crash after resizing terminal. Also fix occasional partial highlighting. Will replace the previous patch on the wiki siteMichael Buch3+145-141
2018-05-04 14:20Add patch to customize dwm through command linePlaton Ryzhikov2+167-0
2018-05-01 01:41add the user page of younixJan Klemkow1+11-0
2018-04-28 22:56[dwm] Fix onlyquitonempty patch to make it configurablethatlittlegit3+52-35
2018-04-28 21:07Correct my (thatlittlegit)'s email addressthatlittlegit2+2-2
2018-04-28 21:02[dwm] Add onlyquitonempty patchthatlittlegit2+53-0
2018-04-27 00:05[st][patch] Highlight selected URLs. This change adds a tsetcolor function that is then used to invert the FG and BG when copying a URL with mod+l.Michael Buch2+144-1
2018-04-26 02:07Add patch for slock.Arif Roktim2+59-0
2018-04-22 10:55systray: Update patch to HEAD, tidy old patchesDavid Phillips6+719-2821
2018-04-21 23:49Use $WINDOWID instead of old winidDevin J. Pohly1+2-2
2018-04-21 23:38[dmenu] scripts: add viaAlessandro Caputo1+1-0
2018-04-21 15:32[surf] patch faster scroll (typo)Marcin sZpak1+1-1
2018-04-19 22:04Merge branch 'master' of Mayrhofer0+0-0
2018-04-19 21:45A Patch to spuuport alpha in st 0.8.1Johannes Mayrhofer2+201-0
2018-04-18 01:07Ported the copyurl patch to post-0.8.1 release. Mainly it involved removing the deprecated selcopy function. I have used it for a while and have not encountered issues. I did not address other outstanding FixMes. andMichael Buch2+111-0
2018-04-15 15:30[st][visualbell] Update patch to newest versionMatthias Schoth2+42-0
2018-04-14 10:45Fixed moveresize patch pagelich1+27-27
2018-04-14 10:17[surf] patch faster scroll (code cleanup)Marcin sZpak1+2-7
2018-04-13 12:47[surf] patch enable faster scroll by delta_y multiplierMarcin sZpak2+61-0
2018-04-11 13:56[st] update solarized-dark patchAlessandro Caputo2+69-0
2018-04-11 11:19Update Alpine Linux farbfeld linkLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2018-04-11 11:03Add farbfeld 4Laslo Hunhold2+5-0
2018-03-29 20:22Merge branch 'master' of git://
2018-03-29 20:17Adding new patch dwm-fsignal-6.1.diff, in wiki. - Chris Noxzz0noxz2+143-0
2018-03-29 02:56some init system does something horrible againslump641+2-1
2018-03-28 16:27port no_bold_colors and solarized-both to 0.8.1Linh Nguyen3+244-0
2018-03-25 15:30rocks: Atom is not an acronymAlex Griffin1+1-1
2018-03-23 07:37I notice when an host has several IP addresses, it alerts because it sees several times the same MAC address. The detection is now based on a MAC address that changes. After a timeout, if it hasn't changed since, the new MAC is learn. Otherwise it keeps alerting. The new algorithm must be run in continuous because it track changes over time.Thomas WACHE1+110-46
2018-03-22 06:20st/patches/hidecursor: fix the 0.8 version to re-enable cursor on bmotionIvan Delalande1+5-5
2018-03-20 20:34add newline (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2018-03-20 20:33release st-0.8.1Hiltjo Posthuma2+6-1
2018-03-20 12:21[st][scrollback] Update scrollback-mouse-altscreen for 4.8Ivan Tham1+45-1
2018-03-20 07:36[st][vertcenter] update to headmujo2+52-0
2018-03-20 02:38[st][hidecursor] Update for 0.8Raphael Scholer3+89-89
2018-03-19 18:23Add slcon 2018 announcementLaslo Hunhold2+42-0
2018-03-19 14:49Add nnn - Noice is Not Noice, a noicer fork...Raf Czlonka1+2-1
2018-03-19 14:38http:// -> https:// - saves a redirect.Raf Czlonka1+18-18
2018-03-19 14:27Update more homepage URLs.Raf Czlonka1+15-15
2018-03-19 13:34swm is deprecated and has been split into pieces and is now called wmutils.Raf Czlonka1+0-1
2018-03-19 13:23Use projects' actual homepage URLs.Raf Czlonka1+6-6
2018-03-19 12:52Point to rover's actual web page than just the repository.Raf Czlonka1+1-1
2018-03-19 12:37ircc repository doesn't contain any files apart from LICENSE.Raf Czlonka1+0-1
2018-03-19 12:33mdocml is now known simply as mandocRaf Czlonka1+1-1
2018-03-19 04:49liblzf is under a BSD-style license - not under a dual one with the GPL.Raf Czlonka1+1-1
2018-03-19 04:26Normalise section headers - capitalise initial letters.Raf Czlonka1+5-5
2018-03-18 22:39Finalize the move from $$.md to $$/index.mdLaslo Hunhold158+549-639
2018-03-18 15:46rocks: Replace newsbeuter with newsboatAlex Griffin1+1-1
2018-03-18 15:39rocks: Remove abandoned web browsersAlex Griffin1+0-3
2018-03-18 00:11[dmenu] Add center patchEd van Bruggen2+81-0
2018-03-16 15:27Fix extra bracket for git send-emailIvan Tham2+2-2
2018-03-16 14:42[st][scrollback] Update for 4.8Ivan Tham5+423-418
2018-03-16 14:30[st][externalpipe] Update for 4.8Ivan Tham2+77-0
2018-03-16 13:29[st][scrollback] Update scrollback-mouse-altscreenIvan Tham2+41-0
2018-03-16 11:05[dmenu][prefixcompletion] update for 4.8Felix Van der Jeugt2+94-0
2018-03-14 19:38news: add newlineHiltjo Posthuma1+1-0
2018-03-14 19:35release dmenu and stHiltjo Posthuma3+7-2
2018-03-12 02:06Scrollback and Scrollback-mouse patches reworked post refactoring on 2018 Mar 9.Gary Allen Vollink3+416-0
2018-03-10 22:22Several small fixes: http -> https, puncturation, grammar.Raf Czlonka1+4-4
2018-03-10 21:56Improve language (grammar, punctuation, etc.) and add a couple of links.Raf Czlonka1+8-8
2018-03-10 11:01remove sandyHiltjo Posthuma1+0-22
2018-03-09 22:49Update st clipboard patch for gitdequis2+14-0
2018-03-09 22:47Update st spoiler patch for gitdequis2+22-0
2018-03-09 21:10Add @dcat's xresources patch for st-gitDevin J. Pohly2+202-0
2018-03-09 18:16Bugfixes for the swallow patchPetr Šabata2+21-15
2018-03-06 08:42Use ".diff" consistently.Raf Czlonka1+2-2
2018-03-06 08:37"of course", not "ofcourse", of course.Raf Czlonka1+2-2
2018-03-06 04:16Hyphen is being used throughout so use it instead of en dash.Raf Czlonka1+5-5
2018-03-06 04:10Fix spelling.Raf Czlonka1+3-3
2018-03-06 03:39Remove leading and trailing forward slashes from the anchor text.Raf Czlonka1+1-1
2018-03-06 03:32There's no need to run two separate commands - user POSIX shell parameter expansion instead.Raf Czlonka1+1-1
2018-03-06 03:29Use "mailing list(s)" consistently.Raf Czlonka1+4-4
2018-03-05 20:41rocks: fixes link to ircc by 20hBuildTools1+1-1
2018-03-05 14:38Update the server list a bitLaslo Hunhold1+3-4
2018-03-05 10:48Add aspect to the description on the quark-pageLaslo Hunhold1+2-1
2018-03-01 12:03update donationsJan Klemkow1+2-1
2018-02-26 21:33ii: add updates ucspi patch for release 1.8Jan Klemkow2+336-0
2018-02-25 19:43quark: update site linksHiltjo Posthuma1+2-2
2018-02-25 11:09Update quark page with thoughts on the static webLaslo Hunhold1+58-2
2018-02-24 06:02[dmenu] scroll patch: curpos adjustment fixnzl1+20-16
2018-02-23 17:14[dmenu][PATCH] Add patch that implements text scrollingnzl2+276-0
2018-02-23 16:23Surf link_hints script supports pages without predefined styles.Ellington Santos1+5-0
2018-02-20 08:05update donationsJan Klemkow1+1-0
2018-02-15 23:57Removed patch from masterdrifter1+0-52
2018-02-15 22:35Added tilegap patch for dwm 6.1drifter1+52-0
2018-02-14 14:40Apply some WD-40 to remove the rustLaslo Hunhold1+0-1
2018-02-14 14:19add dwmstatus-rs entrystuart nelson1+1-0
2018-02-12 00:02for inetd solution, use unix socket rather than a tcp socketJosuah Demangeon1+3-7
2018-02-10 00:54add a note for using ii for tls channelsJosuah Demangeon1+27-0
2018-02-05 14:30donations: updateJan Klemkow1+5-4
2018-02-04 13:45release ii 1.8Hiltjo Posthuma3+5-23
2018-01-31 20:38removed -- will be hosted elsewhereAnselm R Garbe13+2-438
2018-01-29 00:33Updated to match new SETPROP, fixed keybindingskais1+17-11
2018-01-26 22:15Update attachabove and attachaside diff filesZachary Owen4+156-0
2018-01-21 21:44Add mle to rocksanonymous1+1-0
2018-01-14 22:14Add credit for 86ac1f7 (homepage patch for surf 2)thatlittlegit1+2-0
2018-01-11 12:47st: fix relativeborder patch urlDoug Whiteley1+0-0
2018-01-09 21:22fix info about eV locationAnselm R Garbe1+11-9
2018-01-09 19:30One issue noticedPlaton Ryzhikov1+5-0
2018-01-09 19:27Patch to use dwm with external panelPlaton Ryzhikov2+94-0
2018-01-07 17:25[dmenu][line-height] Remove <> from mdJonathon Fernyhough1+1-1
2018-01-07 17:24[dmenu][xyw] Remove <> from md; Re-order patches by dateJonathon Fernyhough1+3-3
2018-01-07 01:11[sent] add progress bar patchDavid Phillips2+52-0
2018-01-06 19:20[dmenu][xyw] Update for 4.7Jonathon Fernyhough2+93-1
2018-01-06 19:19[dmenu][lineheight] Update for 4.7Jonathon Fernyhough2+80-2
2018-01-04 17:35Add 'homepage' patch for Surf 2.0thatlittlegit2+25-0
2018-01-01 21:09Merge branch 'master' of git://
2018-01-01 21:07created page for patch that adds ewmh support to dwmrangerlatham3+319-0
2017-12-30 14:21[dwm][swallow] Resize window after swallowJosé Miguel Sánchez García3+8-5
2017-12-24 21:19dwm: add focusonnetactive patchDanny O'Brien2+81-0
2017-12-21 16:24alpha patch updated to latest git stfanboimsft1+8-522
2017-12-21 16:13alpha patch for latest git versionfanboimsft2+735-0
2017-12-21 07:38st: Correct link to full-size screenshotDavid Phillips1+1-1
2017-12-10 22:43sucks: recommend using portable (POSIX) MakefilesQuentin Rameau1+2-2
2017-12-10 21:24fixed broken link on community pagePhilip K1+1-1
2017-12-10 13:16blind: add link to new tutorial channel on youtubeMattias Andrée1+6-0
2017-12-07 15:00dmenu: update xyw patchAlessandro Caputo2+103-0
2017-12-07 10:57[st] Add relativeborder patchDoug Whiteley2+70-0
2017-12-07 09:40Add new vertcenter patch versionDoug Whiteley2+62-8
2017-12-02 23:44[surf] patch allow popup on user gesturesMarcin sZpak2+39-0
2017-11-30 17:15add tcc (Tiny C Compiler) to rocksHiltjo Posthuma1+4-0
2017-11-26 20:13history patch working with surf 2.0. Now history is updated on load_finished event. Added date/time.Marcin sZpak2+112-3
2017-11-21 19:01Use a higher resolution png-fileLaslo Hunhold1+0-0
2017-11-21 17:54use png logo againHiltjo Posthuma1+0-0
2017-11-21 09:10Add ff2sixelAlexander Krotov1+1-0
2017-11-19 01:06fixed impressum and satzung to reflect most recent legal situationAnselm R Garbe2+3-7
2017-11-16 12:12[surf] Use kill in autorefresh scriptJochen Sprickerhof1+1-4
2017-11-16 08:55the maillinglist already rejects HTML mail: document itHiltjo Posthuma1+3-1
2017-11-13 20:28Add farbfeld OpenBSD and Ubuntu ports, update some linksLaslo Hunhold1+4-2
2017-11-11 16:09update project ideasHiltjo Posthuma1+22-42
2017-11-11 05:08blind: exit -> editDavid Phillips1+1-1
2017-11-10 01:02Fix broken links in the dwm patches sectionLaslo Hunhold22+44-54
2017-11-08 14:36blind: fix word typed twiceMattias Andrée1+1-1
2017-11-08 14:21blind: fix a typoClaudio Alessi1+1-1
2017-11-06 20:40clarify copyright policy, improve patch generationHiltjo Posthuma3+21-6
2017-11-06 20:38rocks: add mg editor, sort some entriesHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2017-11-05 00:50Remove READMELaslo Hunhold1+0-3
2017-11-05 00:49Remove obsolete files in dwm-patches-folderLaslo Hunhold9+0-1321
2017-11-05 00:45Tidy up dwm patch section into subdirectoriesLaslo Hunhold413+6683-13853
2017-11-04 22:36Tidy up immediate dwm-subpagesLaslo Hunhold6+144-144
2017-11-03 09:46remove donation line (was added duplicate)Hiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2017-11-03 09:32change of address of the e.V.Anselm R Garbe1+6-4
2017-11-02 13:28donation: updateJan Klemkow1+4-0
2017-10-31 01:50[dwm-patches] updated focus-on-click patch.Wolfgang E. Sanyer2+132-1
2017-10-18 21:36[dwm] update email address for fakefullscreen patchJan Hendrik Farr1+1-1
2017-10-16 11:21Add OpenBSD httpd to list of stuff that rocks.Bucky Wolfe1+1-0
2017-10-06 11:52Updated the license for miniz from public domain to MITsaeleko1+1-1
2017-10-05 16:48Update 2f30 links to httpssin5+9-9
2017-10-05 16:45Update 2f30 irc server informationsin1+1-1
2017-09-26 05:51Add clipboard patch for latest code-base.Gary Allen Vollink2+14-0
2017-09-24 16:39[st] Update visualbell patchAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin2+60-0
2017-09-23 14:15[slock] Add dpms patchAlvar Penning2+113-0
2017-09-22 14:11fixed 'minimal viable programs' linkNathan Porcher1+1-1
2017-09-22 13:33Fix broken link on technologies pageLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2017-09-19 04:53Updated link for coding styleBrett1+1-1
2017-09-15 18:29Merge donations entires where the person are listed multiple timesMattias Andrée1+2-5
2017-09-15 18:27Add donation I made last monthMattias Andrée1+1-0
2017-09-15 18:25Add "donated" where missinged under donation list, and use decimal point instead of commaMattias Andrée1+11-11
2017-09-15 15:06bump donationHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2017-09-15 09:41patches: provide a clear commit messageHiltjo Posthuma1+2-0
2017-09-15 09:37edit my pageHiltjo Posthuma1+2-4
2017-09-14 20:45Add slstatus page in tools.suckless.orgLaslo Hunhold2+17-0
2017-09-11 18:02[st] fix code blocks syntax for right click to plumb patchjeromenerf1+22-26
2017-09-11 17:05[st] patch right_click_to_plumbjeromenerf2+116-0
2017-09-11 14:28Clarify when to typedef structsLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2017-09-09 22:42Update deck, gridmode and swallow patches.Joshua Haase6+502-0
2017-09-07 15:47minor fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2017-09-07 15:46fixed news itemAnselm R Garbe1+3-3
2017-09-07 11:59Modified my people sectionAaron Marcher1+2-15
2017-09-06 20:28Remove st migrating pageLaslo Hunhold1+0-11
2017-09-05 09:27[sent] Add bilinear scaling patchAnton Kindestam2+121-0
2017-09-03 23:23added suckless hackathon summaryAnselm R Garbe6+10-13
2017-09-03 22:50update index for sent v1Markus Teich1+4-0
2017-09-03 22:47sent release v1Markus Teich1+1-1
2017-09-02 08:21updated e.V. infos based on yesterdays general assembly descisionsAnselm R Garbe2+33-18
2017-09-01 23:26add lchat to the ii usage pageJan Klemkow1+4-0
2017-08-30 supports TLS / HTTPS nowHiltjo Posthuma1+15-0
2017-08-30 17:27prepare for https switchHiltjo Posthuma86+233-233
2017-08-26 22:59[dmenu] fixed password patch linkPhilip K1+1-1
2017-08-24 08:56[tabbed] Add accidentally deleted author back to the listAudun Sutterud1+1-0
2017-08-24 08:37[tabbed] Remove screen flickering in the autohide patchAudun Sutterud3+56-28
2017-08-17 11:08[tabbed] Make the autohide patch work with the '-p' optionAudun Sutterud3+28-20
2017-08-14 14:50[st][copyurl] add missing patchesMatthew Parnell2+194-0
2017-08-14 14:49Revert "[st][copyurl] removing dead links"Matthew Parnell1+2-0
2017-08-12 20:56[st][copyurl] removing dead linksStefan Hagen1+0-2
2017-08-06 07:55added Sebastian's RemoveIPC odysseeAnselm R Garbe1+4-5
2017-08-04 23:30Tidy up st patch section into subdirectoriesLaslo Hunhold81+0-0
2017-08-04 20:05Sorry for that, just after commiting the schemeSwitch patch I saw useless statement in schemeCycle, changed ituser1+3-4
2017-08-04 19:30schemeSwitchuser2+146-0
2017-08-03 12:33Add dracula colorscheme to patches wikitxus3+117-0
2017-08-02 19:29farbfeld: Add Debian to package sourcesLaslo Hunhold1+1-0
2017-08-02 19:23Use plain text table on farbfeld index.mdLaslo Hunhold1+11-6
2017-08-02 19:07farbfeld: put faq and examples on separate pagesLaslo Hunhold3+126-128
2017-08-02 17:19Update st patches for 0.7 & X-specific code splitMatthew Parnell15+469-0
2017-08-01 21:36Clean up the project ideas pageLaslo Hunhold1+0-21
2017-07-31 05:41[st] Fix typosJan Christoph Ebersbach1+5-5
2017-07-31 05:31Introduce 0x9b as CSIJan Christoph Ebersbach1+23-0
2017-07-28 16:02dwm: Add killunsel patchChris Down3+78-0
2017-07-24 12:46dmenu: add new patch reject-no-matchMichael Stummvoll2+95-0
2017-07-24 12:44dmenu: add new patch to provide preselected textMichael Stummvoll2+61-0
2017-07-24 12:40dmenu: add dmenu-instant-4.7.diffMichael Stummvoll2+74-0
2017-07-22 20:11[surf] update bookmarking patchAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin2+46-2
2017-07-16 12:00ii: fix the example directory layoutdefanor1+1-1
2017-07-16 10:48rocks: add sfeed, stagit and stagit-gopherHiltjo Posthuma1+6-0
2017-07-10 09:36dmenu tools: Add mpdmenuChris Down1+2-2
2017-07-10 03:29dwm: add the new cropwindows patchIvan Delalande2+354-0
2017-07-09 08:38Move snore to the proper paragraph.Claudio Alessi1+1-1
2017-07-08 09:16[tabbed] update autohide patchAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin2+20-0
2017-07-03 19:31Update blind's pageMattias Andrée1+69-44
2017-07-03 16:52adjusted stali's site title and logo referralAnselm R Garbe2+4-2
2017-07-03 16:48clarfied donations section, removed stali's master.tpl override and added a link to stali's sourceAnselm R Garbe3+5-107
2017-07-03 12:59added ev linkAnselm R Garbe1+7-1
2017-07-03 12:57removed template of ev areaAnselm R Garbe1+0-45
2017-07-03 11:58added new fingerprint for SSH usersAnselm R Garbe1+4-2
2017-07-02 06:27added missing master.tplAnselm R Garbe1+98-0
2017-07-02 06:27added missing logoAnselm R Garbe1+6-0
2017-07-02 05:43restructured slcon video location and added hint about server maintenanceAnselm R Garbe5+106-106
2017-07-01 20:33merge in ev and sta.liAnselm R Garbe16+704-0
2017-06-27 01:55Fix typo in externalpipe and attributions in solarizedLucas Gabriel Vuotto2+2-2
2017-06-26 17:14fix typos and improve quark informationHiltjo Posthuma2+3-3
2017-06-26 16:35Updated outdated solarized-both patch to latest git edition, added my credits=4+220-420
2017-06-26 05:57Refactor quark.svg: fill-tagLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2017-06-26 05:56Refactor farbfeld.svg: fill-tagLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2017-06-26 05:54Refactor surf.svg: Add copyright, fix markup, fill-tagLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2017-06-26 05:52Refactor st.svg: Add copyright, fix markup, fill-tagLaslo Hunhold1+2-1
2017-06-26 05:50Refactor dwm.svg: Add copyright, fix markup, fill-tagLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2017-06-26 05:47Refactor core.svg: Add copyright, fix markup, fill-tagLaslo Hunhold1+2-4
2017-06-26 00:14[st][externalpipe] Use parentheses around assignment as conditionKlemens Nanni2+2-2
2017-06-25 19:27Remove whitespace from farbfeld logoLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2017-06-25 19:26Scale quark logo down from 40px height to 30pxLaslo Hunhold1+2-2
2017-06-25 18:52Add a quark logoLaslo Hunhold3+18-10
2017-06-23 17:06Removed my old obsolete OSC52 patch=2+0-120
2017-06-23 17:00Forgot to fix links in to latest patch numbers=1+3-3
2017-06-23 16:53Updated no-bold-colors-fix and solarized patches=6+149-149
2017-06-21 05:13[st] Update fix keyboard input patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+785-17
2017-06-16 22:53[st][scrollback] added notesclaudiu1+6-0
2017-06-11 23:21[dmenu] add password patchPhilip K2+83-0
2017-06-10 14:55fix some external links, remove some old information.Hiltjo Posthuma14+11-445
2017-06-09 13:58fix some broken links, e-mail links, old linksHiltjo Posthuma14+18-21
2017-06-09 11:02dmenu mouse support: add patch for 4.7, fix link to 4.6 patchHiltjo Posthuma2+158-1
2017-06-08 15:47[st][externalpipe] adjust docs to new improvementsLucas Gabriel Vuotto1+5-2
2017-06-08 15:45[st][externalpipe] backport improvements to 0.7Lucas Gabriel Vuotto2+92-1
2017-06-08 15:07[st][externalpipe] patch improvementsLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+103-76
2017-06-06 16:54[st] Fix code formattingJan Christoph Ebersbach1+11-20
2017-06-05 18:15modified my dwm statusbar entry - git mirror changed - minor spell changesAaron Marcher1+1-1
2017-06-05 18:12added myself to the people/ siteAaron Marcher1+19-0
2017-06-04 20:38news feed cleanupAnselm R Garbe1+3-32
2017-06-04 20:17[st] Fix code markupJan Christoph Ebersbach1+7-0
2017-06-04 20:05add hackathon hintAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2017-06-04 12:53Add an alert patch for sicAlexis Ben Miloud--Josselin2+27-0
2017-06-03 21:12[st][externalpipe] port to latest gitLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+76-76
2017-06-03 15:12[dmenu] Update fuzzymatch patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+159-0
2017-06-03 15:03[st] Add fix keyboard input patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+828-0
2017-06-02 08:02update my profileHiltjo Posthuma1+4-3
2017-06-01 07:30Added updated vertcenter st patchPete Sevander2+49-0
2017-05-14 20:53[dwm] Update keycodes patchQuentin Rameau5+148-147
2017-05-14 01:45[dwm][pertag] port to latest gitLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+179-178
2017-05-14 01:31[st][externalpipe] port to latest gitLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+76-76
2017-05-13 19:49[slcon4] add slcon4 2017 pageAnselm R Garbe1+26-0
2017-05-09 22:02[st][alpha] port to latest gitparazyd2+202-0
2017-05-08 21:50[dwm] update fakefullscreen patch to latest masterJan Hendrik Farr3+93-95
2017-05-08 08:07[tabbed] Update keycode patchQuentin Rameau3+110-111
2017-05-06 11:37release blind 1.1Mattias Andrée2+6-0
2017-05-03 10:07update donationsJan Klemkow1+2-0
2017-05-03 08:08update prefix completion patch for 4.7Felix Van der Jeugt2+80-0
2017-05-02 16:50release dmenu 4.7 (tarball coming soon)Hiltjo Posthuma2+5-1
2017-05-01 08:47Patch updateKai Hendry1+14-0
2017-04-29 00:48[st] add truecolor-emacs patchKaz Wesley1+14-0
2017-04-27 04:11[st][scrollback] Fix previous patchIvan Tham1+2-2
2017-04-27 04:07[st][scrollback] Update -mouse* to latest masterIvan Tham5+129-89
2017-04-26 22:35[dwm] added fakefullscreen patchJan Hendrik Farr2+111-0
2017-04-24 09:13[surf] Fix typos in keycodes.mdQuentin Rameau1+2-2
2017-04-24 09:00[surf] Update keycodes patch for surf-webkit1Quentin Rameau2+191-0
2017-04-24 08:58[surf] Update keycodes patch for surf-webkit2Quentin Rameau3+139-205
2017-04-14 22:11[st/] Fix name of link to matttproud/hodler (+ cosmetics)John Gliksberg1+7-5
2017-04-14 21:12Announce farbfeld 3 releaseLaslo Hunhold2+5-0
2017-04-14 21:10[st] fix scrollback patch using 'git apply --recount'Adrien Barilly1+2-2
2017-04-14 19:49Update invert.c according to repo-changesLaslo Hunhold1+63-35
2017-04-14 12:00Add more farbfeld-packages to the listLaslo Hunhold1+2-0
2017-04-08 17:44Port solarized-both to current gitMarcel Krüger2+228-0
2017-04-08 15:02[surf] update spacesearch patchAlexis2+28-0
2017-04-05 06:11st: routine update for the hidecursor patchIvan Delalande3+90-1
2017-03-29 17:19[st][scrollback] update to latest masterJochen Sprickerhof3+351-342
2017-03-29 16:43Update dwm pertag patch to 5b238c8Lucas Gabriel Vuotto3+178-178
2017-03-28 16:36[surf] Adapt index to the webkit2 updateQuentin Rameau1+4-2
2017-03-28 16:32Make the switch from webkit1 to webkit2 for surfQuentin Rameau1+5-4
2017-03-28 14:42[st][disable bold/italic] add option to disable bold/italic fonts globallyAlex Kozadaev2+87-0
2017-03-27 22:32fix latest slock pam patch formatMarkus Teich1+15-22
2017-03-26 01:21Add link to mblazeAlexander Krotov1+1-0
2017-03-23 03:09update for latest HEAD 7e02344Ivan Tham2+57-0
2017-03-22 17:42Announce the switch from webkit1 to webkit2 for surfQuentin Rameau1+6-0
2017-03-20 14:54Update st-externalpipe to current head (e7ed326)Lucas Gabriel Vuotto3+76-76
2017-02-28 20:43Patch for alpha windows in tabbedSébastien Dailly2+160-0
2017-02-26 06:54Fixed a spelling error and re-word patch description.Eddie Thieda1+2-2
2017-02-14 14:09[st][scrollback] Update, clean old patchesIvan Tham5+26-128
2017-02-13 05:39[dwm] add rmaster patchphi2+82-0
2017-02-07 12:11[dwm] add scratchpad patchparazyd2+107-0
2017-02-07 11:43fix osc52 patchMarkus Teich2+6-3
2017-02-07 11:33dwm/patches: simplify noborderMarkus Teich2+20-0
2017-01-29 19:45[tools][blind] fix typoPetr Vaněk1+1-1
2017-01-28 14:28[dwm][pwkl] fix typo and remove white spacePetr Vaněk1+2-2
2017-01-28 14:26[dwm] update pwkl patch for dwm-6.1Petr Vaněk2+63-0
2017-01-25 18:08Added osc52 patchfpqc2+117-0
2017-01-25 01:53blind: advantages: parallel and distributed renderingMattias Andrée1+6-0
2017-01-22 21:29[news] announce blind 1.0Mattias Andrée1+4-0
2017-01-22 20:41blind: add download sectionMattias Andrée1+5-0
2017-01-20 11:10blind: fix formatting errorMattias Andrée1+1-1
2017-01-20 00:43[dwm] (customisation/tagmask) fix typo 1 << 8 missing a zeroZaq? Wiedmann1+1-1
2017-01-15 15:22Fix text on the page for blind, and add it on my pageMattias Andrée2+12-11
2017-01-15 13:27Add project page for blindMattias Andrée2+212-0
2017-01-11 19:45update donations listJan Klemkow1+6-0
2017-01-11 19:06Fix typouser1+2-2
2017-01-11 15:44[slock] Use DefaultRootWindow(3) macro in mediakeys patchKlemens Nanni3+26-42
2017-01-07 17:12[dwm][pertag] cleanup patchJochen Sprickerhof5+178-611
2017-01-07 00:49[slock] Update capscolor patchKlemens Nanni3+89-91
2017-01-07 00:39[slock] Update mediakeys patchKlemens Nanni3+42-42
2017-01-04 23:06[st][scrollback] move define to st.c, simplifies patchJochen Sprickerhof1+42-89
2017-01-04 18:06[st][scrollback] fix wrong commitJochen Sprickerhof1+36-35
2017-01-04 17:20[st] clean up scrollback patchJochen Sprickerhof3+1-380
2017-01-04 16:53update focusonclickMarkus Teich2+138-0
2017-01-03 10:28Fix slock mediakeys patch linkSamadi van Koten1+1-1
2017-01-03 02:37[dwmstatus] add dwmstatKlemens Nanni1+1-0
2017-01-02 18:50[st] Update scrollback patch for latest HEAD a719e36Lorenzo Bracco2+381-1
2016-12-31 08:24[dwm] Update status2d patch for HEAD: bb3bd6flhark2+170-13
2016-12-28 17:59Added updated Autostart patch from 3rd party git repo, now applies to recent version of master;Simon Bremer2+59-0
2016-12-28 03:47[dwm] Tutorial: crappy multi-pointerIvan Tham1+78-0
2016-12-27 13:30Updated patch pertag on base of recent commit to master;Simon Bremer2+205-0
2016-12-19 15:28[dwmstatus]: update the dwm-statusbar summaryAlex Kozadaev1+1-1
2016-12-19 15:25[dwmstatus]: update the github urlAlex Kozadaev1+1-1
2016-12-18 14:17Updated dwm-systray patch for HEAD: bb3bd6fDraco Metallium2+717-0
2016-12-16 17:28added wjt to other projectsIan Remmler1+1-0
2016-12-16 16:24Updated dwms description to include new functionality.Ian Remmler1+1-1
2016-12-11 07:51raise floating noteubone1+1-1
2016-12-07 19:24Update libzahl documentsMattias Andrée2+0-0
2016-12-01 08:54Add case-insensitive match patchfengshaun2+32-0
2016-11-26 10:38Update slock-pam_auth patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+162-0
2016-11-25 12:35Update st externalpipe patchLucas Gabriel Vuotto3+77-76
2016-11-21 14:06fix release date of slock-1.4Markus Teich1+1-1
2016-11-20 23:41Fix incompatible patch for dwm-6.1-systray.diffdamienr741+31-30
2016-11-20 00:37new slock version 1.4Markus Teich2+7-4
2016-11-17 14:28Fix typo in sticky patch causing segfaultLloyd Everett2+2-2
2016-11-15 21:54Added dwms to dwmstatus page.Ian Remmler1+1-0
2016-11-14 21:29rocks: fix bare linux linkEivind Uggedal1+1-1
2016-11-07 21:57Fix "Kiosk Mode" docs: surf uses -K, not -kGeoff Maciolek1+2-2
2016-11-05 07:31st-copyurl: update to git headDavid Phillips3+91-90
2016-10-26 18:11Update pam_auth patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+162-0
2016-10-23 12:39add rotatestack patchssd2+126-0
2016-10-19 20:29add prefix completion patchFelix Van der Jeugt2+112-0
2016-10-11 12:31Update slock control-clear patch to HEADDavid Phillips3+28-27
2016-10-06 23:00slcon 2016: Add Ori's slidesLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2016-10-05 20:01Add link to Manu's slidesLaslo Hunhold1+1-1
2016-10-05 01:02Updated dateio121+2-2
2016-10-04 08:23Host EML's slides on dl.sta.liFRIGN1+1-1
2016-10-04 07:26add link to enric's slidesEnric Meinhardt-Llopis1+2-1
2016-09-30 11:06Add a note in Firefox as being a good part of a color managed envFRIGN1+2-2
2016-09-30 11:04Append the demo textFRIGN1+7-6
2016-09-30 09:29slcon 2016: . -> ?FRIGN1+1-1
2016-09-30 09:20Use only one image for the color space demoFRIGN4+4-2
2016-09-30 08:52slcon 2016: Add an example showing the limits of sRGBFRIGN3+7-0
2016-09-29 19:25add redirect of conference/ to conferences/Anselm R Garbe1+2-0
2016-09-29 12:06[st] Fix link text for st-solarized-both patchEmma Ewert1+1-1
2016-09-28 13:25Add my retirement notice.Christoph Lohmann1+5-3
2016-09-27 10:05Embed Jan's project links in the abstractFRIGN1+5-5
2016-09-27 09:54add links to the projects of my talksJan Klemkow1+2-0
2016-09-27 09:23Fix dead and broken links on main domain suckless.orgFRIGN11+26-28
2016-09-27 08:25Use markdown for Silvan's slides link and host at dl.sta.liFRIGN1+1-3
2016-09-27 08:14Add a link to the slides of the "XML damage control" talkSilvan Jegen1+2-0
2016-09-27 00:34Use shorter linkuser1+1-1
2016-09-26 19:10slcon: borrowing -> lendingFRIGN2+2-2
2016-09-26 17:41Add news announcing the availability of slcon 2016 videosFRIGN1+4-0
2016-09-26 17:40slcon 2016: Fix a few minor thingsFRIGN1+3-3
2016-09-26 17:32Add the slcon 2016 videosFRIGN1+87-0
2016-09-26 16:49Add slcon 2016 imageFRIGN3+2-0
2016-09-26 16:31Fix general assembly descriptionFRIGN1+3-3
2016-09-26 16:27Cleanup and rewrite the slcon 2016 abstractsFRIGN1+93-131
2016-09-26 15:13Fix the slcon 2016 scheduleFRIGN1+21-21
2016-09-26 09:32Fix conference links on the front pageFRIGN1+4-4
2016-09-26 08:44Rename "conference" folder to "conferences"FRIGN6+0-0
2016-09-26 08:42Move slcon 2016 to its own fileFRIGN2+200-202
2016-09-25 12:33Add nano to /rocksNick1+1-0
2016-09-25 12:12Update nano key sequence note that dwm will stomp on.Nick1+2-0
2016-09-25 11:51Add a note about nano softwrap key sequence that dwm will stomp on.Nick1+8-0
2016-09-24 15:37[st] update scrollback patchJochen Sprickerhof4+390-390
2016-09-24 13:30further adjustmentsAnselm R Garbe1+6-12
2016-09-24 13:24minor adjustments to the scheduleAnselm R Garbe1+24-22
2016-09-23 16:01added Friday get together locationAnselm R Garbe1+9-8
2016-09-22 15:08Vis rocks.Paride Legovini1+1-0
2016-09-20 14:07Rebase st-scrollback on 0.7; disable ShiftMask when using st-scrollback-mouse-altscreenParide Legovini4+495-4
2016-09-19 15:46Add a messages from a Slackware system.Nick1+5-0
2016-09-13 19:04Fixed mising link to subversion on /sucksDraco Metallium1+2-0
2016-09-12 00:28Add a patch for sticky clients in dwm.Ryan Roden-Corrent3+132-0
2016-09-09 20:01Update pam_auth patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+159-0
2016-09-06 22:02Fix slcon3 preliminary schedule release dateQuentin Rameau1+1-1
2016-09-06 add systemd reboot message informationdoppler1+20-0
2016-09-02 21:21dmenu: add revision patch for xywAdrian Emil Grigore2+88-0
2016-09-02 13:04[slock] Typofix in mediakeys patch dateKlemens Nanni2+1-1
2016-09-02 13:01[slock] Update capscolor patchKlemens Nanni3+90-75
2016-09-02 12:00[slock] Update mediakeys patchKlemens Nanni3+42-42
2016-09-01 05:41focusurgent: simplify patchJan Christoph Ebersbach1+1-1
2016-08-31 21:07Add focusurgent patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+60-0
2016-08-31 20:35[slock] Add mediakeys patchKlemens Nanni2+68-0
2016-08-30 19:47Remove accidently committed patchKlemens Nanni1+0-48
2016-08-30 09:15What's the use of a color scheme converter without color schemes ? Added a link to a bunch of color schemes. Raph_aelrsalle1+3-2
2016-08-29 23:22Add snownews to rocks pageKlemens Nanni2+49-0
2016-08-29 18:39Adding a migrating page for a tool that converts iTerm2 color themes to st Raph_aelraphael1+8-0
2016-08-29 16:16singletagset: fix issue in collection tagsJan Christoph Ebersbach1+1-1
2016-08-25 06:08added Ori's talkAnselm R Garbe1+46-15
2016-08-24 10:12add donationJan Klemkow1+1-0
2016-08-24 10:01correct the abstracts of my slcon3 talksJan Klemkow1+11-13
2016-08-24 08:23Spacing fixes for st vertcenter patch pageDoug Whiteley1+4-2
2016-08-24 06:40minor fixesAnselm R Garbe1+3-3
2016-08-24 06:20published preliminary slcon3 scheduleAnselm R Garbe2+155-32
2016-08-23 14:46Add dmenu scriptkaiksto3+35-0
2016-08-21 07:52Was accussed that I spam the wiki page, so I withdraw my contributions.wifiextender2+0-102
2016-08-19 09:59Add vertcenter st patchDoug Whiteley7+111-0
2016-08-18 07:01Shorten the descriptionwifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-18 07:01link to venueAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2016-08-18 06:59added venueAnselm R Garbe1+13-0
2016-08-16 13:46add subversion to the sucks index.Armin1+13-0
2016-08-11 14:45St 0.7 release.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2016-08-10 20:32Added few more functionswifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-10 19:40Added one more functionwifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-09 22:44Added one more functionwifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-09 19:44Adjust broken link to farbfeld toolsSilvan Jegen1+1-1
2016-08-08 03:09Added two more functionswifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-07 11:11Make Part 2 a bit bigger in Lohmann1+1-0
2016-08-07 03:17Added one more function to my programwifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-06 23:54Added more functions to my programwifiextender1+1-1
2016-08-06 20:59Minor cleanup, inserted the timestampTeodoro Santoni1+3-1
2016-08-06 20:53New chapter for systemd v232Teodoro Santoni1+32-0
2016-08-05 14:02Typo systemdIvan Tham1+34-34
2016-08-05 12:26Systemd typoIvan Tham1+23-23
2016-08-05 09:29Add some reference for the Führerbunker.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2016-08-05 09:28Add a logical way to extend the systemd chronicles.Christoph Lohmann1+11-4
2016-08-04 19:36The new link in is now valid.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2016-08-04 11:44add one more fail to systemdparazyd1+1-0
2016-08-04 01:35Add inverted low contrast csskaiksto1+16-0
2016-08-03 10:13Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Philippe Gras458+12055-12179
2016-08-03 10:09Updated patch to dwm HEAD 56a31dc.Philippe Gras5+1314-3
2016-03-13 20:26Added winview patch for dwm 6.1. Rephrased the patch description.Philippe Gras3+14-12
2016-03-11 00:44Add link to my gimp-farbfeld plug-in on farbfeld pageIan D. Scott1+1-0
2016-03-09 09:43revised the dwm patch 'mark', update description for the patch.phi2+260-33
2016-03-07 19:03added slstatus + tar gzAaron Marcher (drkhsh)2+1-1
2016-03-07 15:55add dwm-argbcolor patchEon S. Jeon3+296-0
2016-03-06 20:03update sent usage (filename optional)Markus Teich1+5-5
2016-03-05 23:11Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Philippe Gras287+14146-6224
2016-03-05 22:51Add tab patches for dwm 6.1 and current git HEADPhilippe Gras5+6-5
2015-08-27 08:46Dwm master branch patch updatePhilippe Gras10+2106-6
2015-08-24 21:28st: update externalpipe patchssd @leno3+166-0
2015-08-22 18:15dwm: Fix blockquote syntax on previous patchesjeromenerf2+56-59
2015-08-21 01:03update dualstatus patchAndrew Milkovich1+20-20
2015-08-18 14:15[st] Update scrollback mouse and bool->intIvan Tham2+122-114
2015-08-16 16:31Add `centedermaster` layout patchjeromenerf2+121-0
2015-08-15 20:46[st/patches] seamless xterm fallback in SSH sessions#Alex Kozadaev2+73-0
2015-08-15 17:03bstack patch updatejeromenerf2+51-0
2015-08-15 16:57Uselessgap patch update:jeromenerf2+105-25
2015-08-09 02:41update systray patchEon S. Jeon2+690-1
2015-08-03 07:03dwm patches: Add ispermanentChris Down3+74-0
2015-07-31 21:57Thanks k0ga and khm for noticing this typo in Lohmann1+1-1
2015-07-31 15:40Fixing some typos in my third fifth read-through of the systemd rant.Christoph Lohmann1+3-3
2015-07-31 14:13sinit: Add link to sinit + daemontools-encore tutorialsin1+4-0
2015-07-31 13:30Another change to the systemd rant. Thanks to our Greek friends.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2015-07-31 13:28Adding the last changes from quinq for the systemd rant.Christoph Lohmann1+5-6
2015-07-31 13:25Merge branch 'master' of git:// Lohmann0+0-0
2015-07-31 13:19Fixing many typos and changing the English of the rants.Christoph Lohmann1+25-18
2015-07-31 09:31Adding the systemd chronicles.Christoph Lohmann2+226-0
2015-07-30 09:07st/patches/hide_X_cursor: refresh the git versionIvan Delalande1+35-31
2015-07-30 06:53attachaside tagfix patch: Use correct extension (.diff, not .patch)Chris Down3+93-93
2015-07-30 05:15people: Add cdownChris Down1+12-0
2015-07-30 04:49dwm patches: Add update to attachaside that works on unfocused tagsChris Down2+105-0
2015-07-29 18:04Add k0ga to peopleRoberto E. Vargas Caballero1+6-0
2015-07-28 14:28Updated delkey patchMartin Kopta1+4-17
2015-07-28 14:18Updated scrollback patchMartin Kopta1+5-6
2015-07-28 08:52Cleanup st scrollback patchJochen Sprickerhof1+28-29
2015-07-28 02:38Added several more functions to my programwifiextender1+1-1
2015-07-17 09:40st: update scrollback patchQuentin Rameau1+102-95
2015-07-15 19:07updated solarized patches for st 0.6 and latest gitNils Reuße3+22-7
2015-07-15 00:40Spelling correction: changed rad to readEddie Thieda1+1-1
2015-07-10 03:38st hide_X_cursor patch: update for st 0.6 + FRIGN messing with st's styleIvan Delalande3+17-16
2015-07-08 01:20Exchanged linkwifiextender1+1-1
2015-07-08 00:13Add dwm-6.0-tilegap patchBrandon Mulcahy2+73-0
2015-07-07 20:35Add st 0.6 release and reshuffle the st page.Christoph Lohmann2+15-91
2015-07-06 06:173rd time lucky with the linking md syntaxKai Hendry1+1-1
2015-07-04 13:36Fix markupKai Hendry1+1-1
2015-07-03 10:36include "patch"Kai Hendry3+39-21
2015-07-03 07:41Document the 1 clipboard solutionKai Hendry1+21-0
2015-07-02 14:38sufr: add keycode patchQuentin Rameau2+214-0
2015-06-30 04:21Fix pipeline in quick search scriptWolfgang Corcoran-Mathe1+1-1
2015-06-21 19:33Grammar check community.mdDima Biletskyy1+5-5
2015-06-21 13:24Add a file managers section to the 'stuff that rocks' pageBilly1+4-0
2015-06-21 13:20Add darkhttpd web server to the 'stuff that rocks' pageBilly1+1-0
2015-06-21 13:14Add rover file browser to the 'stuff that rocks' pageBilly1+1-0
2015-06-21 13:08Add Prayer Webmail to the 'stuff that rocks' pageBilly1+1-0
2015-06-20 17:30Add ranger to the rocks section.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2015-06-17 13:58Minor: Fix typoIvan Tham1+1-1
2015-06-14 19:59Improvements to barM.c: * Made it more secure by using functions that are aware of the buffer size and by checking return values. * Remove the need to spawn a process every second to run uname and get free ram. * Remove the need for looping in bash -- there is no advantage of using a bash loop and running the process every second as opposed to making the program loop. * Cache uname at the beginning of the program. There is no reason to update this every secondComputerNerd1+54-57
2015-06-11 17:21Fixed st-git-*-argbbg.diff for the current XftColor approach.Martti Kühne2+171-1
2015-06-09 03:27Fixed a simple grammatical error.biniar1+1-1
2015-06-06 13:28Added "untarget" JS script for surfDmitrij D. Czarkoff1+25-0
2015-06-04 16:30Clarify the hackers@ and news@ purpose.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2015-06-04 16:19Add the news mailinglist and make it more clear that patches go to hackers.Christoph Lohmann1+17-3
2015-06-01 17:47Update copyurl patches for latest git (st)FRIGN3+173-2
2015-06-01 17:22Add configwordbreak patches for 0.4, 0.4.1 and 0.5 (st)FRIGN5+180-6
2015-06-01 16:30Update argbbg patches (st)FRIGN3+178-8
2015-05-29 06:18Add scrollback with shift mouseIvan Tham1+401-0
2015-05-29 06:18Add scrollback with shift mouseIvan Tham1+4-0
2015-05-25 12:11Add rc and ksh to shellsNeven Sajko1+2-0
2015-05-25 10:07st: update scrollback descriptionJochen Sprickerhof1+2-2
2015-05-25 05:42lilo to linux loader for understandingIvan Tham1+1-1
2015-05-22 07:20st: update scrollback patch for current git (c035487)Jochen Sprickerhof1+15-15
2015-05-20 19:00Add myself to peopleFRIGN1+9-0
2015-05-15 13:29Redirect sbase, sinit and ubase from tools. to core.FRIGN1+4-0
2015-05-12 23:44added resizecorners patchdusty2+82-0
2015-05-09 08:49adjust patch to the recent split of xdrawsNils Reuße1+9-9
2015-05-07 11:57st: update scrollback patch for current git (ae1923d)Jochen Sprickerhof1+36-35
2015-04-29 15:53st: update scrollback patch for current git (190b94c)Jochen Sprickerhof1+38-37
2015-04-29 11:51sic: updated manpageho1ocr0n1+57-0
2015-04-29 11:37Restore for sic/patchessin1+29-0
2015-04-29 11:35Remove prefix from sic patchessin4+21-50
2015-04-29 11:33Fix sic directory structuresin2+29-0
2015-04-29 11:12ho1ocr0n's sic patchho1ocr0n2+51-0
2015-04-22 03:02surf: update spacesearch patch to apply cleanlyCharles Lehner1+2-2
2015-04-12 02:46Exchanged the dwm-bar.c linkwifiextender2+2-182
2015-04-06 14:39Added dvtm and abduco to on websiteGreg Reagle1+2-0
2015-04-01 22:40Removed failcolor patch as it has been implemented by another patch applied to slockDavid Phillips3+0-148
2015-03-29 21:33Add core.suckless.orgFRIGN14+73-58
2015-03-25 13:58Added statuscolors patch for current git version of dwmDaniel Raloff2+207-0
2015-03-23 22:25Update hide X cursor patch to work with latest master.Alex Pilon1+31-26
2015-03-21 20:18update st-scrollback patch to work on master.Joshua Haase (xihh)1+30-66
2015-03-17 23:33Remove upstreamed patches.Alex Pilon4+0-111
2015-03-18 14:54Scrollback patch whitespace fixes and prevent scroll past beginning.Alex Pilon1+44-41
2015-03-17 21:33st: refresh st-scrollback.diffAlexander Huemer1+42-28
2015-03-11 18:28Update delkey patchRoberto E. Vargas Caballero1+3-3
2015-03-09 23:38Invert the sense of delkey patch in stRoberto E. Vargas Caballero2+23-34
2015-03-10 00:06Add second talk of slcon 2013 as a webm-video and postersFRIGN1+7-10
2015-03-07 21:03dwm: update urgent border patchAlexander Huemer3+63-47
2015-03-05 remove polarssl, it doesnt rockHiltjo Posthuma1+0-1
2015-03-05 add PolarSSL back inJakob Kramer1+1-0
2015-03-04 added ffplayHenrique N. Lengler1+1-0
2015-03-04 whoops, fix mksh linkHiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2015-03-04 improvementsHiltjo Posthuma1+18-14
2015-03-01 17:48Added slock patch for Caps Lock color indicatorAndrew Hills2+117-0
2015-03-01 04:59Added patch that adds Xft & fallback font supportEric Pruitt2+693-0
2015-02-28 10:51added sprint, the setRoot bug fixed, added for loop for spawn()levi0x01+44-17
2015-02-26 20:30Revert "Add qutebrowser to"sin1+0-1
2015-02-24 21:31Fix for barM.c the NULL pointerlevi0x01+3-13
2015-02-24 20:21Adjust description of dwb in Bruhin1+1-1
2015-02-24 20:20Add qutebrowser to rocks.mdFlorian Bruhin1+1-0
2015-02-23 17:31barM - the new BarMonitor.levi0x03+95-297
2015-02-23 16:11include st patch to make selecting text not affect the clipboard selectionGreg Reagle2+54-0
2015-02-23 00:28new statusbar entrywifiextender2+181-0
2015-02-21 19:53Fixed broken width adjustment in 6.1 systray patchEric Pruitt1+10-10
2015-02-21 18:41Use .webm instead of .mp4 containerFRIGN1+2-2
2015-02-20 20:15Restructure the slcon2013-talks-pageFRIGN1+14-21
2015-02-20 17:40Re-order news datessin1+7-7
2015-02-20 17:37Fix broken URL for sdhcpsin1+1-1
2015-02-20 17:10Add delkey-patch to patches/FRIGN2+86-0
2015-02-18 16:29add two cool password managersSören Tempel1+5-0
2015-02-18 16:27sort programs alphabeticallySören Tempel1+4-5
2015-02-17 07:57misprint, thanks AlexAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2015-02-15 17:13fix a patch for st which didn't apply anymore to latest gitNils Reuße1+3-2
2015-02-15 08:30image link fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2015-02-15 08:27final rearrangeAnselm R Garbe4+29-29
2015-02-15 08:20rearrangedAnselm R Garbe2+1-1
2015-02-15 08:18split conference page into slcon1 and current oneAnselm R Garbe2+114-110
2015-02-15 08:15added ml address for CfP submissionsAnselm R Garbe1+2-0
2015-02-14 18:27added details about slcon2 CfP, date and locationAnselm R Garbe2+28-0
2015-02-14 00:56Add myself to donationsJakub Jirutka1+1-0
2015-02-12 20:05Mention autonetSteven Dee1+1-0
2015-01-27 18:42add fuzzymatch patchJan Christoph Ebersbach3+312-0
2015-01-20 15:26add startpage cssMarkus Teich2+123-0
2015-01-20 15:16the userstyle patch has been upstreamedMarkus Teich2+0-279
2015-01-19 05:55slock: update failcolor patch to slock-1.2Kylie McClain2+64-0
2015-01-18 03:55fixed moveresize config.def.h keybindings as per Jan's specificationjd1+8-8
2015-01-17 20:58I was being unspecific in the stylessheets.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2015-01-17 20:57Adding a stylesheets subsection for surf.Christoph Lohmann1+34-0
2015-01-16 02:18ii: let 1.7 ssl patch apply cleanlyCharles Lehner1+1-1
2015-01-14 06:19Fix some typo for y'all. And make mention some modern features (LTO, DCE, PIE) which bolster this argument even further. P.S. (I'm not sure how old this is, but) you should consider mksh instead of pdksh. And maybe replacing references to uclibc with musl. My $0.02.Geoff Nixon1+19-13
2015-01-05 08:41dwm: new version of fancybar patchJochen Sprickerhof2+71-0
2015-01-03 22:17fix an error in the per-site-custom-styles patch.Markus Teich1+23-18
2015-01-01 22:56Fix markdown formatsin1+1-1
2015-01-01 17:44made some mistakes in the markdowndami01+2-2
2015-01-01 17:34added wmutils to X11dami01+1-0
2015-01-01 17:34added SWM to X11dami01+1-0
2014-12-31 20:17sinit: Update link to sinit 0.9.2sin1+1-1
2014-12-31 19:07fixed the tagall instructions for config.def.h after talking to Janjd1+4-4
2014-12-26 17:54Changed the link for qiv to the current project home.Craig Anderson1+1-1
2014-12-26 03:17Correct two writing mistakesNeven Sajko1+2-2
2014-12-26 03:14RewordNeven Sajko1+8-7
2014-12-26 01:50Correct a writing errorNeven Sajko1+1-1
2014-12-23 11:50rocks: Add ratox and lelsin1+2-0
2014-12-23 Add link to morpheussin1+1-0
2014-12-23 11:35community: Add 2f30 to popular irc channelssin1+1-0
2014-12-23 11:32rocks: Add noice to file browserssin1+4-0
2014-12-23 11:24style: Add info about enums + #definessin1+13-0
2014-12-23 10:51style: Remember to add a NOTREACHED commentsin1+2-1
2014-12-22 10:22added slock releaseAnselm R Garbe2+5-13
2014-12-19 20:48st: add scrollback patchM Farkas-Dyck2+369-0
2014-12-17 21:43Add DWM patch status2dClément SIPIETER3+238-0
2014-11-30 14:22Point people to the ubase repo for the list of tools implementedsin1+1-1
2014-11-29 16:21new lsw releaseAnselm R Garbe2+5-5
2014-11-27 22:20Port patch st-0.5-argbbg for git versionBotlagrange2+171-0
2014-11-24 11:33Announce suckless assembly at the 31C3.Jan Klemkow1+7-0
2014-11-22 23:40add surf patch for site specific cssMarkus Teich2+274-0
2014-11-20 18:43fix code blocks, add a bit about C versions, other cleanupEvan Gates1+57-52
2014-11-19 21:51add style.mdEvan Gates1+142-0
2014-11-13 18:18added uname featurelevi0x01+30-10
2014-11-08 07:39Add the fancybarclickable dwm patch.runlikeforrestgump2+282-0
2014-11-07 13:53minor bug fixes.levi0x01+2-4
2014-11-07 12:45BarMonitor 0.9 New Versionlevi0x02+212-193
2014-11-07 09:51taggrid patch - link changed to the right filelevi0x01+1-1
2014-11-04 18:27Add keyboard path for stRoberto E. Vargas Caballero1+54-0
2014-10-24 01:44added "iiii" script to ii usagesThomas Berryhill1+4-0
2014-10-19 23:44Move copyurl diff off-siteBrandon Mulcahy2+1-99
2014-10-19 12:01Merge branch 'master' of git:// Best4+125-122
2014-10-19 12:01fix misnamed fileGregor Best1+0-0
2014-10-14 11:40Add URL filtering patch for surfGregor Best2+179-0
2014-10-13 06:21fixed list of donators and updated broken link (thanks Ben)Anselm R Garbe2+11-3
2014-10-04 20:53update dmenu-git-xft patchBrandon Mulcahy2+8-25
2014-09-28 14:18Add printf(1) to sbase.mdsin1+1-0
2014-09-23 15:37Style fix for sinit.mdsin1+1-2
2014-09-16 06:00fix typo in manual 'surf kiosk mode'Christian Hesse1+1-1
2014-09-13 19:08Minor bug Fixes, Cleanuplevi0x01+20-30
2014-09-08 19:12Added go-dwmstatusDumb Thing1+1-0
2014-08-28 15:11Announce sinit 0.9.1sin1+4-1
2014-08-28 14:55Bump sinit to 0.9.1sin1+1-1
2014-08-19 18:45Fixed overzealous deletions (oops), added explanatory commentWolfgang Corcoran-Mathe1+18-1
2014-08-19 16:53Add patch for externalpipe for version 0.5Martin Miller1+2-0
2014-08-19 16:30Edits to Corcoran-Mathe1+10-20
2014-08-16 07:13added a new patchHenrique Lengler2+25-4
2014-08-08 10:44New function procs, v0.7levi0x01+29-16
2014-08-07 22:09added sys/utsname.h options.levi0x01+58-24
2014-08-07 07:03Add trivial page for quarkAndrew Hills1+10-0
2014-08-06 13:32systray: deleted space before tab in indentStephan Gabert1+1-1
2014-08-04 20:28Update about me pagesin1+1-1
2014-08-01 17:33fix typo on cfacts header titleSimon Lieb1+2-2
2014-07-26 16:29Added quick search script to Corcoran-Mathe1+80-0
2014-07-26 14:38Add mesg to ubase.mdsin1+1-0
2014-07-19 13:20bar_monitor-0.4.c Renamed to bar_monitor.clevi0x03+222-222
2014-07-19 12:08bar_monitor - Added Uptime Function.levi0x02+25-4
2014-07-14 00:15Added better-borders patchEric Pruitt3+117-0
2014-07-09 14:46Vectorize surf-logoFRIGN3+6-1
2014-07-09 14:13Vectorize st-logoFRIGN3+5-1
2014-07-09 12:17Vectorize dwm-logoFRIGN3+6-1
2014-07-06 12:20Switch 20h_on_{st,surf}.pdfDaniel Martí2+0-0
2014-07-05 20:12Make the st-logo lower-caseFRIGN1+0-0
2014-07-05 18:19Add st-logoFRIGN2+2-0
2014-07-03 15:07Add scron to rockssin1+4-0
2014-07-03 14:55De-centrify images on st-subpageFRIGN1+2-2
2014-07-03 11:25De-centrify images on surf-screenshots-pageFRIGN1+4-4
2014-07-03 11:17Finish size unificationFRIGN1+0-0
2014-07-03 11:10Unify picture sizes on
2014-07-02 18:59Fix typo in thumbnail-urlFRIGN1+1-1
2014-07-02 16:03dwmstatus - bar_monitor-0.4.c Updated.levi0x02+201-1
2014-07-02 15:10Unify picture sizes on surf.suckless.orgFRIGN5+8-4
2014-07-02 14:38Unify picture sizes on st.suckless.orgFRIGN9+4-4
2014-07-02 13:45Unify picture sizes on dwm.suckless.orgFRIGN4+0-0
2014-07-02 12:29Fix slcon 2013 imageFRIGN1+0-0
2014-07-02 11:40Make section in more logicalFRIGN1+4-7
2014-07-02 11:20Add readahead(8) to ubasesin1+1-0
2014-06-30 21:29Remove dead software from sucks.mdFRIGN1+13-19
2014-06-30 14:21Add myself to donationssin1+1-0
2014-06-29 18:48Simplify the section about build systems in sucks.mdFRIGN1+9-11
2014-06-29 16:11Refactor sucks.mdFRIGN1+17-18
2014-06-26 15:38Add freeramdisk and fsfreeze in ubasesin1+2-0
2014-06-24 15:55Added focusadjacenttag patchfabio2+144-0
2014-06-22 16:31Merge branch 'master' of git:// Yury80+6193-367
2014-06-22 06:54Merge branch 'xkb'Shvedov Yury2+105-47
2014-06-22 06:33Updated patchShvedov Yury1+52-11
2014-02-17 05:24Checked taggrid tutorialShvedov Yury1+51-29
2014-02-16 16:27Add taggrid patchShvedov Yury3+269-0
2014-02-15 10:30add xkb patchShvedov Yury2+296-0
2014-02-09 19:42update zoomswap patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+88-1
2014-02-09 19:41update tagall patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+35-1
2014-02-09 19:39update systray patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+129-86
2014-02-09 19:12update swapfocus patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+68-1
2014-02-09 19:11update statusallmons patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+46-1
2014-02-09 19:10update timestamp for latest noborder patchJan Christoph Ebersbach1+1-1
2014-02-09 19:09update noborder patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+104-1
2014-02-09 19:07update single tagset patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+571-3
2014-02-09 19:03update save floats patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+49-1
2014-02-09 19:02update push patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+68-2
2014-02-09 19:00update pertag patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+207-0
2014-02-09 18:59update moveresize patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+75-0
2014-02-09 18:57update maximize_vert_horz patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+79-5
2014-02-09 18:52update gapless grid patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+44-0
2014-02-09 18:50update float border color patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+91-1
2014-02-09 18:47update attachabove patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+66-1
2014-02-07 22:13Update sandbox and filesystem hiersin2+1-2
2014-02-07 18:14Update technologiessin1+7-1
2014-02-07 15:21tabbed patches: added "clientnumber" patchQuentin Rameau2+48-0
2014-01-30 18:34add xkev and xbmouse to other_projects listingCarlos J. Torres1+2-0
2014-01-30 15:40Separate author name and e-mail with `-' in dwmfifosin1+1-1
2014-01-30 15:38Indent commands in dwmfifo to render them properlysin1+9-9
2014-01-30 15:36Fix rendering in dwmfifo patchsin1+2-2
2014-01-29 14:34dwm patches: Add dwmfifo patchsin2+253-0
2014-01-27 18:52dwm keycode: added commentary to ease configQuentin Rameau1+38-36
2014-01-27 18:34tabbed keycode: added commentary to ease configQuentin Rameau1+26-24
2014-01-26 21:34forgot to add config.def.h diffQuentin Rameau1+77-0
2014-01-26 21:24dwm patches: added "keycode" patchQuentin Rameau2+66-0
2014-01-26 18:28tabbed patches: added "keycode" patchQuentin Rameau2+123-0
2014-01-26 18:26tabbed: corrected application name in patches/index.mdQuentin Rameau1+7-7
2014-01-24 18:52Rename to so that `more people' appears at the endsin1+0-0
2014-01-24 17:43Add sin to people/Dimitris Papastamos1+7-0
2014-01-23 11:13dwm patches: Add "center" patchChris Down2+76-0
2014-01-21 18:36Add the tabbed 0.6 release to the frontpage.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2014-01-21 18:35Release tabbed 0.6.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2014-01-18 12:36Fix path to runorraiseivoarch1+0-0
2014-01-17 10:30add runorraiseivoarch2+76-0
2014-01-14 02:13stacker patch: add focus/push prev sel client.memeplex3+57-43
2014-01-14 00:39Merge branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-14 00:38Minor documentation updates and corrections.memeplex3+16-15
2014-01-13 00:24Merge branch 'master' of git://
2014-01-13 00:23xtile patch: new documentation section.memeplex1+16-0
2014-01-12 23:38gaps patch: gaps between clients for tile & xtile.memeplex3+140-0
2014-01-12 23:35xtile patch:dir/fact for global/master/stack areasmemeplex2+450-0
2014-01-09 19:40Added stacker patch: client stack management.memeplex2+234-0
2014-01-09 18:30Pango patch update: markup & cleanup.memeplex2+137-88
2014-01-05 02:16fixed broken linkSebastián J. Ferrara1+1-1
2014-01-01 15:13Add failcolor patch to slockMichael Stummvoll3+84-0
2013-12-30 19:17Pango support for dwm statusbar.memeplex2+276-0
2013-12-29 15:09Add smooth scrolling/gtk3 patch for surfCharles Lehner2+237-0
2013-12-21 10:12Fullscreen is in surf.Christoph Lohmann1+0-18
2013-12-20 20:00Rename url-select to externalpipeRob Pilling1+0-0
2013-12-20 20:00st: add externalpipe() patchRob Pilling2+159-0
2013-11-30 10:45rocks: remove recommendation for iniparser, as it sucksrofl0r1+0-4
2013-11-19 14:45Added labels for links in "See also" section of D. Czarkoff1+2-2
2013-11-19 14:35Fixed broken links in ""Dmitrij D. Czarkoff1+2-2
2013-11-12 00:23Configuration instructions were not complete for the new version of the pertag+tab patch.Philippe Gras1+7-0
2013-11-11 14:51Merge branch 'master' of git:// Gras3+44-1
2013-11-11 14:45Patch for the git master branch. Wiki and man page polishing.Philippe Gras3+42-13
2013-11-02 07:51A small typo in the adblocking description.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-10-31 06:20Add some adblocking hosts method.Christoph Lohmann1+37-0
2013-10-05 13:17chromebar: fix the link for the patchMarcin Szamotulski1+4-4
2013-10-02 20:34add 6.1 nametag patch, update nametag pageEvan Gates2+69-1
2013-09-27 14:15Rephrase sentence about vulnerabilities in static linking.Chris Down1+5-5
2013-09-10 18:17Remove spurious backslash in header of deck patch pageChris Down1+1-1
2013-09-24 14:30Add ptar to the "other projects" page.Jordan Vaughan1+1-0
2013-09-09 21:22update wmname usage for javaCarlos J. Torres1+2-0
2013-09-08 19:58dualstatus minor change, added 6.0 patchAndrew Milkovich3+170-11
2013-08-13 19:47Adjust link text according to the file changesSilvan Jegen1+1-1
2013-08-12 17:00Include suggestions from Markus for dwmstatus-netusageSilvan Jegen1+41-47
2013-08-11 22:50st: tmux standard key binding is C-b, not C-aAlexander Huemer1+1-1
2013-08-06 21:26tentatively add mksh as shell technology that should be usedThorsten Glaser1+2-0
2013-08-06 21:26fix linkThorsten Glaser1+1-1
2013-07-28 11:03add stripped down slcon2013 video mirrorJohn1+2-1
2013-07-25 21:46winviewPhilippe Gras2+117-0
2013-07-20 07:26increased Sergey's amountAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2013-07-18 09:55Add OpenBSD porting information for ii.Jan Klemkow1+4-1
2013-07-18 09:38Add links to new ii frontend projects.Jan Klemkow1+9-0
2013-07-12 20:18fix crash when playing complete videoMaximilian Dietrich1+1-1
2013-07-08 16:02Merge branch 'master' of git:// Szamotulski5+1679-779
2013-07-03 14:17add chromebar patch to surfMarcin Szamotulski2+354-0
2013-06-29 18:18DWM Tab PatchPhilippe Gras3+1373-0
2013-06-29 06:04ensure strings are terminatedAndrew Milkovich2+7-5
2013-06-28 20:09not_flash: format variable when getting filenameMaximilian Dietrich1+1-1
2013-06-28 19:46several adjustmentsAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2013-06-28 14:12added script to watch flash-videos with local playerDoomicide1+48-0
2013-06-27 17:23revised conference links and videosAnselm R Garbe4+30-67
2013-06-27 08:58Adding frames for some of the conference talksRaphaël Proust1+4-0
2013-06-27 05:46updated and simplified dualstatus patch. implementation now using drw.Andrew Milkovich2+91-127
2013-06-26 12:43forgot to close fileThuban1+1-0
2013-06-26 10:00DWM - systray patch - rewrited to work with DWM 6.1Branislav Blaskovic2+627-0
2013-06-26 08:01another battery monitorThuban2+55-0
2013-06-24 18:41shrink photoAnselm R Garbe1+0-0
2013-06-24 16:48Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// R Garbe3+20-2
2013-06-24 16:48added group photo and new recordingsAnselm R Garbe2+20-6
2013-06-23 17:28added second recordingAnselm R Garbe1+3-1
2013-06-23 13:13link fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2013-06-23 13:12first talk recordingAnselm R Garbe1+6-4
2013-06-23 04:24Removed first 'usage' entry in three-column.mdChris Truett1+1-2
2013-06-23 04:23Fixed layout preview in three-column.mdChris Truett1+2-1
2013-06-22 07:45forgotten freeThuban1+8-8
2013-06-21 20:24useless lineThuban1+1-2
2013-06-21 20:19Correcting fifo flushThuban1+5-7
2013-06-21 13:13add fifo creation in mainThuban1+10-0
2013-06-21 13:01fifo for dwmstatus. Please correct it, or throw stones.Thuban2+43-0
2013-06-20 19:21link hint for azerty keyboardsThuban1+15-0
2013-06-20 18:43 correctiong segfault when mpd not running. Don't understant why yetThuban1+6-2
2013-06-20 12:21two numbers for min/sec is betterThuban1+1-1
2013-06-20 12:04very simple mpd statusThuban2+55-0
2013-06-20 08:12simple todo reminderThuban2+33-0
2013-06-20 08:10forgot the fontThuban1+1-0
2013-06-20 08:05added script section to dmenu, with one exampleThuban2+36-0
2013-06-18 05:40Added link to original mailing list post where tcl.c was started.Chris Truett1+1-0
2013-06-18 05:40Added link to original mailing list post where tcl.c was started.Chris Truett1+5-2
2013-06-17 05:38Merge branch 'master' of git:// Truett0+0-0
2013-06-17 05:07Fixed full-width sizing. Sorry about all the commits. :DChris Truett1+2-2
2013-06-17 04:36Added and tcl.c to dwm patches.Chris Truett2+109-0
2013-06-16 06:06added the sic-1.2 releaseAnselm R Garbe2+5-5
2013-06-15 14:29added some HB detailsAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2013-06-15 14:24Added some table meetup infoAnselm R Garbe1+6-2
2013-06-14 06:27ftheader.h is in /usr/include, not /usr/local/include for debianThuban2+419-0
2013-06-12 23:02st: add ARGB background patchEon S. Jeon2+189-0
2013-06-10 05:42added a link to johnko's dwm status deamonjohnko1+1-0
2013-06-01 09:27aria2 as download managerThuban1+15-0
2013-05-25 14:51Avoid saving multiple bookmarksblut1+4-4
2013-05-22 17:03fixed dead links + unnecessary redirectsJakob Kramer1+7-7
2013-05-22 06:22Added VimFxThuban1+3-0
2013-05-20 19:24Fixed dzen's link and marked some dead ones.koneu1+5-5
2013-05-18 19:30Auto refresh surf pages via simple scriptThuban1+30-0
2013-05-16 09:49Changed tmux references to suckless alternatives in st's goal pageRaphaël Proust1+2-2
2013-05-15 05:14Updating autoresize patchblut2+36-0
2013-05-14 19:47Update surf searchengies and surf bookmarksblut4+134-0
2013-05-09 08:27added Silvan's donationAnselm R Garbe1+3-2
2013-05-08 00:17xssstate 1.1 releasePeter A. Shevtsov1+4-2
2013-05-07 22:35fix links in "Other projects" sectionpancake1+9-9
2013-05-07 14:57xssstate 1.1 releaseChristoph Lohmann1+2-1
2013-05-07 02:51tabbed and xssstate releasedPeter A. Shevtsov1+6-4
2013-05-06 18:35Tabbed 0.5 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-05-06 18:17Adding xssstate 1.0.Christoph Lohmann1+5-0
2013-05-06 16:58added donationAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2013-05-05 16:01removed duplicates from news streamAnselm R Garbe1+0-8
2013-04-27 19:11minor addition to the donators listAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2013-04-27 04:53Correcting my stupidityThuban1+2-2
2013-04-26 20:17little cleanupThuban1+0-11
2013-04-26 20:14[dwmstatus] uptime informationsThuban2+165-0
2013-04-26 08:33Added chistian hahn better scriptThuban1+134-0
2013-04-25 19:14This patch allows you to switch between all layouts defined in config.def.h and not just the first two. The #define NUM_LAYOUTS at the top of dwm.c is necessary due to the circular dependencies between variables in config.h and types in dwm.c so that LENGTH(layouts) can't be used in the Montior struct.Jeffrey Picard1+50-0
2013-04-25 12:25add link to 'tags are not workspaces' blogpost to related discussionMarkus Teich1+1-0
2013-04-21 08:41fixing some umlautsAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2013-04-21 08:22minor improvementsAnselm R Garbe1+11-7
2013-04-21 08:19added news entryAnselm R Garbe1+4-2
2013-04-21 08:18conference programme announcementAnselm R Garbe1+116-104
2013-04-20 13:41St 0.4.1 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-04-19 13:07st release announce on the home pagePeter A. Shevtsov1+4-0
2013-04-17 15:13dmenu: add patch which adds basic mouse supportHiltjo Posthuma2+173-0
2013-04-13 10:19Merged FAQ from Hendry1+88-32
2013-04-06 19:14improved smfact: no more crashing, clients now appear floating centerUnia2+23-16
2013-04-06 19:13added push_no_masterUnia2+72-0
2013-03-30 14:53Add dynamic_info.cThuban2+439-0
2013-03-30 13:25add emptyview patch for dwm.Markus Teich2+78-0
2013-03-29 18:38St 0.4 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-03-28 16:46fix titleUnia1+1-1
2013-03-28 16:46fix crashing altogether, now clients that would crash go floatingUnia1+39-30
2013-03-27 13:16rename, sorryUnia2+33-134
2013-03-27 13:15no more crash at >7 clients when resizing. now at >30Unia1+96-0
2013-03-27 11:49fix counter in deck + cleanup in smfactUnia2+7-6
2013-03-25 23:58added stackmfact patchUnia2+144-0
2013-03-23 20:36respect nmaster in countUnia1+1-1
2013-03-23 18:14no more depend on pertag2Unia1+4-4
2013-03-23 16:20new layout: deckUnia2+82-0
2013-03-23 14:14cleaner approach to having floating windows stay on topUnia2+53-78
2013-03-23 03:33Fix some typosKai Hendry1+2-2
2013-03-21 12:00dont raisefloating() when layout is floatingUnia2+20-16
2013-03-21 00:09floating clients dont get hidden behind tiled clients anymoreUnia3+67-12
2013-03-17 19:08sucks: elaborate on glib and add section about build systemsrofl0r1+38-1
2013-03-17 15:10Saying something about the talks and the recordings.Christoph Lohmann1+12-1
2013-03-17 08:55Call for Papers begins.Christoph Lohmann1+14-3
2013-03-14 22:56dwmstatus: adding my status bar scriptAlex Kozadaev1+1-0
2013-03-13 16:05added another issue to issuesUnia2+3-2
2013-03-13 13:29added singularborders patchUnia3+135-0
2013-03-13 11:13fix i3 config for kiosk modeChristian Hesse1+4-1
2013-03-13 10:33add screenshot for surf kiosk modeChristian Hesse3+3-0
2013-03-12 09:49rename kioskmode to kiosk_mode and add note about sshdChristian Hesse2+74-71
2013-03-11 21:21remove patches/kioskmode.mdChristian Hesse1+0-18
2013-03-11 20:28Kiosk mode is now in vanilla surf.Christoph Lohmann2+0-89
2013-03-11 20:15update patch to disable right click in kiosk modeChristian Hesse2+17-8
2013-03-10 13:10fix patch sizeChristian Hesse1+1-1
2013-03-10 12:55make git ignore html filesChristian Hesse1+2-0
2013-03-10 12:53add kioskmode to files and patchesChristian Hesse3+169-0
2013-03-09 18:19Haskell sucks.Christoph Lohmann1+0-2
2013-03-08 19:22Cleaning up the rocks page.Christoph Lohmann1+1-18
2013-03-08 08:05Add mitm detection helper function for dwmstatus.vladz2+73-0
2013-03-03 23:26Added links to several other web browsersRaf Czlonka1+7-1
2013-03-03 22:39Fixed all boken links (apart from one)Raf Czlonka1+18-18
2013-02-27 23:34dwm: suspend-statusbar.c addedAlex Kozadaev1+219-0
2013-02-18 08:47surf 0.6 releasePeter A. Shevtsov1+2-0
2013-02-16 14:08update ii ssl patchset markdownNico Golde1+2-1
2013-02-16 14:07add ii ssl diff, thanks to Nik UngerNico Golde1+225-0
2013-02-16 12:13update systray patches to redraw the background properlyJan Christoph Ebersbach2+14-6
2013-02-10 19:24Bumping surf to 0.6.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2013-02-10 16:16corrected titleAnselm R Garbe2+4-1
2013-02-10 16:13added suckless conference linkAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2013-02-09 21:31Adding an entry about the con language.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2013-02-09 21:03Some typos in the conference text.Christoph Lohmann1+2-2
2013-02-09 20:57Fixing a little typo in the conference.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2013-02-09 20:55Adding the conference wiki page.Christoph Lohmann1+76-0
2013-02-04 18:54add netsurf browser to rocksSzabolcs Nagy1+1-0
2013-01-30 16:08fix a synchronization issue in the surf download patchv4hn1+40-18
2013-01-29 00:08fixed a small issue with dwmstatus volume displayAndrew Milkovich1+1-0
2013-01-27 17:06ported surf-download patch to 0.5v4hn2+166-0
2013-01-25 20:17fixed a malloc issue in dwmstatus volume displayAndrew Milkovich1+2-2
2013-01-24 04:58clean up of Project ideas and further linksKai Hendry1+21-33
2013-01-23 21:30fixed a bug with the dwmstatus volume displayAndrew Milkovich1+6-4
2013-01-23 19:37dualstatus patch addedAndrew Milkovich4+217-0
2013-01-23 14:26Merge branch 'master' of git:// Milkovich0+0-0
2013-01-23 13:20added dwmstatus volume display implementationAndrew Milkovich2+230-0
2013-01-19 13:20update systray patchesJan Christoph Ebersbach4+633-628
2013-01-18 04:09Minor cleanupPeter A. Shevtsov1+1-1
2013-01-09 05:40correcting link and minor typo on sucks pageChris Hall1+1-1
2013-01-06 00:56Better screenshot, demonstrating TerminusKai Hendry1+0-0
2013-01-06 00:55Fix markdown listingKai Hendry1+2-2
2013-01-05 15:21Add FAQ from 1. * Hendry1+19-7
2013-01-05 13:28ii: 1.7 release and minor cleanupNico Golde2+7-3
2013-01-01 19:55Cleaning up the st wiki pages to the current state.Christoph Lohmann2+15-58
2012-12-25 19:49Added runevery function and diskusage.Thuban2+354-0
2012-12-24 09:06Changed smprintf to use vasprintf. Remove french code.Thuban1+15-20
2012-12-22 19:18Another close to devfd.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-12-22 19:16All fds need to be closed.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-12-22 11:54Optimizing the surf logo png file. Thanks!Christoph Lohmann1+0-0
2012-12-21 15:27Addin the mail_counter.c . Sorry for double commit.Thuban1+105-0
2012-12-21 15:26Added a mail counter for dwmstatus. This needs correction and improvements.Thuban1+1-0
2012-12-20 12:09agschaid: added autostart patchAxel Gschaider2+47-0
2012-12-10 19:32Rename xgetidle to xssstate.Christoph Lohmann2+11-11
2012-12-09 14:40add that monitor argument patch I've mentioned before to dwm/dmenu patchesmar77i4+166-0
2012-12-08 21:45Adding a reference to xautolock alternatives.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2012-12-08 21:44Merge branch 'master' of git:// Lohmann36+15-877
2012-12-07 10:35Adding a page for xgetidle.Christoph Lohmann1+11-0
2012-12-07 09:32Adding a development section to slock.Christoph Lohmann2+11-3
2012-12-07 09:29Fixing the xautolock syntax.Christoph Lohmann1+6-2
2012-12-07 09:26Added slock with xautolock usage hint.Peter A. Shevtsov1+4-0
2012-12-06 23:47Merge branch 'master' of git://
2012-12-06 23:46fix broken link in
2012-12-06 20:11added patch-section and autohide-patch for tabbedDoomicide6+112-20
2012-12-06 20:01Add the netusage helper function for dwmstatusSilvan Jegen2+212-0
2012-12-05 07:34Adding a dwmgetstatus page and script.Christoph Lohmann2+26-0
2012-12-04 20:02updated the selfrestart patch to be more intelligentBarbu Paul - Gheorghe1+89-23
2012-12-02 12:16HTTP push is now possible.Christoph Lohmann1+4-3
2012-12-02 07:28Some notices about the philosophy on the sucks page.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2012-12-02 07:22Adding a notice about the newrepo script.Christoph Lohmann1+11-0
2012-12-02 07:20This question has many ways to be asked.Christoph Lohmann1+4-0
2012-12-02 07:00Removing the dwmstatus tarballs from the wiki.Christoph Lohmann3+0-0
2012-12-02 06:15Changing dwmstatus to some git repository. This makes the maintainership easier.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-12-01 21:13Cleaning up the rocks list a bit. Python is out of the game.Christoph Lohmann1+2-10
2012-12-01 15:51Adding updated MQ tutorial with info about hg-gitLukasz Gruner1+370-0
2012-11-29 18:31various fixes and the git switch announcementAnselm R Garbe8+17-11
2012-11-29 08:56To prevent spam to the mailinglist, this is shortened.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-29 08:55Adding a remark how to track the wiki changes.Christoph Lohmann1+6-1
2012-11-29 08:53Adding some instructions for wiki moderators.Christoph Lohmann1+18-5
2012-11-29 08:34Changing some errors in the wiki description page.Christoph Lohmann1+10-6
2012-11-29 08:16Changing the too.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-29 08:13Updating dwmstatus to not use an outdated battery status.Christoph Lohmann1+0-0
2012-11-29 00:08Migrating to git.Christoph Lohmann13+33-32
2012-11-29 00:01Fixing for git.Christoph Lohmann6+17-11
2012-11-28 23:55Moving to git.Christoph Lohmann2+5-6
2012-11-28 23:30Changing to git.Christoph Lohmann2+3-3
2012-11-28 22:48Moving the dwm sites to git.Christoph Lohmann5+7-365
2012-11-27 17:40Damn markdown. It formatted the e-mail address too good.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-27 17:38Adding me to the dwmstatus page, if anyone has questions.Christoph Lohmann1+6-0
2012-11-26 15:28Add oboeta and honden to the "other projects" page.Joodan Van1+2-0
2012-11-25 12:02added the selfrestart patch to dwmBarbu Paul - Gheorghe2+50-0
2012-11-25 00:14added option to disable focus changing with the scroll wheel to focusonclick patchjameseric2+26-8
2012-11-24 22:56Added mpdcontrol patch for dwmBarbu Paul - Gheorghe2+220-0
2012-11-22 17:54added mupdf in rocking programsThuban1+1-0
2012-11-17 20:43Explain relationship between warp and stdin dwm patchesfg@bly.fritz.box3+10-14
2012-11-17 17:20Added exresize patch for dwmKrister Svanlund2+396-0
2012-11-17 16:31fixed donations list (thanks Sergey for pointing this out)anselm@garbe.us1+1-2
2012-11-17 16:21added donations of Thomas Hilber and Matveev Sergeyanselm@garbe.us1+2-0
2012-11-17 10:07added Kirill to the list of donatorsanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-11-16 15:13Some more publicity for our own projects.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-16 09:32Removing patches that are now part of tip surf.Christoph Lohmann6+0-120
2012-11-15 09:27Fix broken link.Pierre Chapuis1+1-1
2012-11-11 19:53user: Brandon Dowell <> branch 'default' changed Probably ought to leave my contact info ... added 'author' sectionBrandon Dowell1+8-0
2012-11-11 17:00 user: Brandon Dowell <> branch 'default' added added Dowell2+92-0
2012-11-08 06:24Adding script for navigation asked on the listThuban1+135-0
2012-11-06 19:25Add configwordbreak patchsingpolyma@singpolyma.net2+80-0
2012-11-06 19:19Add clipboardpaste patchsingpolyma@singpolyma.net2+57-0
2012-11-02 23:28add st boldcolor patchSzabolcs Nagy3+105-0
2012-11-02 20:36added st release to front pageanselm@garbe.us1+4-5
2012-11-02 19:27Changing the st download to Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-02 19:25St 0.3 release.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-11-01 13:17Update the musl libc urlDaniel Bainton1+1-1
2012-10-28 16:44added sprop releaseanselm@garbe.us2+8-3
2012-10-28 13:25Minor fix to search engine patch. Added corresponding link in searchengines.mderje2+53-0
2012-10-25 19:40updated link of Denis condolence messageanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-10-25 19:24only keep latest releases in the news pageanselm@garbe.us1+0-18
2012-10-25 19:08added slock 1.1 releaseanselm@garbe.us2+5-5
2012-10-22 11:55dwm index: more dead link removalRaphaël Proust1+0-1
2012-10-22 11:48dwm index: remove some dead linksRaphaël Proust1+0-5
2012-10-15 05:39added mark to Uriel's pageanselm@garbe.us1+2-2
2012-10-15 05:29condolences for Urielanselm@garbe.us2+10-0
2012-10-10 02:58updated combo for dwm-6.0Dan McNair2+76-0
2012-09-30 21:12Update fancybar patch to hg revision c794a9f5ae5e.Charles Svitlik2+125-0
2012-09-29 20:37Cleaning up the ml formatting.Christoph Lohmann1+0-6
2012-09-29 20:36Clarifying the mailinglist options a bit.Christoph Lohmann1+18-12
2012-09-29 20:21Fixing some typos on the community page.Christoph Lohmann1+4-3
2012-09-25 13:39Changing the sabotage link to the current one. Thanks rofl0r.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-09-20 20:20added Xavier's donation, many thanksanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-09-14 03:57Adding a windowshot for tabbed.Christoph Lohmann2+2-0
2012-09-13 22:52remove broken linkstallman@gnu.org1+1-1
2012-09-13 20:54fixed stallman's commitanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-09-05 22:36Updating the st subpage and adding a new screenshot.Christoph Lohmann3+10-3
2012-09-05 22:19Taking over st. :D No, just changing its goals to be doable.Christoph Lohmann1+19-11
2012-08-30 17:56fixed broken community linkanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-08-29 07:11Cleaning up the middle click user script page.Christoph Lohmann1+17-15
2012-08-26 15:19adding new columns patchNoah Rosser2+75-0
2012-08-20 07:11Releasing tabbed 0.4.1.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-08-06 06:38Add dwm screenshotAndrew Wong3+2-0
2012-07-31 07:14Updating dwm examples with monitor entry in rulesRaphaël Proust3+15-15
2012-07-30 19:45Announce github mirrorKai Hendry1+4-0
2012-07-28 09:05A temperature helper function for dwmstatus.Christoph Lohmann2+16-0
2012-07-22 12:22Updating the description of the nmaster patch as of dwm 6.0.Christoph Lohmann1+8-2
2012-07-22 08:15added Hashfire blogpost on dwmanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-07-16 08:22a shortcut to skip limitation on streaming websitesThuban1+35-0
2012-07-15 14:52Fixed surf release date.Troels Henriksen1+1-1
2012-07-15 14:25New surf release.Troels Henriksen1+1-1
2012-07-15 14:18add release of surf 0.5 to news/indexIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+4-0
2012-07-13 01:59add ccv computer graphics library to rocksIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+1-0
2012-07-13 01:56add termbox to rocksIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+1-1
2012-07-13 01:52add quIRC to rocksIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+1-0
2012-07-13 01:49add yassl to rocksIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+1-0
2012-07-13 01:43iibots: the backslash does not need to be escaped, fix command continuing in new lineIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+1-1
2012-07-12 23:10ii usage: add more interfaces to iiIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+17-0
2012-07-12 22:36iibots: add iibot bot (shameless plug)Ivan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+18-0
2012-07-12 22:33iibots: no need for a while/sleep loop, just wait on the pidIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+3-5
2012-07-12 22:30iibots: no need for a subprocess awk and all that - plain sh will doIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+6-7
2012-07-12 21:33add release of tabbed 0.4 on news/indexIvan c00kiemon5ter Kanakarakis1+4-0
2012-07-12 20:13added slmenu to rocksNal Krowten1+1-0
2012-07-11 11:23added Brandon Mulcahy to the donators listanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-07-10 22:48Dead link elimination, typoMoritz Wilhelmy1+3-2
2012-07-07 20:57Releasing tabbed 0.4.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-07-07 12:22Fixed missing dwm-6.0-focusonclick.diffAlessandro Di Martino1+32-0
2012-07-06 15:11Fixing a ' in the scripts. Thanks to |.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-06-23 08:04added link to philosophy pageanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-06-20 21:05fix bashism and missing & in ii bot examplesNico Golde1+2-2
2012-06-18 12:14Removing that Go crap from our website.Christoph Lohmann1+0-1
2012-06-18 02:42PAM? You got to be fucking kidding me.Uriel1+1-2
2012-06-18 02:41Updates to cat-v related stuff.Uriel1+6-3
2012-06-15 20:34Added sdhcp to "Software / Techologies could use".anonymous1+2-1
2012-06-15 20:30Added sdhcp to "Other projects".anonymous1+1-1
2012-05-25 13:06Use key codes easier to readThuban1+11-11
2012-05-17 02:42user: Lee Fallat <> branch 'default' changed changed Fallat2+173-108
2012-05-01 22:26cosmetic fixstallman@gnu.org1+2-2
2012-05-01 18:41added better titleanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-04-24 17:30typo fixanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-04-17 11:45nvi website has moved, link correctedSimon Chabot1+1-1
2012-04-06 07:21provide patches for dwm tag 6.0 and tipJan Christoph Ebersbach41+2226-223
2012-04-06 05:50add link to dwm-clean-patches repositoryJan Christoph Ebersbach12+37-0
2012-04-05 17:15Updated systray patch to apply cleanly with 6.0.xulfer2+80-63
2012-04-04 20:21update systray patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+66-49
2012-04-04 18:01Making the index of a bit more user-friendly.Christoph Lohmann1+10-0
2012-04-04 17:58Adding some ideas to the sandbox.Christoph Lohmann1+17-3
2012-04-04 17:50Fixing the masterplan.Christoph Lohmann1+4-4
2012-04-04 13:23Making the pages more modular.Christoph Lohmann4+60-54
2012-04-04 13:06Adding a masterplan to Lohmann1+58-0
2012-04-03 23:00Added xft support patch for dwm.Fallat Lee2+183-0
2012-03-31 16:54update systray patch: improve xembed implementationJan Christoph Ebersbach2+70-33
2012-03-30 21:05update systray patchJan Christoph Ebersbach2+280-125
2012-03-26 17:29switching to spananselm@garbe.us1+4-5
2012-03-25 16:19removed misleading news itemanselm@garbe.us1+0-4
2012-03-25 11:35added suckless.organselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-03-25 11:26added impressum to matemobileanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-03-25 09:47update tagset and systray patchesJan Christoph Ebersbach5+36-26
2012-03-25 09:43added master.tplanselm@garbe.us1+47-0
2012-03-25 09:41added matemobile.comanselm@garbe.us3+6-6
2012-03-24 23:48Move wmii off-site.Kris Maglione10+2-713
2012-03-24 21:57Fixed sic link.noname1+1-1
2012-03-24 17:07update systray patch to also work with multiple monitorsJan Christoph Ebersbach2+45-47
2012-03-24 15:46added new blog post link to dwm's home pageanselm@garbe.us1+2-1
2012-03-24 15:38some improvementsanselm@garbe.us4+6-6
2012-03-24 15:16further heading fixesanselm@garbe.us6+6-6
2012-03-24 15:14fixed headingsanselm@garbe.us14+14-14
2012-03-24 15:10added new siteSubtitleanselm@garbe.us10+20-10
2012-03-24 13:54added Hoare quoteanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-03-24 12:55add patch for a system tray implementationJan Christoph Ebersbach2+441-0
2012-03-24 12:51update patches to dwm tip ad90e7fab364Jan Christoph Ebersbach13+68-61
2012-03-24 09:57New version of focusonclick patch.Alessandro Di Martino1+5-1
2012-03-22 19:52added Ryan Nabinger's donation, thanks!anselm@garbe.us1+18-17
2012-03-19 06:39update single tagset patches; fix broken bullet listJan Christoph Ebersbach3+22-22
2012-03-18 20:50add single tagset patchJan Christoph Ebersbach3+1146-0
2012-03-18 11:52re-added more logosanselm@garbe.us2+4-0
2012-03-18 11:50mergedanselm@garbe.us1+2-0
2012-03-18 11:50re-added dwm logoanselm@garbe.us1+2-0
2012-03-18 08:30mergedanselm@garbe.us7+33-74
2012-03-18 08:29removed background headinganselm@garbe.us1+0-2
2012-03-17 20:06another dead link fixanselm@garbe.us1+3-6
2012-03-17 20:04another fixanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-03-17 20:03removed dead linksanselm@garbe.us1+7-7
2012-03-17 19:55another consistency roundanselm@garbe.us11+11-11
2012-03-17 19:52fixed linksanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-03-17 19:51fix linkanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-03-17 19:49further consistency cleanupanselm@garbe.us55+56-56
2012-03-17 19:42further cleanupanselm@garbe.us33+167-184
2012-03-17 18:12removed useless of tools.suckless.organselm@garbe.us1+0-4
2012-03-17 18:10minor fixanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-03-17 18:05cleanupanselm@garbe.us10+15-47
2012-03-15 18:21new things that rockMoritz Wilhelmy1+3-2
2012-03-04 11:37Fixing typo from last dwm FAQ commit.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-03-04 11:34Adding dwm FAQ entry on rules.Christoph Lohmann1+8-0
2012-02-29 20:00fixed donation pageanselm@garbe.us1+4-8
2012-02-29 19:56added Darryl's donation, thanks Darryl!anselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-02-28 23:16s/moveresize/maximize/Claudio M. Alessi1+2-2
2012-02-28 20:00move old bstack patches to historical, minor tweaks to markdownCarlos J. Torres5+9-8
2012-02-28 16:36add bstack patch for 6.0 that is nmaster awareCarlos J. Torres2+94-0
2012-02-28 14:24Add the Jan patch (previously removed from the moveresize page)Claudio M. Alessi1+29-0
2012-02-27 16:03ii: remove false comment regarding ipv6 patchNico Golde1+1-1
2012-02-27 15:43ii: readd ipv6 patchNico Golde2+63-1
2012-02-27 14:24Un-deface the moveresize page.Claudio M. Alessi1+13-79
2012-02-26 14:42Fixing the URI. Thanks rransom.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2012-02-26 11:52Reducing dependency on Lohmann2+75-1
2012-02-26 11:50Resolving the dependency on Lohmann2+52-2
2012-02-24 03:45Remove strange st/slock duplicationJames Turner1+0-3
2012-02-21 19:39added st releaseanselm@garbe.us1+3-4
2012-02-16 00:56st 0.2.1 release.Aurélien Aptel2+6-2
2012-02-14 20:45remove history page for the push patch; move links to older push patches to the current push pageJan Christoph Ebersbach2+3-17
2012-02-14 20:41add noborder patch for dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+114-0
2012-02-14 20:37add zoomswap patch for dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+96-0
2012-02-14 20:30update push patch to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+67-1
2012-02-14 20:28update swapfocs patch to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+54-1
2012-02-14 20:26update tagall patch to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+33-1
2012-02-14 20:24move tagall patch to the current sectionJan Christoph Ebersbach1+0-0
2012-02-14 20:23update statusallmons patch to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+44-0
2012-02-14 20:22update save floats patch to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach3+70-23
2012-02-14 20:19update moveresize and maximize_vert_horz patches to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach4+230-70
2012-02-14 20:01fix link to pertag patchJan Christoph Ebersbach1+1-1
2012-02-14 20:00update float border color patch to dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach3+104-19
2012-02-14 19:57update attachabove patch for dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+63-0
2012-02-14 19:54add updated version of pertag patch for dwm 6.0Jan Christoph Ebersbach2+183-1
2012-02-13 18:56removed cookie handling, it sucksanselm@garbe.us2+0-18
2012-02-11 17:36removed configsanselm@garbe.us3+1-7
2012-02-11 16:37last fixanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-02-11 16:35added headeranselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-02-11 16:33yet another fixanselm@garbe.us2+2-2
2012-02-11 16:31another fixanselm@garbe.us2+2-2
2012-02-11 16:29re-added man pages, this time simpleranselm@garbe.us3+9-0
2012-02-11 09:55slock 1.0 releasedanselm@garbe.us7+7-15
2012-02-09 20:32man pages should be read with man, not with a browseranselm@garbe.us12+0-25
2012-02-09 20:30minor tweakanselm@garbe.us1+1-2
2012-02-09 20:28and yet another cleanupanselm@garbe.us3+57-55
2012-02-09 20:26redir cleanupanselm@garbe.us1+0-37
2012-02-09 20:23another cleanup roundanselm@garbe.us7+282-276
2012-02-09 20:15cleanup of structureanselm@garbe.us25+10-44
2012-02-08 22:07cleansed scope from dead wmii project (the remaining references are valid though)anselm@garbe.us8+11-75
2012-02-08 19:40updated werc configsanselm@garbe.us12+9-82
2012-02-08 18:48fixed download urlsanselm@garbe.us2+2-2
2012-02-08 15:23fix typo in news url.Aurélien Aptel1+1-1
2012-02-07 23:07st 0.2 release.Aurélien Aptel2+8-3
2012-02-06 20:34fixed settings linksanselm@garbe.us2+2-2
2012-02-06 20:32added settings sectionanselm@garbe.us2+18-0
2012-02-05 11:32I do exist.Christoph Lohmann1+8-0
2012-02-05 10:09fixed two links on start pageanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-02-05 10:04another minor tweakanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2012-02-05 10:03typo fixanselm@garbe.us9+9-8
2012-02-05 09:56tweaked werc config filesanselm@garbe.us8+8-0
2012-02-05 08:17added blog postanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-01-28 09:55Adding fcast to cool programs.Christoph Lohmann1+1-0
2012-01-27 20:05Adding some X11 tools to cool_programs.Christoph Lohmann1+9-0
2012-01-25 18:56Adding the dwmstatus fix of Donald Allen.Christoph Lohmann2+1-1
2012-01-10 17:49Update Xft patch for dmenu 4.5.Aragon Gouveia2+419-0
2012-01-08 13:08announce dmenu also on main pageanselm@garbe.us1+4-4
2012-01-08 12:29add dmenu-4.5 downloadConnor Lane Smith1+1-1
2012-01-07 17:04added Kays donationanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2012-01-04 21:38Invalid Markdown syntax - fixed.Aragon Gouveia1+2-2
2012-01-01 21:34Add dmenu 4.4.1 Xft patch.Aragon Gouveia2+430-0
2012-01-01 13:21Fix seg-fault in getbattery. The code failed to check for co == NULL after the first call to readline. If NULL, a seg-fault would occur on the reference to co[0]. This change fixes that.Don Allen1+2-2
2011-12-29 01:20added another dwmstatusprofil2+136-0
2011-12-28 16:21minor changes, added a new donation and a link to the dwm siteanselm@garbe.us2+2-0
2011-12-19 16:08typo fix and new related blog entryanselm@garbe.us1+2-1
2011-12-19 15:32typo fixanselm@garbe.us1+1-1
2011-12-19 15:10added new dwm releaseanselm@garbe.us2+5-5
2011-12-09 11:37Remove failing sites page on surf, as rapidshare was found to work fineNick White2+1-9
2011-12-08 00:12add my spawn_cwd patch for dwm 5.9.1Suraj N. Kurapati2+85-0
2011-11-29 21:15removed release from news streamanselm@garbe.us1+0-4
2011-11-29 21:05removed wmii on frontpageanselm@garbe.us1+1-10
2011-11-29 17:08Adding xlsh.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2011-11-23 18:25added bifrost link to sta.lianselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2011-11-14 09:46Added link to dwm index (Related Discussions)Jonny Gerold1+1-0
2011-11-13 11:05Moved focusatom dwm patch to historical/. It's no longer needed as dwm supports _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW (since April!). Feel free to remove altogether.Rafael Garcia3+44-42
2011-11-06 08:18added Hiltjos donationanselm@garbe.us1+1-0
2011-11-03 20:10Add simplyread page to surfNick White1+23-0
2011-10-30 12:03Adding svkbd to the suckless tools.Christoph Lohmann1+44-0
2011-10-30 10:27Merging both patches to be valid for Linux 3.0.Christoph Lohmann3+19-65
2011-10-30 10:22Merging my mistakes.Christoph Lohmann8+400-3
2011-10-30 10:20Polishing up the dwm tutorial.Christoph Lohmann1+36-1
2011-10-21 07:46Adding support for the rolling API in Linux. :(Christoph Lohmann2+57-1
2011-10-21 00:03fullscreen patchDon Mahurin2+48-0
2011-10-08 12:42And here is the references C file for battery ACPI.Christoph Lohmann1+55-0
2011-10-08 12:42Adding example for the new battery ACPI code.Christoph Lohmann1+2-0
2011-09-29 20:18change links to my projects to bitbucket (sorry to spam, didn't catch this last time)Evan Gates1+1-1
2011-09-29 20:17change links for my projects to bitbucket because my site is down and I don't know when I'll get it back upEvan Gates1+2-2
2011-09-29 06:09minor cleanupgarbeam@gmail.com1+1-16
2011-09-29 05:58added notice that the server has changedgarbeam@gmail.com1+4-0
2011-09-28 13:26Add surf downloading patchNick White3+130-1
2011-09-26 22:25Add togglejs patch for surfNick White2+70-0
2011-09-26 21:44Removed 'what works' section of surf page, added 'failing sites' pageNick White2+7-15
2011-09-26 21:43Add surf SSL patchNick White2+103-0
2011-09-19 18:29added dmenu 4.4.1 releasegarbeam@gmail.com1+2-2
2011-09-19 10:54Correct the dmenu 4.4.1 release datePetr Sabata1+1-1
2011-09-19 10:49Update dmenu download link for 4.4.1Petr Sabata1+1-1
2011-09-18 14:11correction de faute d'orthographe pour le patch pour clavier azerty (pas seulement français). Correction for patch for azerty keyboards (not only french one)Thuban3+20-19
2011-09-17 09:33Added meh image viewer.anonymous1+2-1
2011-09-12 10:35moved old versions of patches to historical and updated linksMoritz Wilhelmy18+27-50
2011-09-12 09:45add dmenu-4.4-tok.diffConnor Lane Smith2+105-0
2011-09-05 10:39Updated link for bug.n in dwm -> patches -> related projectsjoten1+1-1
2011-09-02 20:06fix ii link on peoples pageNico Golde1+1-1
2011-09-01 10:58some new lines for ii ports listing..Nico Golde1+2-0
2011-08-31 16:36add to list ii ports for specific operating systemsNico Golde1+9-0
2011-08-31 09:29fix broken linkBogdan2+2-2
2011-08-30 20:05remove dead linksMoritz Wilhelmy1+0-3
2011-08-30 19:52markdown fixMoritz Wilhelmy1+1-1
2011-08-30 19:48We have arrived in 2011 some months agoMoritz Wilhelmy1+1-1
2011-08-18 13:29Forgot to add the file "dwm-5.9-statuscolors.diff" to the last commit. Sorry about the noise.voltaic1+236-0
2011-08-18 06:26Updated dwm statuscolors patch to version 5.9.voltaic1+1-0
2011-08-16 15:07Added sxiv to cool programsRyan Mullen1+1-0
2011-08-12 10:10Optimized all PNG images with optipng.anonymous31+0-0
2011-08-02 21:36added 'follow input focus' patch for dmenuPascal Wittmann2+33-0
2011-07-20 13:18The actual files for b919bc7e6188Petr Sabata2+0-0
2011-07-20 13:17A new dwm screenshot with Solarized schemePetr Sabata1+2-0
2011-07-19 20:40dmenu-4.4Connor Lane Smith2+5-5
2011-07-19 07:45* Adding sw and ssg to "other projects"nibble1+2-0
2011-07-14 20:09Adding a better reference to the possibilities in dwm.Christoph Lohmann1+4-2
2011-07-14 19:55Adding a reference to the Tutorial in dwm.Christoph Lohmann1+3-0
2011-07-10 20:28new dwm releasegarbeam@gmail.com2+5-3
2011-07-01 11:09fix grid linkConnor Lane Smith1+2-2
2011-07-01 11:07rm broken linkConnor Lane Smith1+0-1
2011-06-25 19:08my own page of my very ownConnor Lane Smith2+4-1
2011-06-25 18:02misc/cool_libraries: rm snippetsConnor Lane Smith1+0-1
2011-06-22 18:35Fixing the ircc link.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-06-08 15:46typoJohannes1+1-1
2011-06-04 20:39lsw-0.2Connor Lane Smith2+5-1
2011-06-02 23:41update p9p linkConnor Lane Smith1+1-1
2011-06-02 20:23renamed peoples pageAnselm R Garbe2+1-4
2011-05-31 21:03Add sandy page at tools.suckless.orgRafael Garcia1+22-0
2011-05-31 20:08Typographical change (indentation)Wojciech Gac1+2-1
2011-05-27 04:31Updating ssl ii patch for 1.6 from 1.4Hunter Haugen (Hunner)3+227-236
2011-05-22 08:01changed talk displayAnselm R Garbe1+5-3
2011-05-18 16:03dmenu-4.3.1Connor Lane Smith2+2-2
2011-05-18 15:29dmenu-4.3Connor Lane Smith2+5-5
2011-05-11 01:42Removed patch - now in tipRob Pilling2+0-61
2011-05-07 11:50This is a small battery indicator for FreeBSD. Enjoy!Wojciech Gac1+20-0
2011-04-23 20:27Add a wmii code snippets in SIPIETER1+36-0
2011-04-22 14:00patch to use dwm with french keyboardsThuban2+63-0
2011-04-21 11:11Added shiftview.c linkRob Pilling1+4-1
2011-04-21 09:17add News headlineAnselm R Garbe1+2-0
2011-04-21 09:16added talk announcementAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2011-04-21 06:10Adding some floating instructions.Christoph Lohmann1+16-2
2011-04-17 08:45Changing the indentation of the FAQ.Christoph Lohmann1+12-9
2011-04-17 08:37A typo in the the link.Christoph Lohmann1+1-1
2011-04-17 08:31Adding a C based dwm status bar solution.Christoph Lohmann2+22-0
2011-04-10 17:20added and stdin.diffMoritz Wilhelmy2+156-0
2011-04-03 19:10fix 0.1/0.1.1 st release.Aurélien Aptel2+2-2
2011-04-03 14:03fixed link to dmc on other_projects pagePascal Wittmann1+1-1
2011-04-03 10:59st 0.1 release.Aurélien Aptel2+6-1
2011-03-27 09:01mergedAnselm R Garbe4+82-1
2011-03-27 09:00making it clear that I don't want wmii donationsAnselm R Garbe1+11-3
2011-03-18 11:27added link to interesting attackAnselm R Garbe2+5-1
2011-03-18 09:42corrected email addressPascal Wittmann1+1-1
2011-03-18 08:59added patch statusallmons (draw/update statusbar on all monitors)Pascal Wittmann2+53-0
2011-03-14 20:49clarification about wmii and IRC, wmii-questions are not wanted on #sucklessMoritz Wilhelmy2+4-1
2011-03-11 15:13added Pascals DonationAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2011-03-04 23:01refactoring the misc/ section and fixing typos and broken markdownMoritz Wilhelmy3+21-4
2011-03-04 22:52Add aterm to broken_programs since people reported problemsMoritz Wilhelmy1+11-4
2011-03-04 21:58added Joshua Lawrence's donationAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2011-03-04 11:22bugfix for flextilePascal Wittmann2+28-23
2011-03-03 13:56Fix untrue statement about polarssl using libmpiAnonyhamster1+1-1
2011-03-03 13:41updated libraries pageAnonyrodent2+58-7
2011-03-01 15:42Fix link to Ted's website.imgx641+1-1
2011-03-01 10:35merge with official wikiMoritz Wilhelmy7+311-53
2011-03-01 10:31movestack and push seem to be equivalent, add a hint to eachMoritz Wilhelmy2+8-0
2011-03-01 10:17fix typo "dif -> diff"Moritz Wilhelmy1+1-1
2011-02-09 13:13added "cool libraries" pageAnonymous1+23-0
2011-02-02 14:33Fix download link for ii from 1.5 to 1.6Hiltjo Posthuma1+1-1
2011-01-31 20:50ii 1.6 released fixing regressionNico Golde2+5-1
2011-01-27 08:30mergeanselm@garbe.us2+68-0
2011-01-27 07:50try simplify somewhatsk1+2-2
2011-01-24 17:34ii-1.5 release front page announceNico Golde1+4-0
2011-01-24 17:14ii-1.5 releasedNico Golde1+1-1
2011-01-18 15:16Simplified the memory indicator by abstracting redundant function calls.Wojciech Gac1+5-5
2011-01-18 12:40fixed markup and link to dmcanonymous1+2-2
2011-01-14 21:55cleanup, added more cool programsanonymous6+33-34
2011-01-11 00:33reformat and, added surf and newsbeuter, replaced Sylpheed Claws with Sylpheedanonymous2+43-40
2011-01-10 14:59Changed some text on the siteff1+7-7
2011-01-07 14:41Updated patches and doc for uselessgap and bstack with 5.9Jerome Andrieux5+239-0
2011-01-04 01:14Add 0.4.1 history patch.samuel2+42-0
2011-01-03 09:27added James' donationAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2010-12-29 23:59update linksnoname3+4-6
2010-12-28 19:47replaced dmenu-tip-tok.diff (old) with dmenu-4.2.1-tok.diffStephenB3+105-107
2010-12-24 17:17Added nextprevtag 'patch'Rob Pilling2+51-0
2010-12-22 17:04Add smartdownloads (a small script to handle downloads in surf)Peter John Hartman1+37-0
2010-12-20 16:17added uriel's linkAnselm R Garbe1+2-3
2010-12-16 20:51Patch for readgin settings from X resource databaseAlexey Khudyakov2+101-0
2010-12-13 14:20Fixed title to current_desktop.mdWolfgang E. Sanyer1+1-1
2010-12-13 14:06Fixed some markup errors with unintended emphasis.Wolfgang E. Sanyer1+6-6
2010-12-13 13:37Added new patch to dwm site.Wolfgang E. Sanyer2+139-0
2010-12-11 03:25move back patchConnor Lane Smith2+0-0
2010-12-11 03:20moved patches to legacyConnor Lane Smith9+1-2
2010-12-10 11:15add nmaster-ncol.c patchJohannes Hofmann2+164-0
2010-12-08 10:03Moved the vertical patch to "legacy" since it has been integrated in latest dmenu.Christophe-Marie Duquesne3+4-0
2010-12-08 09:29merged with last versionChristophe-Marie Duquesne2+40-1
2010-12-08 09:27Added version on which applies the patchChristophe-Marie Duquesne1+4-1
2010-12-07 17:05Added my patch for reading stdin and X with select()Christophe-Marie Duquesne2+130-0
2010-12-06 22:25Added volume script and fixed grammarRob Pilling1+8-1
2010-12-06 21:06change battery capacity, add comment about it to simpl monitorsJacob Todd1+2-2
2010-12-05 21:59add simple monitors to dwm scripts.Jacob Todd1+33-0
2010-11-30 23:06more faq, updated feature list.Aurélien Aptel1+12-2
2010-11-30 09:48Fixed typo in mq tutorial.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2010-11-26 09:13Added my screen and crushed the two that were here. I didn't do a small version, since the small version was unreadable.hendry@iki.fi5+4-0
2010-11-26 07:09Fixed a bug in the bugfix for the combo patch for dwm.Wolf Tivy1+11-11
2010-11-25 06:44updated combo patchWolf Tivy2+20-10
2010-11-20 18:55Updated incremental-tip patchRob Pilling1+25-25
2010-11-20 09:27bugfix release of dmenuAnselm R Garbe2+3-3
2010-11-19 11:55added dmenu 4.2 releaseAnselm R Garbe2+5-5
2010-11-16 14:52PDF reader ideahendry@iki.fi1+9-0
2010-11-13 11:12updated the tektronix link.Aurélien Aptel1+1-1
2010-11-02 21:35updated according to new dataMoritz Wilhelmy1+1-1
2010-11-02 21:27this version of movestack actually works...Moritz Wilhelmy1+19-22
2010-10-30 18:00Added combo patch to dwm patches page.Wolf Tivy2+88-0
2010-10-23 01:08dwm.h -> dwm.cRob Pilling1+1-1
2010-10-22 21:38Puts moveresize() to dwm.c instead of config.h (this avoids conflicts with pertag and the like).Claudio M. Alessi1+4-3
2010-10-20 11:16Fix for earlier version of dwm.Claudio M. Alessi1+2-2
2010-10-13 18:45Added a page for pwkl patch.Evgeny Grablyk2+83-0
2010-10-08 08:16Slight correction of the text formatting.Wojciech Gac2+73-80
2010-10-03 23:42Added two items to python code snippets: memory and battery indicator for wmii.Wojciech Gac2+110-0
2010-09-28 07:21added donator, fixed double head issue/conflictAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2010-09-25 22:00fixed segfault with pertag when creating new monitors while dwm is running (i.e. with xrandr)William Light3+70-101
2010-09-18 15:18Removed my bmarks_sprop script. _Way_ out of date, and I have no interest in maintaining it.Andrew Antle1+0-36
2010-09-12 00:51added alternative 100 loc dmenu_path.cConnor Lane Smith2+106-9
2010-09-11 20:18dwm: fixed {movestack,warp}.md to interpret <> not as inline htmlMoritz Wilhelmy2+3-3
2010-09-11 20:11dwm: added warp patch from dwm-gtxMoritz Wilhelmy2+123-0
2010-09-05 16:52updated movestack (and movestack wiki site) to work with tip and 5.8.2Moritz Wilhelmy2+81-0
2010-09-01 21:49updated dmenu-tip-tok.diff for dmenu r366StephenB2+11-11
2010-08-31 22:28added a screenshot for st.Aurélien Aptel3+1-0
2010-08-30 15:14changed doc and s/author/contributor/.Aurélien Aptel1+6-5
2010-08-28 17:37Updated dmenu history patchRob Pilling1+125-121
2010-08-28 12:48more descriptions for other_projectsgrai1+2-2
2010-08-26 21:55added "authors" section in st.Aurélien Aptel1+5-0
2010-08-24 12:15updatesomeone@somwhere.com1+4-0
2010-08-22 19:16merge.Aurélien Aptel2+55-0
2010-08-22 19:14256color feature is done.Aurélien Aptel1+0-1
2010-08-21 11:17small corrections.Aurélien Aptel1+2-1
2010-08-19 11:45added some documentation.Aurélien Aptel1+76-0
2010-08-18 10:04Updated incremental patch to apply cleanly to tipRob Pilling2+46-45
2010-08-14 18:34updated dmenu-tip-tok.diff for dmenu r359StephenB2+19-19
2010-08-14 03:44fixed linkConnor Lane Smith1+1-1
2010-08-11 23:48updated dmenu xmms tip patch to use Connor's versionStephenB3+115-126
2010-08-10 13:09tab patch no longer relevant in tipConnor Lane Smith2+0-25
2010-08-07 21:22added dmenu xmms patch for 4.1.1 and tip, and updated wiki pageStephenB3+257-7
2010-08-06 13:36markdowned anchor tagConnor Lane Smith1+1-1
2010-08-06 13:34added yours truly to "other people"Connor Lane Smith1+1-0
2010-08-03 17:08updated dmenu description & cleaned tip patchesConnor Lane Smith7+5-344
2010-07-31 18:37Updating ssl ii patch for default port bugfix.Hunter Haugen1+9-6
2010-07-28 21:30Notability! Linux Journal review added...jasonwryan1+1-0
2010-07-27 23:20added usernames patch to ii/patches, changed email in joinusers patch pageRobert Lowry3+197-1
2010-07-27 17:34fixed typoM. P1+1-1
2010-07-26 19:16Adding ssl patch for iiHunter Haugen2+249-0
2010-07-25 18:09Added incremental markdown file and tab completion patchRob Pilling3+42-0
2010-07-25 14:41fixed typoMarkus Pinkert2+23-23
2010-07-23 22:26Remove the link to wrong USENIX paper.jaketodd422@gmail.com1+0-1
2010-07-23 17:40Added incremental patch for dmenu tipRob Pilling1+61-0
2010-07-21 22:58oops, slightly newer patch, added '/e cmd' to man pageEvan Gates1+14-1
2010-07-21 22:52added ii-1.4-exec.diff and corresponding wiki pageEvan Gates2+49-0
2010-07-21 11:01added url-marking feature request to st pageMoritz Wilhelmy1+3-0
2010-07-20 17:27added ii-1.4-ctcp_action.diff and wiki page for itEvan Gates2+50-0
2010-07-15 22:55added srw and pcw to other projects (and alphabetized them)Evan Gates1+14-12
2010-07-15 22:51update links for pcwEvan Gates1+1-1
2010-07-13 16:40some bug fixes for the ii patches move add_channel() before fopen(outfile) to avoid race condition with pcw if PART message is about us, don't print it, that reopens the channelEvan Gates2+26-8
2010-07-08 21:05List both standard and alternate versions of this patch. The alternate will work with pertag, whereas the standard version will not.Donald Allen2+95-1
2010-07-08 07:58small bugfix, use correct length for msgEvan Gates1+2-2
2010-07-08 03:57[wmii] Add i686 Arch repo.Kris Maglione1+30-21
2010-07-08 02:27[wmii] Mention Maglione1+2-0
2010-07-06 23:42added a tip version for paste in dmenu patches; because the original did not work for meMatthew Bauer2+28-0
2010-07-06 03:21added auto open patch to surfMatthew Bauer2+40-0
2010-07-05 21:04Simplified homepage patch + minor bug fixRob Pilling1+11-13
2010-07-05 20:24Added page and patch for adding a homepage for surf.Matthew Bauer2+36-0
2010-07-05 17:38Added patch for save to Instapaper shortcutMatthew Bauer1+27-0
2010-07-05 17:28Added Chromium to historyMatthew Bauer1+6-3
2010-07-03 16:41Simplified fancycoloredbarclickable, markup fixes.Andrew Antle1+24-17
2010-07-03 08:34new link, added autoresize patchStefan Mark4+50-2
2010-07-02 18:47small fix to the joinuser patch (so we don't get the message from the server)Evan Gates1+2-2
2010-06-30 21:52added joinuser patch for ii (ii-1.4-joinuser.diff)Evan Gates2+75-0
2010-06-30 19:45small technicality, message is required to /j a userEvan Gates1+2-1
2010-06-28 20:31restructured ii wiki page, moved usage and bots to their own pages, started a patches directory, seems the ipv6 patch has gone missing thoughEvan Gates8+232-168
2010-06-25 23:25added information about pcw ( to the Usage section on the ii pageEvan Gates1+2-0
2010-06-25 22:32Escaped inner underscores on 'dwm-5.8.2-pertag_without_bar.diff'. This works as expected with discount.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2010-06-24 06:25fixed another head merge (Kris are you using the wrong working copy all the time? /var/www/sites isn't supposed to be the master)anselm@garbe.us1+6-0
2010-06-23 23:42changes the naming of the gestures patch to be standard. Also updated it so that a gesture can call any dwn function, rather than just calling execlp on a string.dspr3+97-125
2010-06-23 22:55added a patch to add gesture support to dwm. Also, a description of it.dspr2+137-0
2010-06-22 14:34corrected a link in
2010-06-16 11:22Update feh URL (new upstream)Daniel Friesel1+1-1
2010-06-16 03:22Standardized naming of attachabove diff. Cleaned up page.Andrew Antle2+12-11
2010-06-16 03:02Standardized naming of attachaside patches. Cleaned up page.Andrew Antle3+14-15
2010-06-16 02:51Created, added v4hn's diff.Andrew Antle2+68-0
2010-06-16 02:40Added new gridmode.diff .Andrew Antle2+69-0
2010-06-16 02:25Added pertag_without_bar.diff to .Andrew Antle2+223-26
2010-06-16 02:13Updated fibonacci patch.Andrew Antle2+86-2
2010-06-16 02:04Added dwm-5.8.2-bstack.diff. Moved old bstack to historical.Andrew Antle5+83-15
2010-06-13 21:06patch: following the window when tag changesMarkus Pinkert2+37-0
2010-06-11 18:22final edit for keymodes.mdjoten2+167-3
2010-06-11 15:12had to correct some links and formatting in 'keymodes' patchjoten1+3-5
2010-06-11 14:47updated 'flextile' patch and added 'keymode' patchjoten6+1299-401
2010-06-11 08:39mergeanselm@garbe.us2+8-4
2010-06-11 08:36thanks Xavier for your donationanselm@garbe.us1+2-2
2010-06-09 17:52sync to upstreamStefan Mark2+2-2
2010-06-08 10:09fixanselm@garbe.us1+0-1
2010-06-08 08:47Release wmii 3.9.1.Kris Maglione2+4-1
2010-06-08 07:16quickfixEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2010-06-08 07:09surf-0.4.1Enno Boland (tox)2+5-5
2010-06-06 20:56Adding default transparency patch.Christoph Lohmann1+23-0
2010-06-04 17:27Added Julien Pecqueur's pertag diff against dwm-5.8.2Rob Pilling2+186-0
2010-06-04 13:45Updated from nibble, pancake, and Peter's bmarks.Andrew Antle1+17-1
2010-06-04 10:53updateanselm@garbe.us1+18-17
2010-06-04 10:49new releasesanselm@garbe.us3+24-10
2010-06-02 22:40Changed 'beggining' to 'beginning', fixed Lorenzo's emailAndrew Antle2+25-18
2010-06-01 16:26Updated to surf-4.0Peter John Hartman1+31-23
2010-06-01 14:33Now set _SURF_GO instead of _SURF_URIJacob Todd1+1-1
2010-06-01 13:06added the patch file 'flextile-5.8.1' (joten <>)joten1+418-0
2010-06-01 13:00updated the 'flextile' patch and a link under 'related projects' (joten <>)joten2+10-5
2010-05-31 10:35tabbed releaseEnno Boland (tox)2+5-1
2010-05-30 20:34releasing surf-0.4Enno Boland (tox)2+5-1
2010-05-29 11:59new releasesAnselm R Garbe3+5-5
2010-05-28 11:21simplified listAnselm R Garbe1+0-2
2010-05-28 10:49mergeanselm@garbe.us2+2-2
2010-05-28 10:48new releasesAnselm R Garbe3+10-10
2010-05-26 08:18mergeanselm@garbe.us3+7-5
2010-05-25 19:26Fix for float mode bug on uselessgap patch. Reported by Guillaume Picard. Thanks.Jerome Andrieux2+2-2
2010-05-20 16:09Release wmii 3.9.Kris Maglione2+6-7
2010-05-19 14:08Adding the new version of dmenu_path.c, also adding a proper wiki page for it.Elmo Todurov2+62-36
2010-05-19 10:32Added dmenu_path.c under dmenu patches, also changed dmenu index to point to it.Elmo Todurov2+365-0
2010-05-13 07:08Switched from bitbucket to github. Bitbucket is _flaky_.Andrew Antle1+6-4
2010-05-11 10:49* Fix black_css visual issues of some web pagespancake1+3-1
2010-05-10 20:26Geändert
2010-05-10 20:24Geändert
2010-05-10 20:19Geändert
2010-05-10 19:49Geändert entfernt
2010-05-10 19:18added
2010-05-10 19:01Benutzer: joten <> branch 'default' added added
2010-05-06 09:17Update years in footer.Claudio M. Alessi1+1-1
2010-04-25 11:18typo fixAnselm R Garbe1+0-1
2010-04-25 11:14new 9base releaseAnselm R Garbe2+14-4
2010-04-23 14:28made surf working on windowsAnselm R Garbe3+3-0
2010-04-22 04:56Standardize filename for, update sprop bmark script.Andrew Antle3+18-50
2010-04-16 00:34added link to some experimentAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2010-04-13 11:41Add cool pdf viewersJacob Todd1+5-1
2010-04-10 20:36Donald, many thanksAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2010-04-10 14:08StandardizeAndrew Antle1+0-1
2010-04-10 14:07Added BitbucketAndrew Antle1+7-3
2010-04-10 13:08Added repositoryAndrew Antle1+7-0
2010-04-09 19:32Added a bookmarking setup using spropAndrew Antle1+44-0
2010-04-08 18:01Added a page for spropAndrew Antle1+14-0
2010-04-03 16:14added bmarks-history which provides a new script to handle history too.Peter John Hartman1+170-0
2010-04-02 11:37minor aesthetical fixes in bmarks scriptnibble1+2-2
2010-04-02 11:25update bmarks scriptnibble1+12-20
2010-04-01 14:20* Added 'bmarks' script to manage uri handlers and bookmarks in surfpancake1+116-0
2010-03-31 13:07fixing small typo. in surf.suckless.orgEnno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2010-03-31 13:01Adding autologin script for twitter.Enno Boland (tox)1+28-0
2010-03-29 18:24"what's wrong with xterm?"Aurélien Aptel1+19-0
2010-03-28 14:56typo fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2010-03-28 14:54added condolence for DenisAnselm R Garbe2+8-1
2010-03-27 21:02new screenshotAnselm R Garbe4+3-1
2010-03-27 20:56link wikipedia articleAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2010-03-27 17:36added a remarkAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2010-03-27 10:31updated newsAnselm R Garbe2+6-5
2010-03-20 23:50added focusonclick patchMarkus Pinkert2+52-0
2010-03-19 01:51Mostly update a few links to non-outdated and long term reliable urls.Uriel2+7-5
2010-03-17 19:07uparg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2010-03-17 18:43Add link to the Sun dynamic linking paper Rob Pike talks about in Todd1+1-0
2010-03-14 11:49branch mergeroot@localhost.localdomain1+15-1
2010-03-13 17:42Fixed link to historial taglayoutsAndrew Antle1+1-1
2010-03-11 16:24Updated useless gap patch : 5.8, floating client bug fixed and removes border&gap in monocle mode BISJerome Andrieux1+2-39
2010-03-11 15:37Updated useless gap patch : 5.8, floating client bug fixed and removes border&gap in monocle mode BISJerome Andrieux1+1-1
2010-03-11 15:33Updated useless gap patch : 5.8, floating client bug fixed and removes border&gap in monocle mode BISJerome Andrieux1+18-24
2010-03-09 07:10Updated useless gap patch : 5.8, floating client bug fixed and removes border&gap in monocle modeJerome Andrieux2+60-2
2010-03-08 12:30cleanuparg@localhost.localdomain1+11-92
2010-03-08 11:07update for gsoc2010 application, reviews and extensions welcomegarbeam@gmail.com1+85-10
2010-03-08 02:04CleanupAndrew Antle1+49-37
2010-03-07 09:30grammar fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2010-03-07 09:27minor cleanup, big cleanup necessaryAnselm R Garbe2+12-10
2010-03-04 12:25adding new project idea: surf cookie handlingEnno Boland (tox)1+12-0
2010-03-01 19:05replace ii client/connect loop, thx Jason DunsmoreNico Golde1+8-3
2010-02-26 17:39Add focusatom patch and wiki page.Rafael Garcia2+112-0
2010-02-26 08:05Added description for smu, bgsAndrew Antle1+2-2
2010-02-26 08:00Double checked '-'Andrew Antle1+0-1
2010-02-26 07:57Added extra '-' for h2. Caused an error in smu.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2010-02-26 07:42Changed 'as' to 'than, e.g.'Andrew Antle1+1-1
2010-02-26 06:30Added a review of dwm to reference listjasonwryan1+1-0
2010-02-25 16:11thanks to XavierAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2010-02-25 11:42new repo, I hate gitarg@localhost.localdomain1+5-7
2010-02-24 11:03added related discussion linksAnselm R Garbe1+23-0
2010-02-18 11:04typo fixarg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2010-02-18 11:03typo fixarg@localhost.localdomain1+2-2
2010-02-18 10:59some remarks to the FAQ, thx to Uriel for some inputarg@localhost.localdomain1+50-21
2010-02-17 15:52* Added 'ired' and 'lua', 'tinypy' as cool programspancake@localhost1+7-0
2010-02-14 18:18Sandbox testing.Martin Stensgård1+1-0
2010-02-14 05:43Standardized the donors listjasonwryan1+1-1
2010-02-13 09:57updated newsAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2010-02-13 09:54update, mergeAnselm R Garbe1+3-2
2010-02-13 06:27Updated donations page...jasonwryan1+7-5
2010-02-11 09:09added link to external blogpostAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2010-02-10 07:58Various minor edits, inc the copyright footerjasonwryan3+8-9
2010-02-09 06:13Fixed link to the dwm manpage.jasonwryan1+1-2
2010-02-09 00:34Removed obsolete references to sidebar and the manpage link...jasonwryan2+2-2
2010-02-08 09:00added Jason's screenshotsarg@localhost.localdomain8+3-3
2010-02-06 21:47user: jasonwryan <> branch 'default' changed
2010-02-01 08:51Fix typo in link_hintsnibble1+3-3
2010-01-19 19:41small typo in my urlwart_1+1-1
2010-01-19 17:10ok maybe i've got the formatting right this time. sorry.wart_1+17-18
2010-01-19 15:35fixed headingswart_1+10-10
2010-01-19 15:25updated with new informationwart_1+31-7
2010-01-17 13:02Adding screenshot for dwm with xcompmgr, fbpanel, conky and theme.Julien Pecqueur (JPEC)2+2-0
2010-01-16 13:57Corrected an error. (Also, a bit of help about the second snippet could be usefull).Refis Drk-Sd Thomas1+1-1
2010-01-14 13:24* Fix indentation for keybindingspancake1+3-3
2010-01-14 13:03* Code cleanup for the link hinting script (thanks nibble)pancake1+7-13
2010-01-14 12:34* Added link_hints script.js for surfpancake1+333-0
2010-01-10 17:51Changed 'whole the' to 'the whole'.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2010-01-10 17:36Fixed Lorenzo's emailAndrew Antle1+1-1
2010-01-10 12:34updated newsAnselm R Garbe1+3-6
2010-01-09 20:17Tab fixAndrew Antle1+2-2
2010-01-09 20:15CleanupAndrew Antle1+1-4
2010-01-09 20:11[surf] Added 'Simple Bookmarking, Redux' to files/ .Andrew Antle1+41-0
2009-12-25 05:24Fix my email address, markdown + angle brackets + fake email = fail.Ray Kohler2+2-2
2009-12-21 06:39add sizehints dwm patchRay Kohler2+43-0
2009-12-21 06:39add urgentborder dwm patchRay Kohler2+60-0
2009-12-17 08:26Actually made it clickable. Doh.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-12-17 08:24Made Download link clickable.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-12-17 08:16Cleanup, changed from ten menu items to ten thousand :)Andrew Antle1+10-3
2009-12-17 08:12Changed "PASTE" to "HISTORY", "conjunct" to "conjunction"Andrew Antle1+3-5
2009-12-17 08:06Changed 'keybindings' to 'keybinding', added a '.'Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-12-16 18:59Changed 'conjunct' to 'conjunction'Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-12-16 18:54Changed 'allows to use' to 'implements'Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-12-16 18:47Changed 'dmeni' to 'dmenu'Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-12-16 18:17added description for useless gap patchJérôme Andrieux2+42-0
2009-12-16 18:07Patches added : attachaside and gapJérôme Andrieux1+0-0
2009-12-16 18:07Patches added : attachaside and gapJérôme Andrieux2+61-0
2009-12-16 13:28Oh, and the actual .diff file.peterjh@trilleee.trilidun.org1+30-0
2009-12-16 13:28Added dmenu-tip-history.diff and description. Do I need to add this to some sort of submenu of patches or is it automagic?peterjh@trilleee.trilidun.org2+171-0
2009-12-16 13:26Added surf-tip-history.diff.peterjh@trilleee.trilidun.org1+8-1
2009-12-15 08:34Fix Markdown formatting ( Adam1+3-3
2009-12-14 23:37Add patch for fixing WM_CLASS with surf.Thomas Adam1+19-0
2009-12-14 22:51Add in file.Thomas Adam1+20-0
2009-12-14 20:17Add in toggle proxy patch.Thomas Adam1+2-0
2009-12-14 20:17Add toggle proxy / toggle indicator patch.Thomas Adam1+24-0
2009-12-13 20:57Transient.Thomas Adam7+51-42
2009-12-13 20:56Handle KP_Decimal in dmenu.Thomas Adam2+26-0
2009-12-09 23:58Add in reference to hiding indicator when page load.Thomas Adam1+18-0
2009-12-08 15:23Changed URL to URI in simple bookmarking script sorry I forgot to make this change at the right moment.x@eol.org1+1-1
2009-12-05 16:09set background to Wombat gutter color in wmii Wombat themeSuraj N. Kurapati1+1-1
2009-12-05 04:07add Wombat color scheme from Vim to wmii themes pageSuraj N. Kurapati1+5-0
2009-12-04 16:09Moved old searchengines patch to match naming conventions.Samuel Baldwin2+1-1
2009-12-04 16:05Updated searchengines patch for surf-0.3.Samuel Baldwin2+64-1
2009-12-03 21:16Added version 0.3 of history patch to surf patches.Samuel Baldwin2+46-1
2009-12-01 06:19release day, ok let's see how far we gotAnselm R Garbe1+0-2
2009-11-28 12:30marked patch pages that they go upstream accordinglyAnselm R Garbe3+8-0
2009-11-27 19:02fixAnselm R Garbe1+5-4
2009-11-27 19:01new wmi-11 releaseAnselm R Garbe3+29-42
2009-11-26 22:49Fixed typo on stali main page.Samuel Baldwin1+1-1
2009-11-25 08:30added stali mirrorAnselm R Garbe1+10-6
2009-11-25 08:23added my dwm fork/patchset/whatever to "related projects"Stefan Mark1+1-0
2009-11-25 08:22links fixedStefan Mark2+2-2
2009-11-25 08:12linking fancycoloredbarclickable to latest svn version.Stefan Mark2+1-383
2009-11-25 08:09Trancparency update. Sorry for the double post. Patch file now links directly to svn.Stefan Mark2+2-119
2009-11-24 22:55added transparency patchStefan Mark2+132-0
2009-11-24 10:27added social event link to front pageAnselm R Garbe1+7-0
2009-11-20 13:52upAnselm R Garbe7+348-22
2009-11-20 13:52updateAnselm R Garbe1+8-0
2009-11-10 16:37updateAnselm R Garbe1+3-1
2009-11-08 11:59adding cursor patch to dmenuEnno Boland (tox)3+310-0
2009-11-06 14:13added Uriel's curses-sam suggestion to project ideasJason Thigpen (cdarwin)1+2-0
2009-11-04 07:55thx to nsz for the linksAnselm R Garbe1+8-0
2009-11-03 20:17another extensionAnselm R Garbe1+10-9
2009-11-03 19:53added vertical dmenu patchAnselm R Garbe2+232-0
2009-11-03 18:14a combined bar patchmark@angus2+408-0
2009-11-02 11:43thanks to pancake for the typo fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-11-01 19:59Edits, cleanup.Andrew Antle1+8-6
2009-11-01 19:49Edited Development section.Andrew Antle1+6-3
2009-11-01 19:42Typo fixes.Andrew Antle2+23-23
2009-11-01 18:07some intermediate fixarg@localhost.localdomain1+5-3
2009-11-01 18:01added faqarg@localhost.localdomain2+90-1
2009-11-01 15:33Changed 'usually statically linked binaries are smaller' to 'statically linked binaries are usually smaller'.Andrew Antle1+3-3
2009-11-01 11:37updateAnselm R Garbe2+12-8
2009-11-01 09:58added some intro to staliAnselm R Garbe1+10-2
2009-10-31 16:52Fix some dead links.Kris Maglione2+3-3
2009-10-30 19:39re-enabling git cloneAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-10-30 19:32updateAnselm R Garbe1+5-3
2009-10-30 18:54added clone url for staliAnselm R Garbe1+6-6
2009-10-30 17:31useragent patch for surf 0.3 (no real change, just the name, didn't think we'd get a release that quickly), and a small typo fixEvan Gates3+69-72
2009-10-30 17:15added to dmenu/patches/Evan Gates1+29-0
2009-10-30 14:54removed useless crapAnselm R Garbe1+0-5
2009-10-30 14:05mergeAnselm R Garbe3+6-4
2009-10-30 14:05added imageAnselm R Garbe1+0-2
2009-10-30 14:05added imageAnselm R Garbe2+1-0
2009-10-30 12:40updateAnselm R Garbe1+5-0
2009-10-30 10:52moved to sta.liAnselm R Garbe4+6-0
2009-10-30 09:57Fix broken tab expansion.Kris Maglione2+8-9
2009-10-30 09:43Update last commit.Kris Maglione1+8-10
2009-10-30 08:47Update wmii irc notifier.Kris Maglione2+121-18
2009-10-29 20:17moved dmenu to dmenu/index and added dmenu-paste patch to dmenu/patchesEvan Gates3+47-0
2009-10-29 19:30added nametag patchEvan Gates2+87-0
2009-10-29 17:29use backticks around _SURF_AGENT so the underscores aren't interpretedEvan Gates1+1-1
2009-10-29 16:55added useragent patchEvan Gates2+89-0
2009-10-29 13:01start adding related linksAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2009-10-29 09:45added
2009-10-29 02:35Removed 'little'.Andrew Antle1+4-4
2009-10-29 02:20Removed 'little', attempting to standardize 'uri' to 'URI', changed 'that uses' to 'using'.Andrew Antle1+4-3
2009-10-28 10:24adding new screenshot.Enno Boland (tox)3+4-1
2009-10-28 09:12fixing my name and mail address.Enno Boland (tox)1+1-1
2009-10-28 09:06adding screenshots to surfEnno Boland (tox)3+2-0
2009-10-28 08:49moving Development section up, linking tabbed.Enno Boland (tox)1+6-6
2009-10-28 08:40tabbed: adding link to the repository.Enno Boland (tox)1+6-0
2009-10-27 14:37upAnselm R Garbe3+18-2
2009-10-27 14:36updateAnselm R Garbe1+1-3
2009-10-26 15:54updateAnselm R Garbe1+2-0
2009-10-26 10:20added $6M libc linkAnselm R Garbe1+4-0
2009-10-24 13:08updated tarballAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-10-23 17:34added link to initial downloadAnselm R Garbe1+4-1
2009-10-23 02:11Update wmii package info.Kris Maglione1+17-17
2009-10-22 21:43Release wmii 3.9b1Kris Maglione3+7-5
2009-10-20 23:43Historical bottom stack patches are no moreJames Turner1+0-24
2009-10-20 21:30Fixed dwm-pertag not saving tags sizesSebastian Ferrara1+12-4
2009-10-19 23:36minor updates to surf history patch pageJason Thigpen (cdarwin)2+4-1
2009-10-19 19:33added history patch to surfJason Thigpen (cdarwin)2+47-0
2009-10-19 13:46very minor change to - added wart_'s full contact infoJason Thigpen (cdarwin)1+1-1
2009-10-17 09:27fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-10-17 09:26mergeAnselm R Garbe3+14-4
2009-10-17 09:26added logoAnselm R Garbe2+2-0
2009-10-16 21:26another additionAnselm R Garbe1+20-0
2009-10-16 21:17updated, added proper werc infoAnselm R Garbe2+4-1
2009-10-16 21:13added stali descriptionAnselm R Garbe1+39-0
2009-10-13 17:48updated the status colors patch to work with latest dwm (5.7.2)Axel Bayerl5+294-288
2009-10-13 08:48related projects += cons-wmnsz@tpx1+1-0
2009-10-10 19:35Update libixp's wiki page; remove bits about LPL.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2009-10-08 14:56changed, sorry if it's not clean I'm not used with wiki syntax, I promise I won't touch other people's pages before I'm ready. :)x@eol.org1+7-7
2009-10-08 14:21changed
2009-10-08 11:14changed
2009-10-08 08:13added
2009-10-07 19:36Note that is historical.Kris Maglione1+1-1
2009-10-07 19:22Note that is historical.Kris Maglione1+20-12
2009-10-07 18:54Fix Maglione1+2-2
2009-10-07 18:52Merge.kris@localhost.localdomain1+4-1
2009-10-07 07:18movedarg@localhost.localdomain1+0-0
2009-10-06 14:39Fix wording in goals, link to the mailing list threadjake@zoidberg1+15-14
2009-10-04 07:59updatearg@localhost.localdomain1+2-0
2009-10-03 18:01add goals to stjake@zoidberg1+20-0
2009-10-03 17:15Added Steinhauser1+32-0
2009-09-30 04:22Add comment to Maglione1+23-0
2009-09-30 04:19Release wmii 3.9a2Kris Maglione2+6-7
2009-09-29 06:27Minor editorial changes.Andrew Antle1+6-6
2009-09-28 19:35Adding dwm-5.7.2 pertag patchSidney Amani2+179-0
2009-09-27 18:22made 5.7.2 releasearg@localhost.localdomain2+2-2
2009-09-27 09:16nmaster,push: monitor arg in arrange, +whitespace fixesnsz@tpx7+16-16
2009-09-27 08:35bugfix release dwm-5.7.1arg@localhost.localdomain2+3-3
2009-09-26 17:56new dwm releasearg@localhost.localdomain2+5-5
2009-09-26 16:14fixed a borken linkarg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-09-24 18:45fixed broken links on cool_programs -- Astrobefred@localhost.localdomain3+123-0
2009-09-22 19:46Fixed broken links in "cool programs": cmus, cplay, feh, qiv, xli and irccfred@localhost.localdomain1+4-4
2009-09-22 10:47added updated version of fancybar patchMate Nagy3+128-123
2009-09-22 09:06nmaster description fixnsz@tpx1+4-4
2009-09-22 08:59update nmaster with layout symbolnsz@tpx2+3-7
2009-09-19 18:05removed top_bar.incarg@localhost.localdomain9+0-117
2009-09-19 10:54removed cse from site, usage statistics show only 1 use in 2 monthsarg@localhost.localdomain1+1-8
2009-09-18 16:44dwm pertag patch updated to 5.6.1Jerome Andrieux3+214-27
2009-09-18 13:21* Added black CSS theme and hide applets user.js scriptpancake@localhost.localdomain2+60-0
2009-09-17 17:33Use third level headings for wmii package listKris Maglione1+7-14
2009-09-17 14:17Merge.Kris Maglione114+1125-912
2009-08-27 16:57Release wmii 3.9a1Kris Maglione2+5-1
2009-08-27 16:24Changed 'with following command' to 'with the following command'.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-08-27 09:06Merge '::' to '&nbsp;' locally.Andrew Antle1+9-9
2009-08-27 09:04Changed 'Man page)' to 'Man page', other minor changes in 'Description' and 'Links'.Andrew Antle1+7-7
2009-08-26 07:30Changed 'We use C as primary' to 'We use C as our primary'.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-08-26 07:26Changed 'a guidelines gets handy' to 'guidelines become handy in order'. Changed 'Due the fact, that most' to 'Due to the fact that most of the'.Andrew Antle1+4-4
2009-08-26 04:23Updated 'plenty broken X programs' to 'many broken X programs'.Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-08-25 06:34Updated link to 'irc it' from 'programs/ii.html' to '/ii'Andrew Antle1+1-1
2009-08-24 16:37added visual separation between fancybar titleskzed@eris3+60-10
2009-08-24 15:31fixed title change update on another monitor bug in fancybar patchkzed@eris3+109-2
2009-08-24 15:17fixed bug in nmaster+bstack-5.6.1 patchkzed@eris2+7-7
2009-08-21 08:40Added new man page domain, hosting all suckless man pagesarg@localhost.localdomain12+24-0
2009-08-18 08:54added page on fancybar patch; added author field to page on attachabove patchkzed@eris3+118-2
2009-08-17 15:44fixed link to nmaster+bstack patch on nmaster page, hopefullykzed@eris1+1-1
2009-08-17 15:36added nmaster+bstack-5.6.1 patchkzed@eris2+197-0
2009-08-17 15:31added page on attachabove patchkzed@eris2+50-0
2009-08-16 21:29removed self-linkAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-08-16 21:28I like the Background section, it fits well into the philosophy pageAnselm R Garbe2+29-25
2009-08-16 20:52dwm man updatensz1+11-5
2009-08-16 16:16added two common redirectorsAnselm R Garbe1+2-0
2009-08-16 14:20updated paths to new locationsAnselm R Garbe25+66-66
2009-08-16 13:36test commit, ignore itPremysl Hruby1+2-0
2009-08-16 13:35change of sites repo url, removed old boilerplate textPremysl Hruby1+4-8
2009-08-16 12:25mergearg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-08-09 17:36updatearg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-08-09 17:35fixed redirection setuparg@localhost.localdomain1+2-2
2009-08-07 22:41link fixarg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-08-07 22:39added search bararg@localhost.localdomain1+14-5
2009-08-05 03:16removed dead and spammed linkspaul@arch.domain.org1+0-9
2009-08-04 22:14made discount compliantarg@localhost.localdomain3+3-7
2009-08-04 22:07another fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-08-04 22:05changed graphic declarationAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-08-04 16:46cleanuoarg@localhost.localdomain4+1-412
2009-08-04 16:44updatearg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-08-04 14:56updatearg@localhost.localdomain8+0-0
2009-08-04 12:32reorganizationarg@localhost.localdomain57+7-2848
2009-08-03 09:34some other changeAnselm R Garbe1+6-1
2009-08-03 09:33updateAnselm R Garbe1+1-3
2009-08-03 09:31typo fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-08-03 09:299base releaseAnselm R Garbe2+44-0
2009-07-26 18:44Added note about using patch -p0james@console.local1+1-13
2009-07-26 18:38Add new bstack patch link and remove older versionsjames@console.local1+1-2
2009-07-26 13:20new bugfix dwm releaseAnselm R Garbe2+5-3
2009-07-20 16:15dwm man updatensz1+5-3
2009-07-18 06:35another dwm man fixnsz1+1-3
2009-07-17 21:07fix man2html errorsnsz1+1-4
2009-07-17 21:06fix man2html errorsnsz1+5-17
2009-07-17 21:01dwm manpage updatensz2+31-22
2009-07-16 10:49+2 dwm related projectnsz@robot51+2-0
2009-07-14 18:15new dwm 5.6 releaseAnselm R Garbe2+33-1
2009-07-14 18:15new dwm 5.6 releaseAnselm R Garbe2+24-18
2009-07-12 13:14removed misleading example diffanselm@x200s.config1+0-26
2009-07-12 13:12added, fixed top barsanselm@x200s.config13+451-0
2009-07-10 15:31new shotAnselm R Garbe2+2-0
2009-07-09 20:02dwm: color_status fix (attachments should not appear in the menu)nsz3+4-15
2009-07-09 19:42dwm push.c config fixnsz1+2-2
2009-07-09 19:32push-5.6nsz2+63-4
2009-07-09 19:03added screenshotAnselm R Garbe1+2-0
2009-07-09 19:01new screenshotAnselm R Garbe1+0-0
2009-07-08 12:34Long line splitted in dwm/patches/email_notifier_script.Ricardo1+2-1
2009-07-08 12:26Added to dwm/patches an init script with email notifying capabilities.Ricardo1+61-0
2009-07-07 20:40dwm/patches: dwm-win32 linknsz1+1-1
2009-07-06 03:03Update my page.uriel@localhost.localdomain1+9-3
2009-07-04 17:35-_- changed title of moveontagmon. <3 copy/pasteValentin1+1-1
2009-07-04 17:33Updated gaplessgrid, added moveontagmon to patchesValentin4+88-0
2009-06-28 12:22Mention my helpful xinitrc?hendry@iki.fi1+10-8
2009-06-25 20:22Added darker acme theme for wmiiLuka Novsak1+5-0
2009-06-25 20:17Fix a thing with the client search menu code snippetLuka Novsak1+5-5
2009-06-25 08:32Added client search code snippetLuka Novsak1+23-0
2009-06-21 14:28add note about confirmation email from MLPremysl Hruby1+2-0
2009-06-20 15:30added new screenshotAnselm R Garbe2+4-2
2009-06-17 03:40See also the list of harmful software at cat-v.orguriel@localhost.localdomain1+6-0
2009-06-15 06:53fix dmenu mailing list and dwm linknsz@robot51+2-2
2009-06-15 06:48fix wmii mailing list linksnsz@robot51+1-1
2009-06-15 06:45fix wmii link on dwm pagensz@robot51+1-1
2009-06-14 19:02dwm mailing list fixnsz1+2-2
2009-06-13 16:09save_floats description fixnsz2+23-25
2009-06-10 06:22fixing link.Enno Boland (Gottox)1+1-1
2009-06-08 19:20typo fixesEnno Boland (Gottox)1+3-3
2009-06-08 19:19Adding surf.suckless.orgEnno Boland (Gottox)7+441-0
2009-05-31 13:24Update irc reference.sqweek1+1-1
2009-05-27 17:18Added uzbl browser to list of cool
2009-05-25 11:58fixed headingAnselm R Garbe1+2-2
2009-05-25 10:45added new best practice proposal for dev@suckless.orgAnselm R Garbe1+6-0
2009-05-25 10:08fixed mailing list titlesAnselm R Garbe1+3-3
2009-05-25 10:07updated dev@ descriptionAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-05-25 10:06removed misleading ':'Anselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-05-25 10:06upAnselm R Garbe1+3-1
2009-05-25 10:05made mailing list commands more clearAnselm R Garbe1+36-10
2009-05-24 13:31remove my siteMatthias-Christian Ott1+0-4
2009-05-22 21:36Add snippets for the python and sh wmiircs.Kris Maglione3+105-0
2009-05-22 16:57Fixed display date linkHenry Precheur1+1-1
2009-05-21 18:47Removed invalid link.Dimitrios Papastamos2+43-43
2009-05-20 23:25new mailing listAnselm R Garbe2+11-6
2009-05-20 10:29updatearg@localhost.localdomain1+1-2
2009-05-19 18:12Add wmii/p9p code snippets.Kris Maglione3+266-0
2009-05-19 18:12Use blank WMII_FONT in themes.tpl by default.Kris Maglione1+1-0
2009-05-19 18:07Fix botch in last commitKris Maglione1+0-1
2009-05-19 17:58Merge.Kris Maglione2+2-3
2009-05-19 17:57Some reorganizationKris Maglione7+136-527
2009-05-13 03:41Update wmii snapshotKris Maglione1+1-1
2009-05-09 01:06Added skvm under tools.Dimitrios Papastamos1+9-0
2009-05-05 11:55fix typo in nagios perl script for iiNico Golde1+1-1
2009-05-04 08:50uparg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-05-03 21:23Linkyfi more stuff.uriel@localhost.localdomain3+9-8
2009-05-03 21:17Better links.uriel@localhost.localdomain1+2-2
2009-04-21 12:29dwm-win32 linknsz@robot51+1-0
2009-04-18 11:55new releasesAnselm R Garbe3+7-9
2009-04-08 17:46There's already a light-weight volume manager project available called skvm.Tuncer Ayaz1+2-0
2009-04-08 11:33add page for ottMatthias-Christian Ott1+4-0
2009-04-06 17:30Added url to repaired patch 'bottom stack'. The old one is broken (also for version 5.5). It's trying to patch file that it should create. I've fixed
2009-04-02 09:08Adding link to wmii@p.goNico R. Wohlgemuth1+1-1
2009-04-01 08:28updated push patchAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-04-01 08:27fixed borken linkAnselm R Garbe2+1-2
2009-03-30 17:33Added edbrowse to the "cool programs" page.Christopher M. Brannon1+1-0
2009-03-21 15:16spell checknsz11+23-24
2009-03-20 22:58whitespace fixnsz1+4-4
2009-03-20 22:55tilemovemouse patchnsz1+20-0
2009-03-18 19:55updatedarg@localhost.localdomain1+1-1
2009-03-18 19:52removed GSoC2009 pagearg@sandbox.suckless.org2+204-288
2009-03-18 11:58related projects += terminal managernsz1+2-0
2009-03-17 13:39patches/related projects fixesnsz1+4-4
2009-03-17 13:11patches/related projects updatensz1+13-13
2009-03-16 09:57ml archive project interests mehendry@iki.fi1+5-5
2009-03-14 11:48remove old Plan 9 IRC channelsMatthias-Christian Ott1+1-2
2009-03-13 11:17fixed links to follow new layoutAnselm R Garbe5+8-8
2009-03-13 11:15smooth move to suckless.orgAnselm R Garbe18+25-25
2009-03-13 10:52fixed typoAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-03-13 10:41added sandbox linkAnselm R Garbe1+4-3
2009-03-13 10:38fixAnselm R Garbe1+2-2
2009-03-13 10:37s/programs/tools/gAnselm R Garbe1+2-5
2009-03-13 10:33fixAnselm R Garbe1+3-3
2009-03-13 10:33fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-03-13 10:32fixAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-03-13 10:31highlightAnselm R Garbe1+36-37
2009-03-13 10:27highlightAnselm R Garbe1+3-3
2009-03-13 10:26extended ideas pageAnselm R Garbe1+113-7
2009-03-12 12:11upAnselm R Garbe1+1-0
2009-03-12 12:00check if updates are workingAnselm R Garbe1+0-1
2009-03-12 11:58updateAnselm R Garbe1+0-1
2009-03-12 11:55changed wiki descriptionAnselm R Garbe1+3-12
2009-03-12 11:53some minor fixesAnselm R Garbe2+2-1
2009-03-12 09:24gsoc page: whitespace fixnsz1+1-1
2009-03-12 06:54Fixed link to manpagea@0au.de1+1-1
2009-03-11 18:23Removed references to dwm's reading of stdin and replaced them with root window stuff.a@0au.de2+12-19
2009-03-11 17:47added pertag patch for 5.4a@0au.de2+125-0
2009-03-11 16:40updated date formatarg@localhost.localdomain1+7-7
2009-03-11 13:57Backed out changeset c84fad3dfa55Matthias-Christian Ott1+1-1
2009-03-11 13:52replace <center> by cssMatthias-Christian Ott1+1-1
2009-03-11 13:49use em dashesMatthias-Christian Ott1+1-1
2009-03-11 11:01* Fix my email addresspancake@flubox1+1-1
2009-03-11 07:24Bullshit speak for so called "suckless" people.Christoph Lohmann1+2-1
2009-03-11 02:12Some cleanup of GSoC page, mostly word-shuffling, grammatical considerations.231+25-25
2009-03-10 22:18gsoc page: typo fixesnsz1+7-6
2009-03-10 22:04gsoc page: typo fixnsz1+2-2
2009-03-10 21:12mergensz2+4-4
2009-03-10 21:10gsoc wording changesnsz1+7-11
2009-03-10 09:23catching various index.html legacy linkxAnselm R Garbe1+6-0
2009-03-10 09:19updateAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-03-10 09:19fixed link locationAnselm R Garbe1+1-1
2009-03-09 16:08fixed screenshot locationsAnselm R Garbe1+2-2
2009-03-09 15:59added link to tcc projectarg@www.suckless.org1+1-1
2009-03-09 15:58added a news itemarg@www.suckless.org1+4-0
2009-03-09 15:57fixarg@www.suckless.org1+0-1
2009-03-09 15:57added GSoC logoarg@www.suckless.org1+3-0
2009-03-09 15:42updatearg@www.suckless.org6+6-6
2009-03-09 15:36updatearg@www.suckless.org1+29-13
2009-03-09 15:13removing capitalize, uglyarg@www.suckless.org6+6-6
2009-03-09 15:11updatearg@www.suckless.org6+12-12
2009-03-09 14:40making h3 more readablearg@www.suckless.org5+40-0
2009-03-09 14:38another fixarg@www.suckless.org1+1-0
2009-03-09 14:38testing stylearg@www.suckless.org1+7-0
2009-03-09 14:34giving Google a hint about our community sizearg@www.suckless.org1+5-0
2009-03-09 14:03update, added gottox to the list of mentorsarg@www.suckless.org1+10-9
2009-03-09 13:57update, some remarks, removed useless projects, made some project ideas less concrete, made others more concretearg@www.suckless.org1+71-41
2009-03-09 12:54several fixesarg@www.suckless.org2+4-5
2009-03-09 12:09added google analytics JSarg@www.suckless.org6+66-0
2009-03-09 11:48typo fixarg@www.suckless.org1+2-2
2009-03-09 11:47added pancake as mentorarg@www.suckless.org1+1-0
2009-03-09 11:45renamedarg@www.suckless.org1+0-0
2009-03-09 11:44some hotfixesarg@www.suckless.org4+20-45
2009-03-09 10:38fixed top_bar linksarg@www.suckless.org6+16-16
2009-03-09 10:32and some others as wellarg@www.suckless.org1+5-0
2009-03-09 10:30yet another fixarg@www.suckless.org1+10-5
2009-03-09 10:25added redirections for specific pathsarg@www.suckless.org1+6-0
2009-03-09 09:22sync'ed gsoc, updated faviconsarg@www.suckless.org6+25-22
2009-03-09 08:59initial commitarg@www.suckless.org131+7959-0