Other people sayings that I could want reading again, because they express an awesome natural language ingenuity.

About fuzzing code:

You have the lawful good approach, which is something like quickcheck,
and the chaotic good approach, which is something like AFL

The lawful evil approach is a chaos monkey, and the chaotic evil
approach is “just throw your shit on the internet and see what DDoSers
come up with“

	-- Profpatsch

About documentation formats:

When I was born, the fairy who blesses (?) people with an undying
attraction for discussion of documentation formats had severe diarrhea
so she didn't attend my birth, for which I am grateful to her because
fae diarrhea is something else.

	-- skarnet

About cognitive functions:

When brain implants become feasible, I’ll make a module that prevents
me from writing until I’m fully awake.

	-- dmbaturin