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Plan 9 (9front) authentication


Most UNIX and POSIX systems use local authentication through /etc/passwd, and /etc/master.passwd or /etc/shadow, and addon authentication backends through PAM or bsd_auth.

Plan 9 handles the hostowner (user that invokes the startup scripts) and the.

Changing an user's password

Changing the hostowner password

Because the hostowner password is used as a key at multiple places, it requires the same steps as changing a regular user's password, as well as these extra steps:

  1. Reencrypting /adm/keys with auth/convkeys(8) using the new password. Note that you need to know the exact the previous password or you will see weird names. See auth/keyfs(8).
  2. Write the hostowner password to nvram by running auth/wrkeys(8) and entering the new password.

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