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micro:bit v1.5

Single Board Computer (SBC) aiming making programs run on hardware extremely easy for newcomers to IT as a whole.

It is a frequent hobby project, but I have encountered few attempts to talk to the immcrocontroller outside the official software stack.



Nordic nRF51822-QFAA-R rev 3 MCU: The main chip, providing the ARM Core-M0+ doing the work.

MCU: Freescale KL26: Interface connected to the Nordic nRF51822, running DAPLink software for loading the program into storage, providing an USB storage to the programmer's computer to which upload the program .hex files.



Running on the Freescale MCU (the "interface chip") that talks via USB with the developper computer and via SWD and UART to nRF51822.

DAPLink forwards nRF51822's UART for access over USB.

Software: Segger Bootloader for Freescale

For use instead of DAPLink, for converting the Freescale KL26 into a J-Link debugger. I am not sure this is a good idea, I lost ability to upload .hex files after installing. Maybe I did it wrong.

Software: MbedOS

The v1 uses MbedOS, while v2 a custom software stack.

The sd_softdevice_vector_table_base_set(addr) function sets the base address of the application. For the Nordic nRF81522 MCU of micro:bit, MbedOS sets it at 0x

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