To various things that interest me, in no particular order. I know well some of the content I like, but you might be much more knowledgeable than me on many topics I list there. This is what I aim to discover, not topics I master.


"Free, Functionnnal and Secure"


"The Power To Serve"

Plan 9

A research operating system. More dead links every days. The plan 9 doc. get started with Plan 9 through 9front A new approach to archival storage: append only deduplicated blocks. Run a plan 9 network on OpenBSD, helps to understand what is Plan 9. Run plan 9 user programs on other operating systems. Subset of the programs of plan9port that compiles with musl as well.

Distributions patches and forks: Distro to get it to work on its machine. Distro that is just a set of patches to the original. Porting Plan 9 to POSIX. Porting POSIX to Plan 9.


A operating system for teaching operating systems. Entry point and about page.

git:// cloneit! I want more time to ReadIt!


A holy operating system. Support for 3D mesh in assembly without recompiling. Because we can.


A famous operating system. The Linux Documentation Project, mainly Linux but not only.

Distributions: If you do not compile a binary, it's someone else's binary. Runit-based ditribution. Lightweight (for real, not like Arch) distro. A straightforward distro. Hard to do any smaller.

Distro that symlink files as a package management system: Interesting directory hierarchy, good introduction. Very simple and efficient approach.


The Genode OS Framework is a tool kit for building highly secure special-purpose operating systems

Written in C++ (bleh) but a good way to study how to do a kernel.


Considered by some as the "state of the art" microkernel, for its efficient IPC mechanism. seL4 uses repo (bleh >:P) and cmake (bleh >:P) instead of more portable tools, but still worth a look at the code.

Software groups

Various groups of people sometimes writing software, sometimes related to other groups, sometimes collaborating, sometimes sharing a system.

// Tildeverse - Association of like-minded ~tilde communities.

// Suckless - software that sucks less.

// 2f30 - div by 0: made with strange alien technology

// HTTP serves companies, Gopher serves people.

// Remote shell for a few people.

// Associative ISP around Rennes, Brittany, France.


People from above and others. where ascii art packs get released also see French celt (and viking (and celt again)) legends soaked geek lair Heavy tinkering intensifies...

Document browsers

Most HTTP/HTML browser presented here have a --dump flag of some sort, handful for converting html to mostly readable plain text. Simple text-mode web browser Classic text-mode web browser Full-featured text web browser Colorful text web browser Text web browser with a cursor, bells and whistles

System programming An init system and supervision suite inspired from daemon tools. Rewrite the layer between the kernel and the applications with minimalism. Programming book for feeling fine with all these syscalls.

Crypto A gold mine of state of the art crypto references. A hash function that is too good to be real.


The elephant in the room of crypto. The entry point of its lair. A (now not so) new style of crypto. Standard exploiting curve crypto for dns. The next style of crypto.

Softwares OpenSSH is good, and this one is too and is not as famous. DNSCurve implemented after djbdns from the same author of tinyssh.


An SMTPd server that aims simplicity, security, and general good design. This is qmail, the venerable alternative to Postfix. Not qmail, also not netqmail: continuation of both projects. One-man project similar to notqmail in many aspects. Overview of many qmail patches.

Real time communication A really, really good guide that cover simply and accurately SIP and surrounding protocols, with practical examples. Services and documentation, blog (still very active) about SIP protoco. Foundation for GSM support with free software, including bridging to SIP. Status Quo of the IRC protocols actually used. A gold mine for all things about streaming protocols.

Libraries OpenSSL fork with focus on simplicity and sane defaults. Sane alternative interface to the LibreSSL library. You might already know this one. A single-person TLS library.

Wire protocols A better DNSSEC without the bulk, currently used on that site. A better TLS without the bulk.

Messages formats/protocols RSS 3.0, which might never see any wide adoption because of backward compatibility matters to corporate people, but still a good example on how to simplify a format.

Networking The famous Onion Router Invisible Internet Project, like Tor, but not Tor. Alternative internet featuring freedom and anonymity. 1 file, 2 functions, 300 lines DHCP and TFTP server! Make all traffic go through DNS to bypass filtering. IPv6 cheat sheet. Semantics of SO_REUSEADDR and SO_REUSEPORT.

Infrastructure status Status monitor for certificates. OUI table query, could be a simple script though. Software package status for different operating system distributions.

User interfaces The arcan display server project.

Documentation I learned how to write (mdoc) man pages thanks to the layout of this page.

Low-Level Dozens of minimal operating systems to learn x86 system programming Learn X86-64 assembly as well as how computer works in general. Use CPU cache as random access memory to write bootloader components in C. Giving a new birth to hardware born before me. Z80 is simple enough so that skilled engineer can peice it back together from pieces and program most parts.