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Unorganised content about what I am currently doing. You can follow with an RSS reader: atom.

2022-09-26: LED and buzzer user interface convention

2022-07-22: Memes: #fpga #verilog #yosys #nextpnr

2022-07-20: Sequential signals may hide combinational ones

2022-07-08: SystemVerilog structs as ersatz to interafces

2022-07-06: Interface in Open-Source SystemVerilog Synthesis

2022-05-18: Different Clock Domains With Verilator

2022-05-12: Interacting with FPGA hardware

2022-05-11: FPGA ←SPI→ MCU: Crossing Clock Domains

2022-04-25: Wishbone B4: Standard or Pipelined?

2022-04-22: Address decoding and multiplexer